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How did GTA meg and Buttons meet ??

Heyo! They met at gas station 24/7 store one late night. Buttons was trying to satisfy his munchies and Meg happened to rob that store that night and used Buttons as hostage. He was mesmerized by her skills, attitude and her overall badassery and begged her to take him with her. Meg dumped him when she made her escape.
Buttons got all kinds of sad when he didn’t see her for a week (he looked but had no leads to follow) until he accidentally delivered pizza to her (and her skeleton crew). He kept going back, regardless of where they ordered pizza from. He was a pizza delivery boy at every single pizzeria in town, in case Meg tried to order from a different place to get rid of him.
After a while Meg just went with it and took him in Weezbugs as one of the early members. He was eager, loyal and would do anything asked of him. Needless to say, all pizza places fired him after mass amounts of food started disappearing but by then he was a well established crew member and could pay his rent from robberies and other dirty business they did together.

lmao zelena pulling emma’s arm like “ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!” is literally me

So I’ve never understood the whole, “I’m so bad, I don’t deserve love.” thing. But that’s partially because when I was little I asked my mom, “Do demons fall in love?” and (despite my religion not even having demons) she said yes, and quoted some notable examples.

So if even demons can fall in love and be loved, so can you.

Omfg you guys we actually made the 3M mark today!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all who streamed so much, but please keep streaming individually + through the mass streaming hours, y'all did such an amazing job so far, we cannot slack off right now and let our boys down.

This was just the most important step to further our next goal, which is 5M views and their long awaited win.

Please don’t forget to vote either, we can do it!!!!!!


Come with me, Rin he says …..

But still, Sasuke is 100% my type, so sorry Sakuya … next time I will come with you ;o;

that’s what you feel like
warm, rough, you.
i am so used to the feeling
of your hands on mine
and your eyes on me
that i didn’t recognise this
the way my lungs explode
when you make me laugh
the way i cannot see
anything but you
behind blissed eyes
blessed from seeing another day of you
i smile
i am so used to denying and defending
“just friends”
i could see we had become friends;
ones who find stupid reasons to hug
and sword fight with their fingers
two balls of energy
combining, combusting
sometimes, it feels like we’re one
so different in soul
yet we understand
i can understand your heavy eyes
from a room away
and you can understand
my crazy tears
from years away
why do you have to be so soft?
no fingernails, gentle calloused hands
all smooth skin and pretty hair
you carry yourself so well
leading with leaning limbs
but there are the days where you fall apart
you never tell us much
but we can all see it
i can see it
i hate the weight you burden
i wish i could help
you won’t let me in
i understand
i just want to hug you
tell you i care
i’ve told you you’re not your past
i’ve told you i like you
because you’re a great person
i’ve told you i don’t care who you were then
and you shouldn’t either
because your past doesn’t have to define you
or destroy you
you never believe me
and i don’t know if you ever will
but i hope one day you’ll see
you are worth being loved
you are worth everything you think you’re not
and everything i say you are
and i might not be the one to show you
but i’ll try, i’ll keep trying
because you have helped me
with kind words and kind eyes
and stupid jokes and tear-worthy impressions
you are familiar to me
you make me feel at ease in this world
i just want you to have something
you can call familiar too
—  hal 2017, 24th March, Friday. getting over him

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I'd support you!!!!! But please write Byrne first? It's really good and suspenseful and it's driving me completely insane!!!!! You're a really good writer and I want to see more of the characters you made. And are you going to be writing the ACOTAR story thing? By the looks of things, you have a lot of things on your mind to write. Please pace yourself. .

Omg thank you for your support! 

Byrne is definitely meant to be suspenseful, because for every chapter you get small clues, but it doesnt feel like its going anywhere. Trust me. It is. That took forever to plan, but it’s worth it. Still undecided on when I’m going to write Part Six. 

Which ACOTAR story thing? The re-write? The Next Gen with Caitlin? Which….my god we have so much planned. The Cyrian and Tania Chronicles? 

And….now that someone mentions it, I do have a lot of things on my mind to write. Like…a lot. Wow. I have Cassian x Azriel to write, more of Chiara (and with that comes Tamlin), and then I have….oh my god I still have my ACOTAR universe book I have to write…(is that what you meant?)

Maybe you are right to be concerned, but I do not know how to pace myself. It shall be my downfall.