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One of my very special new barbie items has just arrived 😍 Barbie as the princess and the pauper snow globe which plays Written in your heart from the movie 💖 How precious and beautiful is this!! It looks stunning with my barbie rapunzel snow globes 💞

I think the thing that bothers me the most when people say things like, “How could the Doctor possibly fall in love with Rose? She was just a regular teenage girl and he was this ancient, amazing alien,” is that that, right there, was the ENTIRE point that RTD was trying to make through their relationship. You have this character, the Doctor, who’s been so many places and lived so long and is obviously brilliant, and you start thinking “yeah, he’s the best, he’s better than everyone else, he should only love/associate with people who are on the same level as him.” And then suddenly you have Rose — a lower-class shop girl with no A-levels — and the Doctor falls in love with her.

Rose breaks apart every elitist ideal, completely shatters the entire concept that some people are better than others because of their social status or profession or education or age, and her relationship with the Doctor shows that it isn’t these things that make people equals. Their story touches on what I’d say is one of the main ideas throughout all of Doctor Who ever, which is that every single human being (or alien) has the potential to do amazing things. That great deeds aren’t saved for the upper classes and the intellectuals. That people are equal because they are people, and if anything were able to make someone “better” than someone else, it wouldn’t be class or age or intellect. It would be the choices people make, how they create themselves. It would be kindness and courage, and sometimes cleverness — not book smarts, not education, just plain old ingenuity — all things which Rose has in multitudes and even rivals the Doctor in at times. You go girl. 

The point that Rose and the Doctor’s story makes is that you don’t have to be a certain age or from a certain place or background etc. to be extraordinary and worthy of another, as well as that love has the amazing ability to look past all of those things and see people for who they really are on the inside. I mean, come on, it’s the oldest story in the universe:

  • the princess who falls in love with the pauper 
  • the lady who falls in love with the farm boy
  •  the wealthy estate owner who falls in love with the woman of modest means

And you only have to look to real life to see that love looks past age too. So of course an ancient, time-traveling alien can fall in love with a young shop girl. Of course a woman with more compassion than the ocean could hold can fall in love with a man who’s killed billions. Because love looks at what matters. It’s really good at that. And if you think otherwise, you’re missing out on the entire message the Doctor has been trying to tell us for the last fifty plus years. And in that case, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Missing: Part Nine

This is SHIT but here the fuck we go!

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“I think I may have an idea,” Sawyer said, seeming nervous and unsure.

“What is it?” Roman asked.

“Well,” Sawyer began. They paused, reluctant to go on with their idea. They took a deep breath and continued. “Aubrey’s favorite movie ever is Princess and the Pauper. She loves it even more than any Disney movie. She watches it like twice a day and knows the whole thing by heart. She could never resist singing the songs. And I doubt Distortion knows any of them.”

“So we should ask them both to sing a song from the movie and whoever actually knows a song is the real Aubrey?” Roman said.

“No. If we tell Distortion the movie, I’m afraid she’ll somehow find a song from it. It’s best if…” Sawyer trailed off, biting their dip. “It’d be best if I…” They took another deep breath. “If I sang the song, and she sings the other part.”

The real Aubrielle watched nervously as Roman and Sawyer whispered to each other. She tried to come up with some sort of way to prove she was the real deal but came up with nothing. She was starting to lose hope when…

“And you’re always free to begin again and you’re always free to believe.” The voice was familiar and the Aubrey would’ve thought it to be her own. She looked at the faulty Aubrey, thinking she had started to sing, but the other’s mouth was shut. It obviously wasn’t Roman. That only left…

“When you find the place that your heart belongs you’ll never leave,” Sawyer sang, their voice surprisingly beautiful. All this time, everyone thought that only Aubrey could sing as well as August could since she was where they got their love for singing and the other’s have admitted they aren’t as good, but that was proven completely false by the gorgeous voice Sawyer had—one identical to her own.

“You and I will always be celebrating life together,” Aubrey started to sing, revealing the other as Distortion. Sawyer gave her a small smile, one that grew upon hearing Aubrey’s wording of the next line. “I have found someone to love forever more.”

“Love is like a melody, one that I will always treasure,” Sawyer sang in return. “Courage is the key that opens every door.”

Behind them, Distortion changed back to her real form, scowling as the two continued their duet.

“Though you may not know where your gifts may lead and it may not show at the start when you live your dream, you’ll find destiny is written in your heart,” they finished in unison.

Distortion growled at them, but then remembered she had something else up her sleeve.

“You might have figured this out, but your friends are still in troub—” she began but was cut off.

“Though you may not know where your gifts may lead,” five voices chorused. Roman,   Aubrey, Sawyer, and Distortion turned to them, finding it was their missing friends.

“And it may not show at the start,” Roman, Aubrey, and Sawyer joined in. “When you live your dream, you’ll find destiny is written in your heart.” The three ran towards the other five, reuniting with hugs and laughter.

“How did you defeat my monster?” Distortion yelled.

“Oh! That’s right!” Piper said, turning to Roman. “You dropped your sword.” They turned to Distortion, clicking their tongue and pointing finger guns at her along with a wink.

“No! This isn’t over yet!” Distortion shouted.

“Give it up! You’ve already attacked us to monsters and captured the ones we loved most and we’re still here!” Roman said proudly.

“The one you love most?” Virgil repeated quietly. Roman turned to him and smiled, taking his hands and bringing them to his lips. He kissed his knuckles, then lowered his hands, still holding them.

“You are the one,” he said. Virgil’s face turned a deep red.

“I-I… You-I… I mean, well,” Virgil stammered. After a few more moments of stumbling over his words, he just sighed in defeat and pressed his lips against Roman’s. “You’re the one for me to…” Roman’s face lit up and he pulled him in for another kiss.

“Aww,” Pansy said, putting her hands over her mouth to hide her squeals. Suddenly, she froze. “Wait… does that mean…” She turned to Piper.

“Yes, it does mean that,” Piper said, taking the other’s hands.

“And does that mean..?” Patton asked, turning to Logan, who nodded.

“And I already know what that means,” Aubrey said, leaning down to kiss Sawyer.

“There is just so much love at one time, I think I’m going to faint,” Pansy said, tears forming in her eyes. “Everyone is just… ahhh!”

“Not everyone,” Roman said, looking at Distortion, who had sunk to her knees. Sawyer saw this and started to walk over to her. Patton did the same. They stopped in front of her, both offering a hand to help her up. She looked at them in confusion but reluctantly took their hands.

“Every trait belongs to someone,” Roman said assuringly. “Including you.”

“And I’m pretty sure I know who you belong to,” Sawyer added.


Everyone turned to Pansy in surprise.

“I just realized that the only one controlling August,” she explained.

“Oh, shit!”

Their shock doubled at Patton’s sudden outcry.

“Yo…” Piper whispered, bewildered by the ‘don’t swear’ traits curses.

“Absolutely no one is controlling Thomas!”

Paige sighed as they sleepily made their way to their office. Once again, it was just them. They sat down in their chair and were surprised to find August was already awake. They checked the sight screen and saw August was scrolling through Tumblr instead of getting breakfast. And they were never so happy about that.

Paige rushed out of their office and into Sawyer’s. They found the sarcastic trait sitting in their chair as if it were any other day.

“You’ve returned!” Paige exclaimed, running over to hug them.

“Yup,” Sawyer said, awkwardly hugging back. “And so has everyone else.”

“I’m so relieved,” Paige sighed before leaving to go see the others.

Sawyer smiled as they watched Janet, Distortion’s person, perform an array of fascinating magic tricks through the sight screen. August was sitting in the crowd, watching her excitedly.
There was a knock at their door and Aubrey stepped inside.

“What are you doing here?” Sawyer asked as Aubrey leaned down and planted a kiss on their cheek.

“I wanted to watch with you,” she said kneeling down next to them. “I also wanted to know if you wanted to watch Princess and the Pauper with me tonight.”



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     — —       Thirteen was unlike the other Primes. His type was warrior, a physical adept, with leadership and intellectual fortitude of kings. Where Megatronus was riddled with contradiction, Thirteen had no such troubles and was perhaps as a result far lesser in ego than any of the other late Primes. At this time of our making he was quiet and dutiful, obedient to Prime’s commands and dedicated to assisting those who required it. He was like Prime’s second, but unlike the rest he had no special object or weapon associated with him, taking up only those lesser tools crafted by Solus, and his armor, as he was instructed. This would seem odd if we did not all know that his true purpose was a mediator and visionary.

     Thirteen was an inspirational speaker and a deep thinker with a calm soul. His steady, perceptive nature meant he was well liked, and he pulled his own weight. He used to comfort others in times of stress with a friendly hand on their shoulder and the words,

                                                              ❝All are one.❞

There was a contented light in him that made us believe it. Even Megatronus would be calmed this way when he came in from one of his great battle rages, foaming with his puissance and resentment. Thirteen united us. Without his influence we would have fallen into disarray far sooner.

              — Alpha Trion
                The Covenant of Primus, pg 15

                             [ writing by justina robson; art by ken christainsen ]

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