loving this game special thing

Something I found while cleaning out my computer files! I wanted to color it, but now I think it’s okay like this lol

I really love this part in Breath of the Wild~

I was 5 years old in 1980.  When Pac-Man came out in the arcades, it was a BIG DEAL. I loved Pac-Man.  I had the Pac-Man board game, a Pac-Man read along book and tape, Pac-Man sheets and a Pac-Man doll. I even ate Pac-Man cereal! Pac-Man Fever was a real thing and I had a bad, bad case.

So hey, you got your Pac-Man in my Kamen Rider!  Well, this is technically the second time as Dr. Pac-Man was the villain of the yearly crossover movie between this year’s Rider and last year’s.  So, he’s apparently back for Kamen Rider Genm episode 2 and he’s brought with him three new Gashats.

One is the top down shooting game Xevious, one is Famicom (NES) baseball title Family Stadium and the third is Pac-Man.  Ex-Aid gets Pac-Man.  That’s awesome!

I like the description of the game from the special as well and how in Japan the Power Pellet is described as a Power Cookie.  Good stuff.

When he’s playing the game, Ex-Aid is running from a video game version of Kamen Rider W through a maze collecting the dots.

Then he finds the Power Cookie and, well, it’s awesome that a version of Pac-Man surrounds him and eats it!

And then W’s head turns into a Blue Ghost!  Uh-Oh!


And that finisher, Poor W, eaten by Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Pac-Man!

Sure, Ex-Aid Pac-Man is just a recolor of his Gekitotsu Robots form but it’s PAC-MAN for crying out loud!  I just think it’s cool! This one bit (and hopefully the Dr. Pac-Man movie I have yet to see) makes the whole Bandai Namco merger totally worth it.


Assassin’s Creed meme - four otps/brotps (4/4) Ezio and Yusuf

I just…I just can’t.

Actually it translates into games perfectly: geralt can be the cold motherfucker (games love killing things and not displaying emotions) but also be special (most people i know cannot roleplay rude people in games)