This wonderful (screAMS BEAUTIFULLL) tododeku standee from @meberon​ just arrived in the mail today (I hope you don’t mind that I tagged you on tumblr too! I’m more active here than on twitter). I am IN LOVE WITH IT ASDAFDSFSDF. Thank you so so much for holding this giveaway–and for all the gorgeous art you make! You’ve truly blessed me with the tododeku feels <3

EDIT: Hi, hello everyone! Actually, I would very much prefer it if you went here: [link] and give your love to the artist’s post featuring this standee rather than liking this post! They’re amazing and they deserve to know it! Thank you!

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I love "messy artists desks" its like a universe and very motivational to work, but a real pain in the ass! (somehow i managed to make it work half of the time)

Hi anon ^^

Ooooooh my god. My desk. Where do I start? It’s an eco-system with its own climate and its own political system at this point. If a little creature emerges from under a pile of sketchbooks and claimed my desk as an independent republic, I wouldn’t even be surprised.

I’m too embarrassed to post a pic. You have piles of sketchbooks, cups of tea all over the place, a printer with TONS of stuff on it at the point you can’t even see it’s a printer, Stony, Stucky and J2 cards, frames, and plastic stands, Nendroids of Iron Man and Cap fighting and of course, drawing supplies. I should really do something, I don’t even know how I manage to work in this mess.

Good luck to us, I guess. *big sigh*

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Who did the cover art for your book? It's gorgeous!

I know right??

The lovely artist is named Abby Pierce.

I asked on my tumblr for people to submit their art to me for the cover and hers was my favorite!

(if you are interested in her work let me know and I can see if it’s okay to pass on her email to you)

What does your fave band say about you?

RULES: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people.

I was tagged by @urlmysunshine thank you so much love!

Artist: Florence + The Machine

What is your gender:  Queen of Peace  

If you could go anywhere: Breath of Life

Fave mode of transportation: Shake it Out 

Your best friend: Kiss with a Fist

Fave time of the day: No light, no light

If your life was a TV show: Lover to Lover

Relationship Status: Long & Lost

Your fear: Breaking Down

I’m tagging: @peachypetalhazz ; @faerie-flowers ; @honeykissedtea ; @hazzabooween ; @cu-teaa ; @la-bovay ; @springtimeghost ; @peachequi ; @peachyvegans ; @back-home-toyou ; @alioc ; @cutegogh ; @anhdante ; @opalucent ; @pinkxxmilk ; @veganpetal

Just a quick PSA

Guys, I know the fandom is divided, and you’re free to ship what you like, but if an artist says their art isn’t part of your ship, just don’t fuckin tag it, my dude. You can feel any which way about it, gush to your friends, develop headcanons, whatever, but for the love of Rick, respect the artist’s wishes. You wouldn’t have that to look at and love without them, and it’s not just content. It’s THEIR content. It’s their work. They made it with their hands and took time out of their day to give us something nice to look at.

If they don’t want you to tag incest, don’t tag it. That’s really disrespectful. If you’re a c-137cest blog, your followers will know that you’re viewing the piece with a shipping lense. It would be extra nice if you put in the tags “don’t tag as incest by artist’s request.” Just to keep the ball rolling, ya know? Please pay attention when reblogging and happy shipping!

ID #24945

Name: Emily
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello! I am a pretty chill girl.
I am a cross country runner and I also dance.
I am a senior and I plan on majoring in nursing! I am taking some college courses this year. I also love chemistry. My favorite artists are Halsey, pierce the veil (who I met!), lorde, Taylor swift, eagles, and set it off. I love working and running. I also like to do outdoor activities. I am very supportive and I love to help others :).
I am also a very big republican!
I love to volunteer, paint my nails, and watch Netflix (right now I am on the office). My ultimate favorite shows are breaking bad, the office, parks and rec, and anything that has to deal with mysteries!

Preferences: US only, 15 and older, I like snail mail but I’m also willing to start off with email :). If you are conservative that would be nice too haha, but I’m open to any political affiliation.

LOOK!? [little shoutout, i guess?]

you know when you see sum good art but the artist dosn’t get enough attention??? and you are like “how????”

welp, i don’t have a lot of followers, but if any of you have the time please check it out :0??? i love this artist and it’s really good art??

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Lol the whole thing going on from Kiri leaning into Bakugou's space to Momo being nervous about a potential explosion to Todoroki being a good boy ready to have her back. And omg lmao Sero. It often goes unrecognized in the fandom that he is the true class clown. I love him so much!!

He’s adorable isn’t he!!! So damn silly and fun aaahhhhh I live for him - and yeah the whole pic is fantastic, I love how the artist went about all of them!! :D

People say they fear the dark for the absence of light-
but I fear the light of my soul and all it shows.. All I see scares me
The darkness of my unconscious mind was
Easier to stay hidden within its shrouds 
Behind these lids with eyes closed hoping it’ll pass in time-
(Out of site out of mind’ a statement dressed in lies)
It always stayed the same though, like running around in circles
It never dulled the pain though, medicated myself to numb it and face it another time
I wanted something to change
I wanted to  live a happy life
so I took strides towards what illuminates from my soul
Entering the light:
love fluctuated from my heart, my body, and mind
This is my dream my work of art and…
All I was ashamed of becomes a new  brush of color
Each regret and all the sadness adds a new stroke between
 an empty grey-scale outline  
This once blank canvas is the most precious to me
For its My dream- my work of art- and this is my design
—  Roberto noriega
To a very strange lizard, found by the gardener of the Belvedere, he [Leonardo] fastened some wings with a mixture of quicksilver made from scales scraped from other lizards, which quivered as it moved by crawling about. After he had fashioned eyes, a horn, and a beard for it, he tamed the lizard and kept it in a box, and all the friends to whom he showed it fled in terror.
—  Giorgio Vasari in The Life of Leonardo da Vinci (from The Lives of the Artists)

I’m probably guilty of this to some degree, but I love it when a tumblr artist captions something with “just a quick little sketch that took me 20 minutes 😊” and then posts a painting with as much detail as the sistene chapel ceiling. like sure..