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A while back I said I wanted some hip-touch action, and now Link tried to deliver for once. Too bad lil’ Rhett’s not ready to go that far yet. Maybe next year. (GMMore #829)

DC Preference- Their Favourite Thing To Do During Sexy Time

A/N: If you want me to add characters from Suicide Squad or Justice League to my DC preferences, just tell me 

Harley loves grabbing, spanking, touching or squeezing your butt all the time during sex

Joker loves it when you’re on top during sex; also he’d prefer to make love to you instead of fuck you. 

Wonder Woman loves kissing down your body, slowly and sweetly until you can’t take it anymore. 


“The less you have to hold on to, the easier it is to let go”
#justin who was 17 when he met him#justin who was supposed to be nothing but a one-night stand#justin the persistent little kid who somehow got in under the wire#justin who brian never expected to love so deeply#justin who slowly became one of the most important things in brians life#justin who impacted brian in a way no one or nothing else has#justin is one person but to brian he is absolutely everything#the way he touches his face and looks into his eyes one last time before he has to go#and the way he holds him in his arms and squeezes his hair tightly#letting justin go is the hardest thing brian has ever had to do

I have a little Theory with the new Album 7/27. The lyrics from no way to Me are talking about a love and how people are hating on them for who they love. I lied is about telling that person that they are it and how you are tired of lying. Dope is talking about trying to tell that person you love them but can’t. Squeeze is about holding the person you love. And write on me is about showing your flaws to the person you love.
We all know how they look at each other, touch each other, and we all see the sexual tension between the two. If you look up body language and study the girls there is something there.

So in conclusion of the the lyrics you have all the looks
The touching
The tensions
I just think its time for us to get camren is real to actually be true.


Nothing better than some Journey<3

this is one of my favorite songs to sing along to at the top of my lungs. its also one of my favorite journey songs. it reminds me of one specific drunken night with good friends when we drove around the desert and listened to the entire journey album singing along to every song. good times.

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