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A list of what it will be like dating Jay

Dating Jay would include:

  • “Good morning baby”s followed by morning kisses on sleep in days
  • Plenty of cuddles
  • Picking outfits for each other
  • Him lying on the bed watching you get ready in the mornings
  • You wearing his snapbacks and him saying that it’s his favourite so give it back as an excuse to play fight with you but he actually doesn’t mind
  • Wearing his oversized shirts and hoodies just because it smells like him
  • Feeling insecure when he films music videos but him assuring you that it’s all just for work
  • Little squabbles here and there because of his workaholic nature but resolving it with a long kiss eventually because he knows it’s because you care
  • Dinner dates with you after he’s done with work
  • Visiting the aomg office and hanging out with the crew very often
  • Delivering meals to them
  • The guys teasing the both of you and him appearing very indifferent and shrugging it off when in actual fact he’s embarrassed as hell
  • Not showing any public display of affection until the both of you are left alone where he’ll get super touchy feely (like how he is with loco haha)
  • Sneaking light butt taps/squeezes when he walks past you
  • Super good hugs when you’re feeling down
  • Him being able to tell when something is bothering you and forcing you to talk about it
  • Lazy stay home movie dates
  • Ordering delivery/takeouts cos the both of you can’t cook for nuts
  • “Pizza? Pizza.”
  • Getting matching tatts and him sitting beside you holding your hand the whole time if it’s your first
  • Pulling lotsa pranks on you cos your reactions are adorable
  • Getting jealous when you pay more attention to his dogs than him
  • “Aw you’re cute” “Stop saying that” but he secretly likes it
  • The both of you spoiling each other with gifts on birthdays/anniversaries
  • Long passionate sex
  • Rough make up sex
  • Random pecks on the side of your face when the both of you are cuddled up watching movies or something
  • Lots and lots and lots of loving
  • Him being a sweetheart basically

How is possible that after so many years people still admire and love him?
Heath Ledger is one of the most special person in this universe.
See his films or his interview, see his smile, his , good or bad, see his sweetness, see how much he loved his daughter, his family, his friend, the person he wants in his life.
He was absolutley perfect.
And it’s not beacause he died but beacause when he was alive, he was amazing.


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