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Yes, I’m still trying to re-imagine me some drow fashion. Something that actually makes sense in their matriarchal and merciless society., while still keeping it somewhat classy. Idk how successful I was, but it was fun to draw.

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okay, babs nina and vanessa dancing together???

have i mentioned how much i love these girls before???


This started as an excuse to draw Hunk in a pretty dress and it kinda got out of hand….

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Don’t leave me here to pass through time
Without a map or road sign (x)

honestly, I’m not even sure

so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.

Imagine Montparnasse’s face when he comes home and sees Jehan dressed in his clothes… He just stops in the bedroom doorway and stares, open-mouthed, in shock.

Everything matches, all black and leather, and it’s all slightly too big for Jehan but still tight enough to show off their body. And the boots. Mont can’t help the strangled cough that comes out because damn that’s hot.

What really kills him, though, is the makeup. Jehan in black eye-liner/eye shadow/lipstick. And mascara. Mont thinks he might pass out.

Finally, Jehan just lets out a giggle and explains “I just wanted to see what I’d look like dressed as you” and Mont can’t take it anymore; he marches across the room and pulls Jehan into his arms, purring “You look exquisite but I’d much prefer you out of those clothes right now.”

Jehan decides that if this is going to be his reaction, maybe it’s a good idea to try on Mont’s clothes more often.


Some more outfits, these themed around the Simple Jewelry. The Iron one could use some more wing decorations, but the crimson silks are too purple and I didn’t like the Sylvan Wings with the rest of the outfit.

Archeology - Revered - Darksteel - Scarlet Knight - Pastel Crystal

More of my outfits can be found here! If you want to see anything specific, or want to know the pieces for these, send me an ask!

Spins, Explained

So, as a follow-up to my previous layman’s guide on jump identification, this time, let us try to make sense of all the different types of figure skating spins.

Now, before we start, not to discourage you or anything, but keep in mind that spin is a topic more complicated than you might think, mostly because spins can come in endless flavors and weird naming conventions and skaters constantly invent new ways to mix and match. Another note is that this post will cover spins in single skating only - I don’t watch enough pairs and ice dance to have proper knowledge on their spins.

A couple of terms you will want to understand when it comes to spins:

Position refers to the way the skater holds their body while spinning. There are 3 basic positions, each of which comes in many different variations, in other words, different movements of the skater’s body while holding to the general shape of the basic position.

Level refers to the difficulty of the spins. There are 5 levels in total: B (no level) and Level 1 to 4. 

Level feature is how the spin levels are determined. One feature = one level, so a spin must have 4 features counted in order to be a Level 4. The ISU defines, in total, 13 different types of features a spin can have, any 4 of these in a spin will make it a level 4. Well, don’t sweat, this is just general information. We are most definitely not getting into all the technical details of all these features today. Layman’s guide, remember?  

Incidentally, it’s worth pointing out that Level and Grade of Execution (GOE) are independent, as I’ve seen some new fans confusing the two. Level reflects how difficult the spin is, while GOE is about how well it is executed. Think of it this way, the equivalence of level for a jump is the number of rotations, whether it’s a single, double, triple, or a quad. Jump of any rotations and spins of any level can be awarded GOE ranging from -3 to +3 and this has no direct correlation with the number of rotations/number of level features.   

With that, let’s move on to look at the 3 basic spin positions and some of their more popular variations.

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heres a doodle of Miyo my fire emblem OC- shes a kickass Basara and shes galpals with Kagero ✌️️✌️️✌️️

Coffee Shop AU

Sytry: Welcome, what will be your order.

Dantalion: Coffee.

Sytry: How do you want yor coffee…?

Dantalion: As dark and bitter as my soul.

Sytry: One white chocolate latte coming right away.