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3, 6, 8, 16 for Newtina? :)

3: Most common argument: His creatures. Newt will always think he can sneak just one more in, and Tina will say that he already has enough. This leads to Newt being hurt, but Tina standing her ground. Then Newt says he needs help feeding / caring for them, and Tina exclaims that if he didn’t keep bringing in new ones, maybe he wouldn’t need so much help. In all honesty, though, Tina really loves all his creatures and his affection for said creatures, she just has a hard time dealing with the untidiness that comes with them.

6: What is their favorite feature of their partner’s: Newt loves Tina’s nose, and also her determination. Tina loves Newt’s hair and his selflessness. 

8: Nicknames? If so how did they originate: I think yes! Tina calls him Newton in a really posh English voice. It started because she found out his full name was Newton Artemis Fido Scamander (from his mother) and she loves to tease him about it. She also occasionally calls him Artemis or Fido. Newt calls Tina Porcupine because of her full first name, Porpentina. He likes that it reminds him of creatures and her, his two favorite things! He also calls her Goldfish (because Goldstein, and again, his creatures) and I like to think he would teasingly call her Greyscale because of her big grey coat.

16: Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer: Tina. Newt has already developed the habit of getting up early to care for his creatures, but Tina has always been a late sleeper. He’ll wake up at six, go down into his case until ten, and when he returns she still will be lying in bed, asleep, but now she’s sprawled out all over the bed. He’ll make her coffee and breakfast, which takes about an hour, before waking her up.

Can we just talk about how beautifully pure some characters are?

I mean, seriously, we need people like Newt Scamander with the love for his creatures or like Queenie Goldstein, who’s not only looking at people on a superficial level or Jacob Kowalski, who falls into a world that should be terrifying for him, but he’s so courageous and curious.

We need characters like them and take them as our role models, because this world is way too superficial and everything’s about competition and how to get an advantage over others. A little softness, a bit of pure love would make this world a lot better

I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tonight. 


I love Newt. Like really a lot. 

I love that Newt is a massively awkward dork. That moment where he stopped on the gangway and then didn’t say anything or even turn around? His body language with everyone that wasn’t a monster of some kind vs his body language with his creatures? LOVE. 

I love that everyone spent half the movie crying. Tina, Jacob, Newt, all of them. 

I love that Jacob was actually the main character of the film. He was the one with a character arc. Actually everyone had a character arc but Newt. Newt walked off screen exactly the same as he walked on screen. He was there in the story but he didn’t really grow or change. 

I also loved Tina but I’m still processing her as a character because she ran a little hard into the “earnest cop lady” trope in a way that made her less of a person against the rest of the core group, Newt and Jacob and Queenie were so vibrant that Tina faded into ‘says and does things that drives the plot’ instead of feeling real. Katherine Waterson is adorable and maybe I was just distracted by the adorable and wasn’t paying enough attention to Tina as a character. 

And jeez, if that was meant to be Harlem in the jazz age …. >.> 

I went looking for a link to a post about the white washed backdrop that would do a better job of discussing it than I could and found out in the tag that manipulative monster/abused teenager is a huge ship and I needed to leave the tag before I found a post that would explain what I wanted to explain.

somewhat more spoilery stuff below

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  • game freak: pokémon are intelligent, loving creatures that have fun battling one another
  • game freak: (also they eat each other)
  • players: what was that last part?
  • silver/gold/crystal:
  • ruby/sapphire/emerald:
  • diamond/pearl/platinum:
  • black/white/bw2:
  • x/y:
  • sun/moon: oh sorry, didn't hear you, THEY EAT EACH OTHER LOL