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can I just say how much I love blueberry–

Based off two scenes from Underverse 0.3 part 2!

Underverse belongs to @jakei95

pst pst there’s animated versions under the cut


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Day6 in LA

This is basically just going to be some random things that I actually remember since I still can’t believe i experienced this!!

•the venue was small but comfy (literally the chairs were super comfortable)

•when I walked into the stage area I was surprised at how close I actually was ( I can tell a lot of ppl were tbh ajsksksjsj)

•I had a pretty good view since my seat was in the middle area of the stage, but some guy with nice hair was blocking dowoon like the whole time ://

•the crowd was so loud my ears started ringing on the spot

•Jae… I have never seen anyone so happy?? I could feel his emotions radiating towards the crowd, he gave a speech and it was so beautiful I almost bawled my eyes out, also he did us dirty during one of the games we played smh 👀

•Sungjin, I new he was beautiful before.. but??? WOW!!! Every time I looked at him I was in disbelief at how amazing he looked, he was being so cute the whole time I wanted to holler at the sky!!!!! His vocals?? TO D*E FOR!!!! Every single one of his lines had my crying and I could feel the love everyone had for him

•Dowoon, okay it’s obvious that that boy was born to play the drums, whenever I watched him play I felt mesmerized! Also during Dance Dance, he looked insanely adorable and I couldn’t believe that he, the cutest boy alive, was the same amazing drummer up on that stage!! He was literally way too adorable it should be a crime

•Youngk, not to be nsfw…. be he…. everything he did was so h*t!!!! He literally snarled at one point after hitting an amazing note and I almost collapsed right there!! I felt like he was being fueled by our energy, whenever the crowd was extra loud his eyes would literally shine with astonishment, I love he !!!

•Wonpil THE LOML!!!!!! He was so composed almost the whole time?? And I say almost bc I’m pretty sure he almost cried a few times plus he was as dorky as the rest lol, everytime he spoke he sounded so soft and lovely, literally his voice was super calming, he and youngk sat next to each other and i swear they were smiling at each other and joking like 80% of the time, whenever he got really into the music he would either have his head thrown back like a whole Man, or his head would be lowered down in concentration, when he sang I was speechless 💛

Okay, now the hightouch (in order)

•When I was about two (2) people away, my heart was beating like crazy I thought I was going to pass out!!

•Jae, he shook my whole hand!!! And thanked me for coming and it healed my heart tbh, I was such a mess though I just blurted out the words “I love you guys!!” And then grabbed dowoon’s hand with my left hand before even letting go of Jae’s ajsksksjsj

•Dowoon, okay once I let go of Jae’s hand I grabbed dowoons with my whole 2 hands by instinct and he was just so chill about it I wanted to cry!!!! It absolutely left me speechless

•Youngk, that boy looked right into my soul!!!!!!!! I was so surprised I almost didn’t grab his hand ahsjskskskaw, I couldn’t get any words out I literally stuttered absolutely nothing, but he had the sweetest smile the whole time !

•Sungjin, this was so awkward tbh, I didn’t know what to do with my hands anymore so I did the most awkward high five slash handshake and I could tell he was just like “alright” ajskalLaks

•Wonpil, okay this was so stressful bc my friend who I met up with gave me the cutest wonpil banner! So I pinned it to my shirt (lmmaao) so that he could see it, so I held his hand real quick while also trying to hold out the banner, and I was like “wonpil I love u!!!!” And he looked over and was like “huh?” and saw the banner and he just looked at it with his mouth slightly opened but in the cutest way and I had no idea what he was thinking ahsjskkssk, but then they were pushing me forward so I had to leave, but wow is he beautiful 😪💛💛💛💛💛💛

ok i literally missed all my alarms set for the men’s free but hey i woke up in time literally just to see yuzuru and nathan lmaoooo that was pretty intense it was closer than i thought it would be 

what nightmares fear, a soriku fic

1093 words, crossposted on ao3

All was well.

That’s what King Mickey told them: All was well. They could all go home and live their lives. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua returned to the newly restored Land of Departure; Lea, Roxas, and Xion made their ways back to Twilight Town. The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee disbanded after the world restored itself entirely (along with the aid of Merlin’s magic). And Sora, Riku, and Kairi bade farewell to their friends before finally, finally going back to their islands.

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for eldarya there can be a choice where we stay by leiftan and ashkore's side? or are we forced to stay by the other side even when i don't want to? man i so want to be by leiftan's side i guess if we cant make a choice the game is going to be boring as hell


Hmm to be honest I don’t really know. :x I mean we knew there was an “evil gang squad” since we first met Ashkore back in the beginning of the game. The ending of episode 17 is when we finally learn of the other members of that squad (Chrome, Leiftan, (Amaya), and now Naytili). But then it just ends there, so I have no idea what the writers have planned for us in the future!

If I had to make a prediction, I would say that Erika would never join Leif and Ashkore’s side. At least due to the fact that they are manipulative and violent. That’s not to say the guard is (or was) any better! But I feel this episode was also for us to learn more about Miiko and maybe sympathize with her? She has been going through a lot of character development!

At the very least I feel that Erika would support the Oracle (especially since the Oracle has been guiding and protecting her for the last couple of episodes). Like even if Erika could still never forgive the guard for erasing her life, she would still want to protect the Oracle. And protecting the Oracle falls in direct conflict with Team Ashkore since he and his buddies want to corrupt the crystals.

Meet Patience! Initially her angelic name was just a nickname everyone gave her but it ended up sticking. She’s a nursery angel who has suffered a lot in her life, but never seems to let it to her.

She was born blind in one eye, and almost constantly keeps it closed as a result. She also tends to keep her middle eye closed for whatever reason. 
Her arm is a different story, as she used to be in a rather loving relationship that ended with her mate becoming corrupt after they kept losing children. She still doesn’t seem too effected though, able to still walk around on three limbs even with a broken heart.

She’s lost many of her own children (many dying when they were still kits), resulting in her actually being very passionate about keeping others’ kits from harm. Even when faced with a very bleak health situation, she refuses to let kits die when they still may have even the sliver of a chance to live. 

Patience tends not to speak much nowadays, but her voice is very soft and gentle. Just like she is.

(hope this is okay, both the art and story. im mostly used to drawing cats and not humans)


Kirishima: “This is the first time I see you in your every-day clothes, do you always dress like this?”

Bakugou, thinking about his endless amount of skull tees and how long it took him to dig that plain red shirt out of his closet: “Obviously.”


what should’ve happened after s3 

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“More than anything, I believe we all have love in ourselves.” // 170912 Happy birthday to the most precious bean, our dearest leader, Namjoon! Thank you for everything you have done (and still doing) for BTS and music. You’re an inspiration and I hope you know you’re loved as much love as you share. ♡

[credits: xxinsp]