loving the moustache


had to take a quick break from commissions/requests to sketch out a rough design for a new d&d character for a campaign my friend is dm’ing for his birthday! he suggested the concept to me because i am, in fact, a bird person (a pigeon whisperer) so this dude is a weird kind of odin. can you tell i kind of based his design off the vagabond, lol

“Poirot understands the frailty of people, their passions, their hopes and their dreams. It’s a characteristic which I think is recognized and admired by viewers the world over.”
- David Suchet, Being Poirot documentary 


“It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within – not without.” - Hercule Poirot

“Aw,” he croons into Dorian’s hair, “listen to you, all happy. Damn. How’d I get so lucky, huh? Pretty little Vint in my bed, kissing me awake.”

“Can I kiss you again?”

“Hell yeah, you can.”

@pieceofkaffas, because woah did I love your beautiful piece of writing that is “Lucky”.

2017-03-02: First Son loves Third Son

Third Son-kun being played by First Son❤️
Doesn’t seem to care though💦

Your oniichan loves you,
you know~❤️

Moustache pacifier😍
There are so may cute baby things❗️

Tried my best to humor him while we’re in the bath,
but Third Son-kun not having much of a reaction❤️

His “What is this old man doing?” face
still cute❤️