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ramblingsofanaspiringperson  asked:

Has Mina realized she can guilt people into giving her treats/toys? Does she try this on strangers?

Something truly beautiful about Mina to me is how she is functionally guileless. She doesn’t guilt, she doesn’t trick, she just has complete, unflappable confidence in herself. If you have a treat, of COURSE you’re going to give it to her! If there’s a toy, NATURALLY you want to play with her!

This is Mina’s world. Of this, Mina is utterly certain.

Puppy Love Pt.13


When I hear the door opening, I go pale, thinking it’s Ryan or Becca. I breathe a sigh of relief when I turn and see that it’s just Callie.

“Uh,” she stutters as she eyes me and Amelia in our compromising situation, “Your boyfriend is looking for you, Shepherd…your other boyfriend…”

Amelia doesn’t answer, gently pushing me to the side so she can come off the table I had her propped up on. Her cheeks are red with embarrassment and arousal, just like mine. Once she leaves the room, Callie looks at me condescendingly.

“Really, Owen?” she seeks to confirm, “You’re really trying to do this with her?”

“I didn’t plan to do this,” I defend.

“You’re taking advantage of her,” she tells me as she leaves, “You need to stop.” Her words sink into me, making me feel guilty about the entire situation, finally. But there’s another feeling too, though, a feeling stronger than the guilt.

I broke up with Rebecca the night after what transpired with me and Amelia. I told her it was because I was in a really bad state in life right now, but I truthfully just couldn’t continue to date her when I knew I wanted someone else. Amelia and I didn’t speak for a week after that night. I couldn’t take the longing glances and averted gazes. Every night I’d go for a run to try and clear my mind, but it’d only fog it more. I couldn’t think clearly.

I knock on her door for almost three minutes before she answers. The loud music I hear on the other side gets lower and I hear the door unlocking.

“What are you doing here, Owen?” she groans when she realises it’s me behind her door. The sun has almost set and I’m in my running clothes; Sato is accompanying me. Her dog appears from behind and happily sniffs at me and my dog.

“I…” I had this huge ‘let’s be friends again’ speech planned out, but just seeing her has made my mind go blank.

Amelia sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, using her leg to push Riley back into the house before he can go too far. “Please leave.”

“We should talk,” I manage to force out of my mute mouth.

“I don’t want to talk,” she quickly says, laughing to herself, “It’s never just a talk with you.”

“This is just a talk,” I assure her, “I promise.” Do I?

She stuffs her hands in the pocket of her Harvard hoodie and, after much consideration, steps to the side and lets me in. “Ten minutes.”

“I’m sorry,” I say the second the door closes, “I took advantage of you and I shouldn’t have.” She raises the volume of the music playing before we venture into the kitchen and I let Sato off her leash.

“You didn’t take advantage of me,” she corrects me, “It was my decision as much as it was yours.”

“Still,” I say, unsure of what else to apologise for; I’m not really sorry for much of what I did, “Can we maybe go back to the way things were before?”

She smiles but shakes her head. “It’s not going to be the same; you know that.”

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe we can work something out?” I sigh. “I miss my best friend.”

“I miss mine too,” she says in a small voice. She nervously shifts her weight from one foot to the other for a bit before walking over to me. Her arms wrap around my torso and her head rests against my chest and, for the first time in the last week and a half, I feel whole again, almost like I was holding my breath and she just released it. I wrap my arms around her upper back and feel her relax into my touch. We stay like that for a couple minutes before I feel her pull away. Our matching blues meet and the look she gives me says it all. I cup her face and brush my thumb against her cheek as I look at her. Her eyes drift to my lips and, before I can stop her, if I even wanted to, we’re kissing in her kitchen. It starts off slow, almost like she’s still deciding if she should be doing this, but then it becomes aggressive and passionate as she wraps her hands around my neck.  I lift her onto the kitchen island, not breaking our kiss for even a moment. Her fingers move through my hair like a comb, scratching soothingly at it, and my body instantly responds, pushing my quick growing erection against her. My hands squeeze her ass eagerly before moving under her hoodie.  Her legs link around my torso as my hands explore the bare skin of her breasts for the first time. I moan in her mouth as I squeeze them, too caught up in the moment to realise someone has lowered the volume of the music. Someone clears their throat and I freeze. I turn around, but I don’t recognise the person standing in front of us.

“I brought Chinese, Amy,” the man says, smiling suspiciously, “I hope you don’t mind.” We untangle ourselves from each other and she comes off the table.

“That’s fine,” she answers quietly. I can tell she’s extremely nervous, which means this person probably isn’t supposed to know about what’s just happened.

“I thought you said Ryan had dark hair?” the man queries as he holds his hand out towards me, “Christopher Shepherd.”

“He does,” Amelia answers sheepishly.

Christopher, her father I assume, furrows his eyebrows at her before it dawns upon him. “Oh…”

“Amelia, I got the wine,” Ryan calls as he enters the house, “When’s your dad- oh.” He observes the three of us awkwardly standing in the kitchen. “Mr. Shepherd,” he says as he sticks his hand out to Amelia’s dad, “I’m Ryan.” As they shake hands, Ryan eyes me, a sort of insecurity in his gaze, almost like he’s catching on to what’s going on between me and Amelia.

“So this is Ryan,” Christopher shadily announces.

“Well, I should be leaving now,” I say, trying to make my exit.

“No!” Christopher says, smiling cheekily at me, “You should stay for dinner. I’d love to know how you know my daughter.” He takes my hand in a tight, painful grip and shakes it. I inaudibly gulp.

The dinner was painfully awkward, to put it mildly. Thankfully, Amelia’s dad hadn’t said anything about what he witnessed earlier, but I’m sure he’ll definitely be eating into her later about it once Ryan is out of earshot.

“Amelia…” I mutter as she lets me out her apartment.

“He’s not gonna tell, don’t worry,” she assures me, “This isn’t the first time he’s…well…never mind.”

I narrow my eyes at her, analysing her choice in words. Or lack, thereof. “So this is your thing then?”

“What?” she asks.

“Cheating,” I answer for her, “You were about to say this isn’t the first time he’s caught you cheating on your boyfriend.”


“Am I wrong?”

She leans against the doorframe and sighs, “No, but this is different.”

“How is this any different to what you’ve been clearly doing your entire life?” I ask, folding my arms across my chest.

She opens her mouth to say something but then decides against it. Instead, she averts her eyes and says, “I love Ryan.”

I scoff and laugh, looking down at my running shoes. “If you love him, then why are you doing this to him?”

She looks at me now, her cheeks pink like she’s about to explode from holding something in. “Because I love you.” My gaze softens at her declaration while she closes her eyes, clearly regretting what she said. “And I don’t know who…which one of you…”

“You don’t know who you love more,” I finish for her, “Who to choose.” I sigh and release my arms from its tight fold across my chest. “Well you need to figure it out, because you can’t date the both of us.”

“I know, I know,” she moans, pinching the bridge of her nose like she always does when she feels something’s about to give her a headache. She looks up at me again, her eyes watering, innocent and vulnerable. “Will we still be friends if I choose Ryan?”

I smirk and sigh. “I can’t be friends with someone I’m in love with.” I lean over and press a kiss to the top of her head and as I’m about to pull away, I feel her arms circle around my neck as she hugs me.

The next time I see her is the day after. She’s clearly in a mess over whatever transpired last night between her and her father, so I take her to the vents, the place I go when I’m falling apart, and she ends it with me, obviously having chosen Ryan. It hurts me knowing that she chose him, but I can’t do anything about it. After all, she belonged to him; I was just the secret.

She misses work the next day and when I call, she doesn’t answer. Sometime in the night, I get a call from an unknown number. To my surprise, it’s Amelia. Her voice sounds so soft and broken as she tells me she’s been arrested.