#lovingyogisday 20-22: plow, forearm plank, warrior III

I know I’m still behind but my cycle is coming to a close so I figure it would be okay for me to do plow pose (that was the only one I shouldn’t do during it).

I love:

  1. my dad - I was able to spend barely 24 hours with him and even in that short time, I can tell how much he misses me. It’s so cute.
  2. vacuums - Michael and I currently own a dinky little vacuum that my roommate left behind last year. It sucks - as in, bad sucks. My dad let me use his Dyson when he brought me back to school and omg the apartment feels 100 times cleaner! For a person who enjoys cleanliness, I need a vacuum.
  3. open friends - I was able to see a bunch of high school friends yesterday and it was so nice. Everyone is all grown up and graduated. I also love how open they are. We had a bbq and they bough me and 2 friends bocca burgers. so sweet. <3