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“Who are you? Sarge, there’s some French gent at the door.”


The Murder on the Orient Express cast is everything


Toby Stephens and Gillian Anderson for A Doll’s House


What Happens When You Remember Two Of Your Favourite Redheads People Did A Play Together

During Jack and Shitty’s first year, there were a couple of drunken making out sessions. As in Shitty was drunk and once in a while, surprised kissed Jack to be sure- reeeaaaaaally sure he wasn’t a little bit queer. Because if you’re not gay for Jack Zimmermann, you’re not gay at all. 

(Jack came back from that year with amazing reflexes and a love/hate relationship for moustached kisses.)


“We felt that his vanity was not so much a peacock vanity but a vanity of precision.”

There’s a sequence in which the detective insists upon eating only perfectly sized boiled eggs; costume designer Alexandra Byrne used that same “slightly O.C.D., perfectionist streak veering slightly into the world of the luxurious” when dreaming up his outfits. "For an Englishman of the period” - or a Belgian living in the U.K., like Poirot - “the most important thing was that you were true to your class; you did not dress outside it. Poirot was a police inspector. He would have been making a good living, but he would have been upper-middle class, not upper class, and so would dress accordingly.” - Murder on the Orient Express costume designer Alexandra Byrne on Poirot’s clothes [x]


Beautiful Poirot sequence for Murder on the Orient Express official promo [x]

“Set the Record Straight” LGBT Screenplay available for download

Alright everyone, it’s here! 1,200 people expressed interest in this screenplay and I’ll tag all of you below the cut. If you end up downloading this story, please, please, please leave a review! I have 2 more feature-length LGBT scripts I want to publish and your feedback and support is invaluable in this process.

I wrote this script in September of 2016 but decided to publish it after the Harvey Weinstein scandal came to light. The story focuses on the manipulation by a male-dominated Hollywood and how women are mere pawns in the industry. 

You don’t need a Kindle to read this story – it will work on any device you have as long as you use the Amazon app.

On another note, I made this story with BBC Sherlock’s format in mind. Hidden inside “Set the Record Straight” are 15 pieces of deliberate subtext/symbolism. They deal with LGBT history, feminism, and sexuality. If you enjoy TJLC in the Sherlock fandom OR if you enjoyed the dissection of texts in your literature classes, then this game is made for you. Throughout the month of November I will moderate my version of the Sherlockian Game, which I have dubbed “Ravenna’s Game”. Tweet me using #ravennasgame with each piece of symbolism you find – each tweet will stand for one of the fifteen. This is how a tweet should look:  

Now, obviously, I haven’t used Moffat’s code from Sherlock – the tweet here is just an example.

If you can tweet me at https://twitter.com/paigermitchell all 15 pieces of subtext/symbolism in the month of November, I will enter you in a drawing for Amazon gift cards. The more people who play, the more gift cards I can award!

My goal is 300 reviews on Amazon. Think you can help this LGBT script out-rank all those smut Omegaverse fics in the Amazon store?? Reblog to spread the word! I look forward to hearing from you! https://t.co/6aU2D0TK0K

The game is on!

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Kenneth Branagh on the Agatha Christie Estate asking him THE question about Murder on the Orient Express - 2017 Britannia Awards, Oct 28 2017 [x]

Branagh: “We knew Poirot’s mustache was a sort of critical visual and a chance to mark this as a new departure. It is his superpower. It’s his people-tester: Why would you take that guy seriously? And then suddenly he’s got you by the throat.” [x]

had to take a quick break from commissions/requests to sketch out a rough design for a new d&d character for a campaign my friend is dm’ing for his birthday! he suggested the concept to me because i am, in fact, a bird person (a pigeon whisperer) so this dude is a weird kind of odin. can you tell i kind of based his design off the vagabond, lol