loving that shirt


Newcrest’s Chronicles - Season 5 | Ep. 27: … in the city

stsciurussimblr a dit : Hmmmm… Stuart’s away, you say?

Yes! :p Well he has to be away, otherwise Julien wouldn’t spend a whole day woth John.

storybooksimblr a dit : love. each. other.

neutralsupply a dit : yeeey

storybooksimblr a dit : my babiesssss

I couldn’t let them away from each other. They’re soulmate.

blackaccipiter a dit : I love that t-shirt tho. (That t-shirt with “ lets get naked ” with banana pic ) 

It was made by @insoillumsims. You should find it in his dowload page. :)

stsciurussimblr a dit : Finally! I’m still worried about Stuart, though.

boxofsims a dit : I’m so happy for this two :D ,but in same time i’m sad for Stuart

In a few hours, Stuart will be in the new episode. Just sayin’.

Sims Street

official-simmerholic a dit : I’d want this if it were up for download

I’ll try to put it in download here on tumblr, not in the gallery because of the cc.

storybooksimblrccdownloads a ajouté : This is amazing!! So gorgeous!! Love it!!!

Thank you! <3