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Y E S 

And have you noticed that whenever the hyungs talk about stripping Jimin, they kind of just…look to Jungkook? It’s always Jungkook. The group seems to know exactly how to get a reaction out of him - he’s that obvious, and even Jimin (or especially Jimin) seems to find it amusing. He was laughing pretty hard at Jungkook’s dismayㅋ

It’s not like they haven’t talked about something like this either. Jimin joked about it before and Jungkook kind of went with it? And just before this particular scene, Jungkook was like “let’s see Hobi-hyung’s abs!” But somehow it’s different when another hyung brings it up??

…I guess Jimin’s naked body is for Kook’s eyes only.

Supportive Clarus

I was thinking about that supportive Clarus in Gladnis AU post and I’ve tried to come up with more headcanons like

  • Tbh Clarus could tell there would be a connection the moment baby Gladio met baby Ignis and first thing he did was hold his hands out to put his palms on baby Ignis’ eyes, thing that baby Gladio did to stuff he found to be specially pretty; he just hadn’t understood what kind of connection until they came to this (that is if they met as babies, I’m not sure when they met).

  • At first Clarus feels a bit awkward because of who his son is dating, not because it’s about a guy but because it’s a guy he personally works with- he’s office co-worker to his son’s partner, so it feels a bit strange. 

  • Ignis tries very hard not to show it, but Clarus notices everytime the young adviser is a bit troubled by sitting and walking normally. So that makes Clarus very awkward for the rest of the day. Very.

  • Not that Ignis is bad at hiding it; Clarus just has a very perceptive eye.

  • I just hope they’re using protection…

  • First time Ignis has dinner with the Amicitia, Clarus personally cooks and Ignis feels a bit upset and in panic he’s not in the kitchen too.

  • “Gladio, I’m the guest, your boyfriend, and I theorically work for him. I should be making him happy and comfortable, not him serving me.”
  • “Iggy that doesn’t make sense.”

  • Ignis shows himself specially quiet during that dinner: he gets awkward because he deeply cares about the impression he’s leaving there so if I speak too much he will think I am troubles; if I don’t speak more he will think I’m personally upset in this situation. Do I eat more slowly or faster? Is it an insult if I pick my food from left to right? Omg. What do I do. What do I say. Gladio help me.

  • Clarus is quiet too, but tries really hard (awkwardly, but he really does try) to earn some conversation with him.

  • Iris ends up saving the day and making it the less awkward as possible for both sides.

  • After dinner Gladio goes to drop Ignis at his apartment and after thanking him he’s like “Also, I didn’t expect that you’d tell your dad what my favorite meal is. He did perfect, but it wasn’t necessary.”

  • Gladio smiles at him and kisses his eye like “I didn’t tell him.”
  • Ignis is puzzled because “Was it Iris? Does she even know?”
  • “Iggy, you’re adorable but a bit dumb. He knows himself.”

  • Ignis is flustered and instantly blushing mad in the face because he’s in the realization that his father-in-law may seem quiet, dry and maybe even distant at times, but he cares for Ignis far more than he really does show.
  • Indeed he’s so moved that second dinner with the Amicitia is faaar more comfortable bc he just relaxes; the man makes him feel he’s in family, so there’s more conversation and laughter this time. 

  • First time Clarus called Ignis by “son” he got all awkward by remembering he was Gladio’s boyfriend.
  • “It’s okay, son. I meAN IGNIS. I mean…Scientia. Ignis. Son. As in…it was a nickname. I do not…uhm…never mind. I’m sorry, Ignis.”
  • Ignis understands it was just a nickname, but also understands Clarus second-interpreted it as “son-in-law” as if it was about a married couple, and that’s why he got awkward. “It’s fine, Mr. Amicitia.” 

  • Clarus gets to know Ignis so well without noticing that he is who suggests most what to gift him at random times.
  • “Look, a cooking book. Ignis would like that. You should but it and give it to him. Add it to the cart, I’ll pay.”
  • “I think this is Ignis’ size. It seems to be his style. Do you think he’ll like it? Add it to the cart, I’ll pay.”
  • “The other day I saw Ignis using his phone…it seemed a bit outdated. We could get him a new one.”
  • “Ignis likes this magazine. Take two.”
  • “Dad, you buy more things for Ignis than you ever buy for me or Iris.”
  • “That’s not true.”
  • It totally is true. The man silently adores Ignis to levels not even he understands or notices himself.

  • Clarus forever changes the coffee brand he’s used to in his house for Ebony.
  • “Ignis likes it, doesn’t he? We should have some in case he visits.”

  • Except all the things he does for Ignis’ wellbeing and happiness stay all in the dark. Clarus is not one to brag about or explicitly recall on “it’s Ebony, by the way”. He will just serve the damn coffee.
  • Ignis ackowledges all the nice things Clarus does for him, though. He, as silently, is grateful for it.

  • After a couple years of relationship, Clarus deals with some comments at the Citadel of the sort: “Clarus, the thing between your son and Scientia’s has gone on for too long. Don’t you think it’s time to do something about it? Get in between, I mean. Talk them into understanding. I mean, prince Noctis is going to have a heir of his own one day…Gladiolus needs to drop a future Shield of the King, and Ignis a future adviser. They need of women.”

  • Clarus, usually polite and decent with his Citadel co workers, suddenly frowns at them and starts listing.

  • “First of all, women are human beings with emotions and aspirations, not baby delivery machines.

  • Second off, my son is more than just my last name. He’s my family, and a human being. He will spend his future with whoever he chooses to.

  • Last off, it would be idiotic of me to tell my son apart of Ignis. Ignis Scientia may not be perfect, but he’s a hard-working, mature and wonderful man, with a loyalty not found anywhere, and an intelligence that surpasses the average. He’s strong, smart and kind to ridiculous levels. He cares for the people he loves more than he cares for himself, and would gladly give his life for prince Noctis or king Regis. He may not be able to genetically give my son a kid of his own, but he doesn’t need that to make him the happiest man of Eos, and that’s all that matters.

  • If they decide to not leave any heirs to their titles, that is their choice to make, not ours. And if they ever do decide otherwise, and with Ignis as the wonderful human being that he is by his side, I would be the proudest, happiest grandparent in all of Eos to the Amicitia-Scientia without a single doubt.

  • I thank your worry, but I could not care less about it. Have a nice day gentlemen.”

  • Ignis had been on his way to deliver some papers to the other side of the building, and accidentally heard the starting of the conversation- stayed behind the door all over the rest.

  • Having heard it all, Ignis’ currently containing the tears and failing and he suddenly doesn’t care about his work and just runs to the training hall, interrupts Gladio’s training, and hugs him like the world’s about to end.

  • Gladio’s all puzzled because omg no, why are you crying, why are you crying so much, what do I do, what happened, Ignis who died.

  • Ignis won’t tell him until later because he just can’t speak: Clarus loves him more than Ignis thought. And I love him more than he knows, too.

  • One of the last things Clarus said to Ignis before the party left Insomnia was “Ignis, I will miss you dearly. Have fun, take care. And be aware that, whether you and my son stay together or not in a future, you will always be a son to me. Okay?”

  • That was one of the few times Ignis lost his sense of formality and just hugged the man who is his dad a million times more than his real dad has ever been.

Agh I love supportive Clarus SO MUCH.
I think I just made a tiny fic of sorts rather than headcanons. Oh well. Still posting this because I love the fluff.


So I was told that next semester we will be working on ‘original characters,’ so this weekend I started scribbling some of the Monroes on paper and last night I attempted to polish them in photoshop. Is it cheating? I mean they are my original characters tbh. Also I can’t do noses or eyes sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

So i know theres been some debate on the possibility of a carry on sequel, and i decided to weigh in and say, i dont think she could get away with anything we wouldnt want. We are so invested in simon and baz at this point, and any successful author knows their audience well enough to understand what drives a story. In this case, there really would be no point in messing with baz and simons love life, it just wouldnt make sense. On the other hand, theres still a lot of issues with the world of mages that still havent been addressed. How did the old families deal with the mages death? Where is any authority coming from? What about the magical creatures? Simom and baz would almost inextricably be involved in the aftermath of it all, but simon and baz resolved the majority of their pressing issues already, at least with each other. For sure, a sequel would delve further into their personal issues, but i can only see that ending in them coming to terms with themselves more. Alright, id be mad too if simon and baz ended up with unecessary angst just for a sequel, but i dont thinkthats where its going. Simon, baz, and penny are a team now, and if theres a sequel, my guess would be theyd have a whole new magical challenge to face. (Whether simon gets his magic back or not, but thats a theory of mine for another day.)

Filler Time

This time on Kali. 
Sorry for doing these long things. I really do just need something so my blog isn’t completely slow.
Just until I’m done with my finals. This week. Okay, here goes.

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Sun-kissed dark room

Wanting to turn everything off
Wanting to hide in a dark corner
Wanting it all to be over.

Have you seen the sky today?
The underbelly of the clouds
Are scorched with flames
They disappear into a pool of blue

The light that fills my room
Touches each corner
Gently and with love
But it’s darkness that fills the centre.

We keep using riddles
And metaphors to hide
The raw emotion that was hidden so deep down inside,

Soon we’re going to have to face daybreak
Hear the sparrows scream out and the truth blind our eyes
But please let us just sit a while
Alone in my sun kissed dark room.

The curtain is starting to open
There’s a light breaking in
But that light is unwanted
Too bright too harsh
It hurts to look at
It hurts to feel in my heart

I guess we have to face it
Drag open the dying curtains
The light that fills our squinting pupils
Will push through our riddles and our rhymes

But forgive me if sometimes I’d rather stay
In this sun kissed room
That’s dark on the inside
And ignore our problems
To pretend it’s okay.