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thanks to everyone who helped me with this!! it was so much fun and i love all of these!!!!! @dzueni @jununy @dave-corp @kitzup @thespacemaid @stridersart @pancakemolybdenum @daveaj <3

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Fairies, Fairies, Fairies ✨❤

“You scare me,” she whispers into his sleeping chest. It was strange that this unexpected man was unlocking all the emotions she swore she’d never open again. “You might just be the one that makes everything ok, someone that might not leave when things get too hard. Someone that makes me truly happy. So for someone who’s been plagued with darkness for so long that she sees it as a fond friend, it’s terrifying that you’re going to pull me into the light.”
His reply was steady breathing and to shift in his sleep, squeezing her a little closer to his chest.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// while he was sleeping

tbh I think the secret of every coloring on gifs (specially pastel coloring) is maintaining the black color in high values, making everything as pastel-ish as you want but not messing with the black

I used to add exposure and increase the “offset” value because I wanted everything to look pastel-ish but then I read/watched (idk) somewhere about different coloring techniques and this was a point of it (if I remembered where I saw it I would link it ugh) and I started doing so with my gifs and tbh I like them waay more now than before -of course that also depends on you and if you like it that way or not.

Also I don’t think it’s necessary to keep the black in high values in every part of your gif but it should always be kept on the main element of it. If there are objects in the background that I don’t want to stand out as much then I just downgrade the values of black color on them, by example in the first gif I could had lowered the values of black in the frame of the wall (let’s be honest I didn’t do it because as I was reading this photoshop crashed) and just keep it on their clothes and hair, it wouldn’t had made a remarkable difference in this case given that the frame is incredibly tiny, but in gifs with bigger background elements it would had probably made a better effect.

A practice picture bc I freaking thought shading was possible and it’s NOT. But I love these two.

kingcuttlefishcomics  asked:

I recently found your art & I like your style. How long have you been drawing Eddsworld?

Hey thank you!!

I only first found out about eddsworld with the release of “mirror mirror” so my first fanart was done within a few months of that (fall 2015ish)

(here it is!)

I didn’t draw much if any more eddsworld stuff between then and when I started posting again here though~