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Devotional Artwork: Watercolor

Loki, Norse God of Chaos

I was in need of distraction from a depressive/anxiety spell and focusing on Loki helped tremendously. I put a lot into this painting of Him and I smile every time I look at it. Thanks for always being there for me, Loki. You are my fortress and I am grateful to have you in my life.

Imagine Tom playing truth or dare with an interviewer

Interviewer- Well the internet want you to play truth or dare Tom, are you up for it?

Tom- Sure…

Interviewer- Okay, truth or dare?


Interviewer- @fangirl78 asks did you used to stalk your now wife y/n on social media?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- *begins sniggering* wow thank you for your honesty

Tom- you’re welcome *laughs to himself*

Interviewer- truth or dare?

Tom- I’ll go truth again…

Interviewer- @princesslaurea asks have you ever slept with someone on the first date?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- Wow, does y/n know? *he begins laughing again*

Tom- I hope so, she was there *a huge grin dawns on his face*

Interviewer- Again thanks for the honesty, guess Tom isn’t as innocent as we all thought….

Midnight Visitor

I was up late writing a few nights ago and I wrote a Loki x Reader. It reminds me of Happy, which was the first thing I ever wrote. I hope you guys love it. If you do, tell me or ask me to write a second part because Im honestly thinking about it. Enjoy!


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A cool breeze drifted across my face as I snuggled deeper into the velvety blankets. The warmth of my plush mattress enveloped me, forming the perfect contrast of comfortable heat. I could hear the sloshing of cars driving on the watered down roads through my cracked open window. Rain gently trickled off my roof, creating a steady rhythm that lulled me to sleep.

A clap of thunder woke me up, and illuminated the room for a split second before fading back to darkness. “God” I breathed, trying to control my pulse. “Not quite.” said a soft voice that blended in effortlessly with the falling rain. I turned and saw the shadowed outline of Loki sitting in my window frame. A smile sprung to my face as I lifted the heavy covers and helped him inside.

I pulled his thin frame into a hug, breathing in his refreshing scent of pine and chocolate. “What are you doing here.” I asked into his silk shoulder. He rested his hands on my waist, the coolness seeping through my thin top. “I needed a place to stay for the night, that wasn’t so critical.” He answered. I nodded sympathetically, rubbing my cheek against him.

Loki was staying with the Avengers in Stark towers. Thor had placed him there to ensure he was being watched by the worlds strongest babysitters while he drifted back and forth between Asgard and Earth. The team had tried their best to welcome Loki, but I could tell that they were all still angry. I had offered him to stay at my apartment, as It was only a short drive away from the tower, but the entire team refused. I could see why.

From the moment I met Loki, I fell in love. Sure it wasn’t the most convenient time or place but I liked to think that I saw the best in people. So while the team saw an insane lunatic threatening to level the city, I saw a broken man who desperately needed to be noticed. After the battle, we became friends, then a little more than friends; but we never told the rest of the Avengers. They didn’t trust Loki around a butter knife, so we knew that they certainly wouldn’t trust the god of lies with me.

A raindrop slid from the edge of my window and fell into a puddle with a hushed blop. I released Loki from my hug, withdrawing my hands from around his neck. “You’re always welcome to stay here Loki.” I whispered, pressing my forehead to his. He stared lovingly into my eyes, causing me to blush. I pulled away, and took his hand leading him to the bed.

I lifted the heavy covers from one side of the mattress and pushed them to the other. I slid to the side of the bed draped in velvety blankets, while Loki took the side without. I cocooned myself before reaching out for his cool hand in the dark. He grasped my hand and pulled me towards him resting his chin on top of my head; as the wind picked up, rustling the crunchy leaves of nearby trees. The gentle thunk of raindrops against my sealed window formed a new rhythm. I felt a smile grow on my face as I listened to the sound of the night with Loki by my side.


for @lgbtincomics’s pride month challenge 2017

Day 7: a character that represents you (the same lgbt+ identity) (and) a character you identify with (in terms of personality) - Loki (YA/AOA)

“I’m me. First, last, and always.”

american gods: a summary
  • Wednesday: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.

Imagine that someone (in Avengers’ tower perhaps) was able to show Loki a magical mirror which shows the truest wish of the person holding it (a bit like mirror of Erised). It’s supposed to show him how vain and insufferable he is, because everyone thinks it’d depict him on a throne, with all the people kneeling before him. But all that’s shown in the mirror is Frigga with Thor and Odin, surrounded by loved ones and friends, with Loki entirely missing from the happy scene.

Flaws and scars (Loki x reader)

Warnings: none, this is just fluff ;)

Summary: You wake up in Loki’s arms

Note: just something quick i wrote. I’ve been out of ideas lately so yeah, there’s that. English is not my first language, so sorry for the mistakes, and i would love feedback! 

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Slowly you woke up by the light from behind the curtains. You breathed in the air. Loki’s arms were wrapped around you, holding you tightly. He breathed into your hair, still asleep. Easily, you turned to face him, trying not to wake him up.

“What are you doing love?” He asked, startling you.

“I wanted to face you.” You said. He opened his eyes, smiling. He let go of you, so that you were able to move.

“You can put your arms around me again.” You whispered when you had moved. He chuckled and pulled you close. You were inches from each other, and Loki completed them by putting his soft, cold lips on yours. You laid a hand on his bare chest, and felt his heart beat fast. The other was on his bicep, and his cold skin had a warm undertone.

You pulled back from the kiss, needing air, and you smiled wider than you thought you could, which made him smile.

“What Darling?” He asked. You leaned in and placed your head on his chest, still smiling.

“I love you Loki. All your flaws and scars are mine.” He placed his hands on your back, and without he realized, tears welled up in his eyes.

“I love you too (Y/N). You are all for me.”


Still Falling for You - Ellie Goulding