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Excuse me, do you know if there's any way someone in South America can watch the first live?

Unfortunately, your options are limited to the following:

  1. Travel to Japan or a country that has a Live Viewing to watch the concert.
  2. Wait for the Blu-ray to come out.

This goes for any region that did not receive a Live Viewing ヽ(゚、。)ノ


Got ourselves a big reveal - that being various products that appear in the 3rd quarter catalog!

First off is Ex-Aid’s final form - using the special Hyper Muteki Gashat, which goes on top of the Gamer Driver’s central display, he obtains the Muteki Gamer form! No, I did not catch what level it was but I’m sure that will come. It’s very shiny.

Next up is… Kamen Rider Poppy?! Yes, the lovely mascot Poppy Pipopapo appears to be getting her own belt, transforming with the Tokimeki Crisis Gashat. And she looks delightful.

Kamen Rider Para-DX decides to mix things up by using the previously released Gashat Gear Dual in a Gamer Driver to achieve the Perfect Knock Out Gamer Lv.99 form! With it, a new weapon in the form of the Gashacon Para-BlaGun.

Last but not least, another belt comes our way in the form of the Buggle Driver II, which comes with the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat. The Rider using this could be Genm considering the references to Chronicle in the show, but it specifically says this Rider is named Kamen Rider Chronos (クロノス / Kuronosu). Also, Kamen Rider Poppy transforms using the same type of belt.

I suppose usually the final form is in the 3rd quarter catalogs, so the last thing we should expect for 4th quarter is an image or two regarding content that will be in the summer movie… Which we’ll probably see anywhere from 3-6 months from now. That should sate y’all who keep asking when toy catalog scans happen - be patient.


Alright so today we have some mons that have been chilling in my boxes for a while, just never got around to doing an actual giveaway with them. So here we go.

Honey Bun, Female, Lv. 100, Love Ball

  • Thunder Shock
  • Thunderbolt
  • Psyshock
  • Psychic

Komala, Male, Lv. 1, Love Ball

  • Charm
  • Play Rough
  • Sing
  • Wish

Smeargle, Male, Lv. 100, Love Ball (I really like Love Balls okay)

  • Recycle
  • Recover
  • Icicle Spear
  • False Swipe

(Smeargle is meant for shiny hunting purposes, if you like doing it the SOS chaining way, it’s holding a Leppa Berry)


To get these Pokemon:

  • Deposit a MALE Pikipek into the GTS. I will only take Pikipek and they’re easy to find on Route 1 also only males show up in the GTS.
  • Name the Pikipek: Arke to let me know you’re participating in my giveaway.
  • I do not hold Pokemon.
  • Sending me an ask about how long you’ve been in the GTS will not make me move faster. 
  • Also, if you’ve followed all the rules correctly you should get traded quickly. No need to send me an ask saying you’ve deposited.
  • I have 60 of each, once I run out I will call the giveaway as closed. Do not send me an ask asking how many I have left, I’ll let you know when I run out of something.
  • Giveaway will last for however long since I ain’t got nothing to do today.
  • Do not double dip. Calm your tits. You should be able to get all of the Pokemon.

Good Luck.

So dissapointed

of all the things, aging Frisk up disappoints me the most. you could have them as a doctor, a lawyer, FBI, CIA, military, a police officer with LV…OR A FUCKING ASTRONAUT.  Yeah yall are too busy putting frisk into a pair that you dont think about the possibilities! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH AN ADULT FRISK BESIDES SHIPPING! (Though don’t get me wrong, shipping can certainly be a part if you wish.)

but picture an astronaut Frisk who takes Sans to the moon, THE FUCKING MOON, WITH SANS, WHO LOVES OUTER SPACE. you could make the trip romantic OR platonic. but it’s a beautiful moment either way! 

make frisk a doctor that gets taught green magic by Papyrus or Toriel! and she becomes the best doctor.

make frisk a police officer with LV, how do you think Sans would react? what would be different? SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!

and TO you sans x Frisk shippers,  I challenge yall to make a fic or some art ( I f you are so inclined) where you dont age frisk up JUST to have them date Sans, but to also explore the possibilities of an adult Frisk. hell, when you do, let me know! bc that would be really interesting!

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Were you not aware that killing people is illegal and, let's face it, kinda rude?

*M-Monsters weren’t as d-docile back th-then… a-and, as h-horrible as it s-sounds, we a-all had r-reasons. B-But!! I m-mean, w-we’re kids!! I-Impressionable kids w-who d-didn’t know what th-they were doing! W-We were attacked a-and we d-defended ourselves! P-Plus, d-don’t you know w-what LV d-does to the b-body? 

“L-LOVE is an a-acronym. It s-stands for ‘L-Level of V-Violence.’ A way of measuring someone’s c-capacity to hurt. T-The more you kill, the easier it becomes to d-distance yourself. The m-more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. T-The more easily you can b-bring yourself to hurt others.“ S-Someone t-told me th-that…

Name: Squxee (pronounced Squeeze)
Gender: Predominantly Male
Height: 5.4 inches
LV: 1 EXP: 0 HP: 30
Soul/Magic Color: Forest Green
Powers: *mouth blaster *talk to animals *teleport *can see in the dark
Diet: Nuts, Berries, and Milk
Heat: Sub, once a month for three days
Personality: Very shy and timid. But once you gain their trust, they are loyal and clingy. They are hyper by nature and are often found running or climbing about. They love nature and animals, but also will do well in domestic areas so long as they have plenty of room. They usually bond to their owner in a similar way a child bonds to their mother. They enjoy climbing all over you and following you where ever you go. They are very obidiant, but can be easily distracted, so keep an eye on them. They love to help you, but can get a little overzelious when doing so. No matter their age, they act childish. They want nothing more than to be cuddled and loved by those they trust. And should they find a mate, they mate for life. They can easily become over emotional and to not take well to shouting. Be sure to love on them after scolding them so they don’t feel unwanted. They also are very intune to their owner’s/mate’s emotions and try to cheer them up in any way they can.
Likes: *nature *climbing *treats *playing hide and seek *cuddles *their owner *being pet *grooming their tail and ears *burrowing *collecting/hoarding *animals
Dislikes: *wearing pants *small spaces *strangers *bright lights *loud noises *being squeezed (go figure) *corn and peanuts (poison) *being called a rat
Other: They climb just like a squirrel and seem to have a few of it’s mannerisms. They even chitter and hop to get about. They also have a lisp when talking that they never grow out of. Their voice is always high pitched. Unlike other Xee types, they are not yandere. They do however imprint to their parents and can imprint to their mate. They can not grow in size but do grow in strength. Meaning if raised well, they could easily pick up a full grown human. When they find their mate, their tail forms into the shape of a heart.

It’s not only from the same line (Kim Jones spring 2016 for LV), it’s the exact same pattern with the panther and the flowers. 

It’s just no way this is not a tribute to Zayn even if they both got a deal with LV. Zayn’s on Louis Vuittons instagram in that jacket. It’s one of his only public appearances since he left 1D, and it’s the most widely published. 

I love this.

August 31, 1987: Michael Jackson released his seventh studio album, BAD.

Shortly after it’s release Bad started its six-week run on top the US album chart in that small time it managed to achieve five No. 1 singles. The singles that reached the top were “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” “Bad,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana.” No other artist had been able to beat that level of success until Katy Perry matched his record in 2010 with her album Teenage Dream.

Michael Jackson was nominated for six Grammy Awards after the release of Bad, “Album of the Year”, “Best Pop Vocal Performance – Male” and “Best R&B Vocal Performance – Male” as well as “Record of the Year” for “Man in the Mirror” that following year. In the end Bad won Grammy’s for “Best Engineered Recording” and “Best Music Video Short Form” for “Leave Me Alone” in 1990. 

(Leave Me Alone wasn’t included in the original release of BAD, but was later released on the CD version then LP.)

And during all this time BAD World tour ended up breaking world records. 

One for a record-setting revenue of over $124 million made during the tour.

The other for most successful concert series which sold out seven nights at Wembley Stadium in London in1988 with a total of 504,000 fans attending the shows.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified Bad nine time platinum for having shipped nine million copies in the United States alone. Internationally, Bad was commercially successful. In the United Kingdom the album sold 500,000 copies in its first five days of release, and as of 2008 is certified 13× platinum, for sales of 3.9 million, making it Michael’s second biggest-selling album in the United Kingdom.

Happy 28th Birthday BAD…..~

Thank you to all the amazing people who worked on the album, (Thanks to wikipedia for the long list!) 

  • Sounds engineered: Ken Caillat and Tom Jones
  • Percussion: Paulinho da Costa, Ollie E. Brown
  • Keyboards: Stefan Stefanovic
  • Saxophones: Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams
  • Synclavier keyboards, digital guitar and rubboard: Christopher Currell
  • Synthesizers: John Barnes, Michael Boddicker, Greg Phillinganes, Christopher Currell, Rhett Lawrence, David Paich
  • Piano: John Barnes
  • Rhythm arrangement: Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Christopher Currell
  • Horn arrangement: Jerry Hey
  • Synthesizer programming: Larry Williams, Eric Persing, Steve Porcaro
  • Midi saxophone solo: Larry Williams.

The Soulless Pacifist ending could also drastically change LV 1 Chara’s motives for Reseting from “I want to Reset because the only way I can be "alive" again is if I’m sharing a Soul with Frisk while they’re in the Underground” to

“I have to Reset because a max LOVE version of myself from another timeline has hijacked Frisk's Soul and is hecking everything up on the surface.”

Undertale Symbolic Starters

Send me one of these and my muse will say something about…

☮ - world peace

✿ - flowey 

✈ - their stats

♋ - the war between monsters and humans


☯ - life & death 

♥ - love 

✌ - LV 

✖ - sparing others 

☢ - jerry

☣ - monster rights on the surface 

☤ - a time they were injured badly 

❥ - unrequited affection (platonic, romantic, anything) 

❦ - monster food

❧ - human food 

♡ - the existence of destiny or fate 

✘ - their most difficult FIGHT 

Ω - their deepest fears 

♠ - their greatest lie 

♣ - a time they restrained themselves from violence 

♢ - your EXP 

♤ - your LV 

♡ - your ATK 

♧ - your DF 

✦ - their day 

♔ - their hopes 

♕ - their dreams 

♚ - their most tragic memory 

♛ - their most beautiful memory 

★ - their greatest impossible wish 

☽ - their first sleepover 

☼ - their favorite way to start the day 

☀ - asgore’s reign

☁ - their job 

☂ - your safety 

☃ - their favorite weather 

☺ - their least favorite weather 

♪ - their singing voice 

♫ - their favorite lullaby 

♬ - shyren songs 

✉ - handwritten letters 


Yeah!! (the perks of being an art major appear)

To start the SOUL is the core element of your being, so the color and the meaning, mean a lot, what is important to the human, whats important to the monsters?

Red; Determination, Stick, Bandage, Worn Dagger, Real Knife and The Locket

Red is a color for violence, passion excitement, energy, and love. Red is the color of the soul when not changed by a boss monster.  Obviously violence and passion can be accompanied to the Dagger and Knife (some LV too lol)  The Stick and Bandage kind of go with excitement and energy. You’ve just started the game!! its fun, go explore with these items. The Locket is passion and love. Its right where it belongs. At the end of the game, think of all the friends you’ve made along the way. You never gained LV, but love. Or you gained a whole lotta LV.

The  rest continued under the cut because it got very long

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