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“I love the intimacy (?) of listening to podcasts, they’re right there, in your ears, and there is only a small fanbase to share them with. I also love the close knit community of podcast creators and seeing them interact. I’m worried that a TV show might destroy the balance that I love for the Bright Sessions. Selfish as it seems, I don’t want the TV show to become popular mainstream media and leave the original intimacy of the podcast and community in the dust.”

I just noticed
In Falsettos, falsetto represents childishness, since boys can hit high notes before puberty
In Tight Knit Family/Love Is Blind, Marvin goes into falsetto during “I want it all”, letting us know early on that his desire is unreasonable, selfish, childish

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What the heck is blocking? -an unseasoned knitter

Hello knitter!

Blocking is what you do to (a) turn your lovely knit from a hodgepodge of stitches into a beautiful finished piece, and/or (b) make sure that all your pieces are the right size and will fit together in the case of a garment with panels that have to be stitched together. Blocking uses water or steam and rods/pins/blanks to pull the piece out to the right size.

It’s pretty much vital for lace knits (it’s how you get that stretched-out look that shows off the pattern you’ve slaved over), but I block all my pieces because the secondary effect is to smooth out the tension and make all the stitches sit nicely. For yarns that show off stitch definition, it gives that lovely neat look.

There are a hundred articles online and videos on YouTube that will give the details better than I can in a text post, but the two main types of blocking are ‘wet blocking’ and ‘steam blocking’. I always wet block because my preferences for yarns mean that steam blocking (with an iron) crushes the stitches, and in my opinion it doesn’t even out the tension as well as a good wet block. The drawback with wet blocking is that it’s more time-consuming and with large pieces often renders your living room floor unusable for a day while you wait for it to dry 😉


 I DREW MY CLOSEST INTERNET FRIENDS !!!!! w the inclusion of me on the bottom right

I wanted to draw all of you because you mean so much to me, those who have been with me for years and those who have for a few months now! thank you all for being so wonderful, ilu<3

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Prompt/Summary: A little something for all of my knitters out there (and crocheters)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff in a knit hat

Word Count: 1347

Author’s Note:

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