loving phelps

not to like, get Emo over Sport like some sort of lame ass, but….to get Emo over Sport for a moment, the era in which we live is genuinely incredible, like we have witnessed the greatest of human achievement time and time again, we have watched Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and Roger Federer become 3 of the greatest male sports stars of all time, we have seen Serena Williams become the best female tennis player of all time, arguably the best tennis player of all time full stop, definitely the best female athlete of all time, we have seen Katie Ledecky win more world championships than any other female swimmer in history and all before she’d turned 20, Simone Biles is out there being actually super human in gymnastics,  in the UK we watched as Andy Murray became the greatest tennis player in our history, like, this post has no real point I just think it’s incredible to see how much human beings are capable of 


University of Michigan Athletes - Tom Brady, Dylan Larkin, & Michael Phelps

Hail to the Victors!


These aren’t the best of screenshots but I never noticed this: I’m watching The Goblet Of Fire and this is the scene right after Fred and George are making fun of Ron for his admiration of Krum at the Quidditch World Finals and the Death Eaters are arriving. In the first screenshot you can make out Ginny following behind one of the twins which is found to be George after Arthur tells him he’s responsible for Ginny’s safety. Moving onto screenshot two you see him grab onto her to protect her. I love everything about the Weasley twins and how they had to basically make a name for themselves. Their own family couldn’t tell them apart sometimes. The twins are much more than just jokesters and in this moment, I think you see them as the protective and greatness that older siblings have for their younger siblings. I love the Weasley twins ❤️