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First, 2p!Prussia is an angel. I love him. Second, What would happen if the 2ps found their 1ps bruised and beaten and just trembling and sobbing, curled up in a little ball?

((thank you. he really is an innocent little thing. anyways, i hope you enjoy the answer. Q w Q ))

if the 2Ps found their 1Ps defeated and sobbing–

2p!america: he took a slow step forward, steely eyed, his lips taut in a frown. “what are you doing?” his voice was low and unflinching, and it sounded more like an accusation than a question. when he failed to respond, allen squatted down next to him and hissed, “you’re alfred fucking jones, the one who runs around yelling your name like some idiot hero-wannabe,” he paused. “…aren’t you that person?” after another moment of silence, his expression turned frantic as he gripped his counterpart’s shoulders and shouted, “you’re supposed to be a hero, remember?! what happened to the other half of me that was supposed to spread joy, not pain?!” he choked back a sob. “i don’t want you… to turn into me…” he hastily wiped away a tear and turned away, speaking softly, “i’m… i’m not good, alfred… please, you have to get up and fix everything… because, i… i can’t do it…”

2p!china: “yao?” his voice was laced with disbelief. “is… is that you, yao?” shaking, he realized it was. breaking into a run, he got over to him and got down on all fours. “what happened to you? this can’t be… no… i thought you were wise and capable? i thought you could handle things like this?!” breathing heavily, he noticed his parallel’s tears. gently, he wiped them away; although he wasn’t far from them himself. “i looked up to you… you were so great, how could anyone have beaten you?” after making sure he was okay, zao stood up. he unsheathed a sword, and even if he knew his skills were far below yao’s, he said, “don’t worry… i’ll do my best, the way you tried to teach me…” he was going to take revenge on whoever harmed his counterpart if it was the last thing he did.

2p!england: “the time has finally come, hasn’t it?” oliver’s eyes were hooded, but a soft smile remained on his pale lips. gracefully, he moved in slow, rhythmic circles around his collapsed counterpart. “you stole their freedom. you took away their individuality, you forced them to bow down to your queen.” he stopped moving, his back to arthur. “it’s time you pay for what you’ve done. goodness, you’re lucky i’m not going to take their side. if i were one of them…” his voice trailed off into a quiet, maniacal giggle. “ehehehe… well.” he composed himself, then let out a sigh. “if you promise to be a little kinder to me– and to everyone else– i might just think about helping you, poppet…”

2p!france: his eyes fell on francis. he recognized the vibrant blonde hair almost immediately. “…shit.” a few heartbeats later, he instinctively took a drag of his cigarette. “you look disgusting…” he stated without emotion as he hovered above his fallen self. “you look like… me. it’s weird.” he plopped down to sit beside him. “looks like we lost, huh?” he waited for an answer, but didn’t receive one. “this sucks… i don’t know how you dealt with the war scars all these centuries…” he exhaled heavily, then peered at francis again. “you did a good job of hiding your pain, but how you’re feeling right now? it’s how i feel all the time.” putting out his cigarette, he reached for his parallel. “c’mon. i’ll carry you outta here.”

2p!russia: “looks like you finally understand.” ion scowled down to his counterpart. “when you hurt people, they hurt you back. it’s a continuous cycle. violence is inane and unnecessary. how many times must i tell you?” he shook his head in disappointment. “how did i wind up with someone so twisted? ivan, you need to listen to me more.” he reached out his red mitten-clad hand. “as always, let me help you. but let us rethink who makes our nation’s decisions. for once… will you listen to me?” he helped him up. “it is going to be alright… please don’t cry anymore… i’ll never abandon you, and i sincerely hope you understand that, little boy.”

2p!Iitaly: carelessly, he chuckled. “what happened now? did you get kicked around again, loser?” bored, he sauntered over to feliciano. “hey… oh… fuck, is that blood?” upon closer inspection, he realized the severity of his parallel’s wounds. “did someone actually…” he trailed off when he noticed that the tears were coming slowly and quietly, not brash and chaotically like they always did. “…someone really hurt you,” he stated, more to himself than to feliciano. “this makes me… so angry…” his fists clenched. “why do enemies prey on the weak? feliciano, why do you let them push you around?!” his words were like venom. “i’ll make them fucking pay… if they want to release our dark side, then so be it…”

2p!germany: “bruder…?” stunned, lutz rubbed his eyes. the sight before him was unthinkable. he’d never thought he’d have to see ludwig like this again. “i thought… these days were over.” dejected, he sank down to his knees beside him. “but… you fought your hardest, and you were on the right side this time, so don’t blame yourself.” carefully, he patted his shoulder– the one that wasn’t bruised or beaten. “you did good, ole’ ludwig.” despite the inner pain he was feeling, lutz managed to grin at him. “you’re a real soldier. the best i’ve ever known.” he scooped him up and carried him over to the paramedics without another word.

2p!japan: his expression was stern. “look at yourself. those wounds will soon heal into scars of honor. however… these tears…” he crouched down and pulled out a clean white handkerchief. “you’re stronger than this,” he gently wiped them away. “the honda kiku i know would continue to fight. you’ve earned everything you have. you’re above them, and it’s time you show it.” he stood back up. “your energy lies not in a limited container; it’s your will that keeps you going. i know you, kiku. get up, and show them how far you’ve come. do it now.”

2p!canada: “kid… who did this to you?” he shuffled over to the fallen nation. “you’re crying… whatever happened, you didn’t deserve this.” he hovered above him, watching him closely, knowing full well that his life was not in danger. “…you work hard. i’ve seen it. you don’t let anyone know how much shit you’ve gone through, and you put on a smiling face to conceal it.” matt’s own expression was blank. “i’ll never understand you.” after a moment, he sighed and ran a hand through his overgrown hair. “listen, kid. even if i don’t get you, i’ll still help you. don’t even bother to explain what happened or what’s going on. tell me who did this to you and we’ll both go hunt them down. got it?” he tugged matthew to his feet. “you’re gonna be okay. wanna release the bears?”

2p!romano: “lovino!” his heart racing with fear, he ran over to his other self. “lovino, can you hear me? have you been shot? did someone cut you?” his expression twisted with anxiety. “are they gone? i-i need to call an ambulance…!” he searched lovino’s body for dire wounds. when he knew for certain that he wasn’t on the brief of destruction, he felt a rush of hot tears in his eyes and held tightly onto his counterpart’s hand. “lovino… i’m so sorry… i’m weak, and i can’t fight… but you…” he held him closely, their foreheads touching. “you’re so… reliable… i couldn’t have wished for a better person to call my counterpart.” together, they waited for help to come, their sobs muffled by each others’ embrace.

2p!austria: “you look… so cute…” roland grinned sadistically, showing off rows of razor-sharp teeth. “my poor little roderich… defeated in battle as always~” giggling, he laid over him, caging him in. “you try so terribly hard, and it’s very admirable. you’re built for other things, and we both know it. you’re a damsel in distress, and oh,” roland winked playfully. “what does that make me? ah… yes. your knight in shining armor, coming in to save you as always.” he pressed a soft kiss to his counterpart’s hair. gracefully, he picked him up bridal-style. “now, away we go!~” laughing maniacally, he ran at high speeds, skillfully evading any and all dangers with his swiftness, strength, and aid of black magic.

2p!prussia: feelings of dread and sorrow crashed over his body. “gilbert…” it pained him to see his parallel not only in this much physical torture, but here at rock bottom– fallen, defeated. crying. he rarely saw this side of him. this side of him… is usually me, gilen realized. “this isn’t you.” he knelt beside him and gently held his face. “bruder. is this what you’ve become?” when he failed to answer, gilen felt a sting in his eyes. tears were prepared to fall, as usual. “i… i won’t let you become like me. y-you’re too great for this. gilbert, i need you to keep going! you can do this, i know you can… you’re…” he felt droplets slide down his cheeks. “you’re amazing in every way. y-you’re so much better than me and i don’t deserve to be related to you! gilbert… please… say something…”

Absolutely Purrfect

(( SpaMano ))

Arranged mateship was kind of a new concept, but it had worked for Antonio and Lovino.

Well, ‘worked’ was maybe not the right word.

Facilities would determine for you your soulmate at a certain age if you did not happen to find one on your own, and the two would meet for compatibility checks. If all went well then you had a match.

Antonio had been deeply in love with the omega the moment he laid eyes on him.

Lovino, on the other hand, had appeared physically uncomfortable to be there, genuinely upset to meet him, and had stormed out five minutes into their conversation. None of this changed the fact that Antonio was head over heels for him, of course, but it did sting a little.

And now Antonio knew why Lovino had been so apprehensive:

The omega had been born with cat-like ears and a tail.

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Can you do England, china, Russia, Romano, Germany, Japan, Prussia, Switzerland, turkey, and male Belarus reaction to their child ( daughter) wanted to play dress up?

( The fluff is killing me oh no- 

Also apologies, I’m not too familiar with male! Belarus yet. As well as Turkey.. apologies, dear!!  SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG D: )

Arthur Kirkland/England: He would be reluctant at first, but then would soon volunteer. And he would regret it. Only a bit though. “Now, who do you want to dress up as, dear? A princess?” The child shook their head and pointed to the knight. 

“You be the princess!” Arthur would let out a surprised gasp, but you told him it’s just once. He complied, once again, and played dress up. His child as the knight, him as the… princess..

Yao Wang/China: He would love to. And I mean love to. Spending time with a younger child was so rare for him these days, he would take the chance happily and play dress up. Once you walk into the room to check on them, you see Yao wearing a tiger costume, and your child wearing a smaller tiger costume. It was cute; they were pretending to be tigers- more of kitties. “Rrrrr!”

Ivan Braginsky/Russia: Same as Yao, Ivan would love this type of quality time with his child. You would sit for hours just to watch a tall ‘scary’ country play with his child. “Ahah, what about this one? Or this one? Oh, this one!” Ivan would rush to make sure his child is happy with the costume.

Lovino Vargas/South Italy: He wouldn’t do it in front of you, no way. He’d probably yell about it, but in reality, he loves to play dress up with his child. They do it almost every Tuesday. Because, that is, Tuesday is your work day. You once caught a glimpse of Lovino wearing a bear suit as he cuddles his child close. They’re both sound asleep and tuckered out.

Ludwig Beilschmidt/Germany: Ludwig would say, and I quote, ‘there is no time’. But that’s a lie. You’ve seen this big softy play tea party, play dress up, and practically be the mother while you’re gone. “You look like the most beautiful princess.” He would say, bending down to his child’s height and pat their head.

Kiku Honda/Japan: Oh boy, Kiku would definitely go over board and treat it like cosplay. He would cut a wig, do make up, and end up going outside to take pictures. But it wasn’t just normal blank Kiku, he was smiling all the way. “This looks perfect.”

“Really daddy?!” 

“Really. Smile, now.”

Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia: Gilbert would make sure that his awesomeness bar stays up, by saying he simply has no time. But when his child looks teary eyed, he would instantly change, even would try to cheer them up by holding a teddy bear up and imitating it. It would end up as Gilbert being a knight and his child being a dragon, yet the dragon ‘defeats’ him, and he uses his acting skills to act like he is losing. He would do it dramatically.

Basch Zwingli/Switzerland: He wouldn’t like the idea, but it kind of sparked him, and he would suddenly begin to choose outfits for his child. “This one is better.” Even though his remarks are sharp and slightly cold, he means well.

Hetalia characters on a date
  • ·         England: The careful planner. He’d have everything planned out ‘properly’; he’d show you the places, foods and things that were important to him. By showing what matters to him, Arthur would hope to bring the same sense of comfort and familiarity to you.
  • ·         France: The master romantic. He’d pick you up with a bouquet of roses and a killer smile. The day would be an easy mix of spontaneity and planning; he’d take you for croissants for breakfast and then suddenly decide that he has to show you a new sculpture put in the Louvre. He’d compliment you on the most subtle little details that you thought really hard about; the way a few wisps of hair framed your face, the way your bracelet matched the belt on your waist. He’d make sure that you were the most comfortable and ready to fall in love happy you could be.
  • ·         America: The fun lover. He’d give both you and the date his all; no expense spared, no route untested. He’d make sure you were constantly having fun and in a state of excitement. Be it an amusement park or the top of the Statue of Liberty, no idea is a bad idea. He thinks on the go, and while this may be a little annoying sometimes, it would help to add a fresh, fun air to any outing.
  • ·         Japan: The quiet admirer. Going on a date with Japan would be the perfect way to relax. Quiet and kind, he knows exactly when to give you space and when to give you a few minutes to breathe. You could go with him stressed as a wound up spring and by the end of the day, you’re smiling and happy again. Whether it’s drinking tea or eating a new kind of sushi, that’s just the kind of person he is.
  • ·         Italy (Feliciano): The artist. Maybe he’d pick an art shop; the kind where you can go and make your own masterpiece. Or an interactive session with a master sculptor who shows you how to form clay into beautiful shapes, everything is an art project with Feli. He treats life like it’s a canvas, and you’re suddenly his brush. He’d find everything about you beautiful and know exactly what to call out to make you feel loved and appreciated. A bit of a puppy-love, you’d be a little caught between his adoration and his funny ways of showing it. No matter the venue, a date with Feliciano would ensure that you always learned something new, and in the most enjoyable way possible.
  • ·         Spain: The passionate explorer. While Spain might be known for light-hearted humour and his innocent nature, it by no means suggests that he doesn’t know when to focus. A date with Spain would probably accidentally end up being several days long, but he’d always respect your personal space. Driving from one end of his country to the other, he’d show you the best his country had to offer in the prettiest, most charming way possible.
  • ·         Canada: The sweet caretaker. Everybody knows that Canada often gets left behind, so this time he’s taking the plunge and asking you out instead. His naturally sweet nature and surprising strategic skills mean a day with good food, a fun time, and space for you to recharge and for him to get to know you better. More interested in the person than the destination, he’d be happy to sit and listen to you for hours by the waterside if exciting adventures weren’t your thing.
  • ·         Prussia: Going on a date with Prussia might be considered the riskiest thing imaginable by some. For you, it’s a good chance to get out of your comfort zone and try something awesome! Being the less-than-romantic that he is, a date with Prussia might consist of going to a concert where your favourite band was performing, or skydiving off a cliff. If you were a bit shyer in nature, he might tone it down a little with his people-reading skills and offer to go white-water rafting or hike a mountain instead. No date with Prussia is anything less than awesome-it’s his personal guarantee.
  • ·         Germany: The turtle. Being naturally shy himself, a date with Germany might involve a little ice-breaking for both of you. Once he began to open up a little, however, his previously ‘uptight’ nature would turn out to be nothing more than nervousness. He has a great laugh, and can talk to you about almost any subject as long as you want. Plus, he isn’t picky about venues; if you want to go drink beer at a pub, he’s all for it. If you want to go sit in a field full of dandelions and learn how to make coffee, that’s fun, too.
  • ·         Italy (Lovino): The grumpy teddy-bear. Chances are, you got asked out after Germany noted that Lovi here was acting a bit too sensitive lately. At first the prospect of going on a date with Romano might seem daunting, but don’t worry: he warms up eventually. Don’t expect grand gestures of romance or declarations of love from this guy; he’s more likely to fold his arms and huff than give you a peck on the cheek. But, he has an amazing hidden sense of humour. He makes bad puns like nobody’s business. No matter what kind of food you like, he knows the best place for you both to get it. If you’re up for sarcastic humour and semi-pointless bantering, Lovino is your man. Just don’t mistake his apparent callousness for insensitivity; he’s possibly one of the most sensitive people you could hope to meet. (In a good way.)
  • ·         Austria: The compromising genius. No matter how nicely you dressed or how much time you spent on your hair, somehow Austria seems set apart. But don’t fret; his effortless elegance and perfect poise just act as a catalyst for your own appreciation, and he’s by no means vain. A date with Austria would probably involve a mixture of things you both liked; while most countries would settle for an activity you enjoyed, or showing you something they liked, Austria somehow manages to do both. He can show you his best, and he’s eager to see yours. As long as there’s some classical music during the ride.
  • ·         Switzerland: The master planner. The great thing about Switzerland is how prepared he is. You’ll get a stress-free day with no worries about anything going wrong, because he’s already prepared for it. But don’t worry; he’s far from boring. While his preparedness may seem over-done and a trifle OCD, it’s really just a demonstration of how much he cares about you. Otherwise, a neutral nod and a shrug might be the most you could expect from this calm character.
  • ·         Greece: The human cat. Despite his reputation of literally ‘sleeping around’, nobody’s going to be taking any naps on your outing. (Unless you’re into that, that is.) Wise and earthy, an outing with Greece might involve good food, great scenery, and a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t feel wounded if he takes one of his many cats along; it’s probably his favourite, and he wants to tell you all about it.

This is by no means an exhaustive list-please feel free to add on for other characters. 

The Second You Open The Door

okay first fanfic i’ve ever posted onto the internet (hands are sweaty omg) i hope yall enjoy this. it’s one of my most treasured fanfic i’ve kept to myself for a long time & now i’m ready to share it with all you.

The Second You Open The Door 

Summary: After a fight over jealously, Lovino starts feeling regretful of his decisions. Though, a simple doorbell ring changes that.

One week. Seven days. Hundred and sixty-eight hours. Not that Lovino counted or anything. It was just a coincidence that his eyes kept flickering to the calendar date on the refrigerator, nothing more. He tried to keep himself composed as he prepared himself a salad on the kitchen counter, but right as the knife sliced into a bright red tomato, his eyes no longer held dignity & he let his emotions flow out.

After his small, much needed teary breakdown in the kitchen. Lovino decided to forget eating & watch some sitcoms instead, to calm his nerves a bit.

But so far. his attention never truly focused on the tv. His right leg kept bouncing on the balls of his feet as he sat on his couch, in sync with his continually tapping finger from his right hand, to the beat of what was left of his panicking, broken heart. In his last attempt, the Italian tried tuning out his negativity and thought back on the soothing advice his family gave him.

Feliciano said that fights were supposed to take their time to heal; it’s only natural. All couples have their own bickering here and there. And, according to Nonno, this just means their love is growing into something serious & rebuilding new foundation. Their bond will be better in the end..


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It’s on Devianart. You can google Spamano doodle story and one of the many strips will come up. Use the links to go through the story.

Plot: Toni and Lovi fight. We see the aftermath. IT MAKES YOU CRY JUST AS MUCH AS YOU THINK IT DOES

Reasons why you should go and read this:



4. Spamano do you need another reason?




8. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME GO ASK @servant-of-spamano or @dame-un-beso-tomate THEY WILL TELL YOU.

All in all it is a glorious piece of work now GO BEFORE THEY UPDATE AGAIN.