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More palette things: Ford and Mabel doing something silly in 'sodas and skateboards?'

Improvised band with lots and lots of glitter! :D 

Don’t worry Ford I’m sure the glitter will be easy to remove…maybe, you love it anyway

(Palette Challenge) (Please don’t send more!) 


@hprarepairnet event: summer vacation challenge - regulus black & petunia evans
@thehpshipsnet event: gtktm - zelle - regulus black & petunia evans
@hpminorcharnet event: non-canon relationships - regulus black & petunia evans

“you, petunia evans, a muggle, are the love of my life. nothing brings me greater satisfaction and nothing ever will bring me greater satisfaction. magic brought us together, and it will bring us apart. you have to accept that, my love. everything that is good in life is also bad. please contact your sister, and tell my brother i love him. you no longer deserve to feel the bitterness we have shared for all these years. lift that burden off your shoulders, i beg you. this is goodbye, but as you now know, magic is a full circle. it will bring us apart in this moment, but it will bring us back together in the end. rest easy, my love. i will see you soon.” (source)

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Ubbe has been gone (for work or whatever) and he comes home unexpectedly and wakes you up with a lovely surprise I've been feeling Ubbe lately.

| 🔥🔥  medium burn | 

The lovely dream you were having still did nothing to take away the ache you felt in your lower region. Your body craved Ubbe so much that it began to imagine him even while you slept, his hands seeming so vivid you swore you could almost feel them. They continued their journey, spanning the skin of your legs and all the way up to your collarbone. You woke up quickly when the hands turned into whiskers, shooting up in bed like a dart. 

“Easy there, love.”

You struggled to adjust your vision, your eyes clearing to settle in on the bearded face of your lover. You squealed, throwing your arms around his broad shoulders in as big of a hug as you could muster. Ubbe chuckled, rubbing circles into the small of your back exposed in your tank top.

“You weren’t supposed to be home for another week,” you mumbled. He pulled back from you, brushing the stray bangs out of your eyes. 

“I know but I couldn’t wait. I have something for you!” Your eyes lit up at him, crawling to the edge of the bed to watch him rummage through his bags. He hummed to himself, muttering an ‘a-ha!’ when he pulled out a small black box. You settled back on your heels when he approached the bed and placed the gift in your hands. 

“What’s this for?” You questioned, thumbing at the bright red bow. 

“’Cause I love you, now open it!” 

You giggled at his impatience and tugged on the bow holding the lid on the box. You were tempted to shake it like children do on Christmas, but the look on his face made you even more curious than you already were. You couldn’t control your laughter when the present was finally opened, shiny chrome illuminated by the moonlight in the dark bedroom. 

“Really Ubbe? My gift is a vibrator?” 

He grinned wolfishly, pulling the thin toy out of its wrapping.

“Well, not really. Your gift is me with a vibrator.”

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hihihi! ok so a long long time back I remember I read this cute oneshot where Isak met Even when he was studying abroad in London or something, and he kind of loses touch with Jonas/Mahdi/Magnus and then when Isak moves back to Oslo, he runs into the three of them at a grocery store or something and the boys find out Isak's with Even bc Even comes in saying something like "hey baby" i think?? do possibly know which fic that could be?? sorry that got so rambly, but thanks for any help <3

Hello, love!

You desribed it pretty damn well, so it was easy to find it! Here you go :)

  • Welcome Home by briennejamie
    Summary: After living in London for almost a decade, Even and Isak decide to move back to Norway together. While grocery shopping, Isak bumps into the boy squad for the first time in years, and little do they know that Even even exists let alone that he is just around the corner.


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I liked Irene, I thought she was a cool character. She to me could've been the character that utterly stomped Erza for awhile she did. Then BS happens with Erza yet again. Orochimaru goes on to explain to Sasuke I mean Irene tells Erza that she was her next body. Then at the end she's like I forgot I loved you then kills herself. She took the easy way out. Instead of trying to make up for her sins, she just kills herself. Then Mashima tries to be edgy by having Acno stomp on her..WTF

Irene could’ve been decent in a much, much better arc. Unfortunately… she was in this one. I say that about a lot of Spriggans but honestly, it’s true. Sadly I’m still never going to like her, but her ending was just… even if I had liked the character it would’ve been bad.

remember that being an artist is really hard work, and it requires a lot of passion for the subject and especially tolerance to just deal with lowered wages and being expected to work so much for so little. trying to make a place for yourself in the industry no matter what department youre most interested in, and get a steady job for yourself, and just want to do what you love. but your work is just viewed as easy labor when it’s the complete opposite, and artists overwork themselves just to get by at the bare minimum at least.

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Me yesterday: “Maybe I should throw in a disclaimer that it’s just a joke like I did that other time… Nah, I’m sure everyone will get it.”

Yes, I know the scenes aren’t equivalent, and that Star liked Marco’s smell in the after-shower scene too. Guys, I love you all and stuff, but easy with the pitchforks please.

BTS FC 170309

Hello this is BTS’ Suga
Haha it is finally my 25th birthday?
I feel kind of weird
I feel like just yesterday I was 20 years old
Since debut, it’s both my 4th Spring and birthday
Me, a person who has always been impatient and constantly worrying about the future
Me, a person who always feels 21 years old performs in front of countless of ARMYs
And now that others call me sunbae (senior), I get to perform at concerts all around the world,
I am constantly living a busy life that gives me the opportunity to meet you all which is a dream and I’m so happy about it.
After debuting, it’s always so exciting to see so many ARMYs take care of me and wish a happy birthday
To be honest, I never cared much for birthdays
Thinking how ARMYs prepare special gifts and are happy doing it make my birthday feel special
Thank you to every single ARMY for making me a special person
I may look like a person who is living just because they were born, but I am trying very hard and my best to become a better person
So please continue to watch over me for a very long time
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday
As I grow older, I promise to repay you guys with better music and performances

P.S. Now I want to stop growing old… ㅠㅠ

trans: jhope-shi

Become one with yourself. When your body says something, listen to it. When your mind is burnt out, respect that. We can either work with or against ourselves; you choose which route you’d like to take.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Take a moment. Really. Are you being too harsh on yourself? Remember that you must give yourself enough time to grow. You must show yourself patience. Unconditional love. Acceptance. Showing hostility towards yourself will not speed up your growth, but only dampen it. So remember, handle yourself delicately, and give yourself some more credit.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

                                                 This is kind of where it all started, init?
                                    Well, look who’s getting sentimental about our first time.
                                                            2014-12-04 // 2017-02-201