loving is better than hating


She doesn’t know what was going on in Hannah’s life. 
                                 You don’t know what’s going on in hers.


~MC: Are you alright, sir?!

Jumin: G-give me a moment…

based off of @promiscuous-jalapeno‘s barista MC x jumin HC

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Person of Interest posters - My favorite episodes which are not including in top 10 rated episodes on IMDb


all the boys // panic! at the disco

when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental


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I gave you reasons to be happy,
You gave me reasons to be sad.

I gave you reasons to feel admired,
You gave me reasons to feel despised.

I gave you reasons to stay,
You gave me reasons to run away.

I gave you reasons to feel important,
You gave me reasons to feel unnecessary.

I gave you reasons to exist,
You gave me reasons to hunger for death.

I was your light,
You were my darkness.

—  I Deserved Better Than You
Hello Thirst Squad!!!

I’ve heard about some hate going around and it makes me so sad that people harass and bully others in our fandom. 

I know it’s only a few voices, but when people send malicious messages, they can cause real damage. Please don’t send hate messages. We need to respect one another. We are better than that. 

In an attempt to spread more love, I have a simple request for you: 

If you want, please go to a fellow Negan’s Thirst Squad member’s blog and send them an ask. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them their fics are sexy, or they have a cute face, or their blog is orgasmic. Send something nice. Let them know they are loved

Let’s make our voices, the positive ones, the loudest.

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Once Upon a Time AU- Sara Lance aka Meloni Thawne: Daughter of the Dark One

Love was a hard thing for Sara Lance. Before she came to the land without magic, her name was Meloni, and she loved her papa more than anything. She thought he loved her just as much, until he promised to give up the Dark One’s powers and go with her to the other land. At the last second, her papa chickened out, and Meloni was sucked through the portal alone. 

Changing her name to ‘Sara Lance’, she had many adventures in the other world, from traveling to another land and sailing with pirates, to living a non-magical life in New York City.

She had her regrets, though. Her biggest being Leonard Snart, the first person she’d fallen in love with, the man she’d planned a future with, who, she soon found out, was also from the Enchanted Forest, even if he didn’t know it. Sara didn’t care though. They were going to change their names, get married, give up petty theft, start a family, and Leonard was never going to leave her. 

She didn’t expect to be the one who left. 

But, the kid on the motorcycle, Jackson or something, had convinced her that Leonard was special–she needed to help him get on the right path to save his family. 

Reluctantly, Sara broke Leonard’s trust, turning him in to the police and cutting all contact with him. 

She didn’t expect, three weeks later, to find out she was pregnant. 


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Pairing: Jacob Frye x female!reader

Warning: Death

Words: 1221

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A/N: So this is the second angst fic for Jacob and I really need to stop making angst fics for my sweet English muffin holy shit.

You can feel Evie and Henry watching you every time you walk to the Assassination Wall. Simply waiting for you to slash the board in anger with your hidden blade, retribution flowing through your veins. But you don’t, instead you reign your temper in as you stare at Crawford Starrick’s face with his inner circle directly below him.

Starrick isn’t my main problem. It’s Evie and Henry’s.’ You say to yourself before realizing you forgot someone. ‘And Jacob’s too. However, he prefers an alternative method to his sister and her potential lover.

Somehow, it’s like you can hear what they truly think of you despite saying nothing. It was written across their faces in a thick but clean scrawl that screamed distrustful, unpredictable, borderline rogue.

I’ll never win back their trust. Not after seeing what I did to that group of Blighters.’ You think while playing with your fingers. ‘All because of my damn craving to avenge my family.’

“Your thoughts could be as loud as my darling sister.” A voice remarks and you suppress the urge to give a startled reaction when you see Jacob’s smirking face right in front of yours.

“I didn’t realize you could hear thoughts, Jacob.” You reply and the audible slam of the car door fully dissipates the cloud hovering over your brain.

“It’s one of my many talents, love.” Jacob responds before kissing you lightly and a rare giggle emerges from your throat as you lean for another kiss. This time, the moment stays longer while arousal began to stir in your stomach. You pull away from Jacob’s eager grip on your waist as you look out the window where the sun had already begun to set.

“I have something to take care of tonight, Jacob. Can you wait for me until then?” You ask coyly and Jacob’s smirk returns back at full force.

“As long as you come back to me, Y/N.” He tells you and quickly presses a fleeting kiss to your cheek before exiting, leaving you by yourself while you take out a black journal from your coat pocket. You open the cover to see an entire page of names all crossed out except for one.

Joseph Crowley. A man as craven as his comrades.’ A voice sneers in the corner of your mind and nothing else speaks louder than the rush of adrenaline that courses through your body as you vault off the train.

You muss your hair slightly as you enter a rowdy bar in the middle of Devil’s Acre while unbuttoning a few clasps on your blouse. Almost immediately, you spot Joseph laughing along with other Blighters that you recognize from scouting out the borough of Southwark.

He catches you staring and grins wolfishly before abandoning his friends in lieu of you.

“And who are you, miss?” Joseph leers as you smile and bat your eyelashes at him.

“Sophie.” You answer slyly while you lean over to expose your chest even more. Joseph’s eyes greedily follow as you inch closer and closer to his face.

“Well then, miss Sophie, perhaps we can get to know each other in private away from everyone else here tonight.” He offers and you can smell the beer all over his body.

He can’t even be subtle about it, the sex-depraved man.’ You scowl to yourself but you force your smile to be brighter as you lead him out into the closed alley behind the pub. Joseph’s hands wander around your upper back as you latch your hands around a wooden rod lying around and with a quick swipe, the only thing you feel is Joseph’s body draped across your feet like an overweight cat.

A harsh slap to the face wakes Joseph up immediately while you glare at the man cowering in front of you as you adjust the cane sword in your hand.

“Please, Miss. I don’t know who you are, but I swear I’ll leave London on the next boat out. Just don’t touch a hair on my head or draw any blood. Please.” He begs and you almost lower the cane slightly before tightening your grip again.

“What makes you so sure that you aren’t giving me an empty promise? And how will I know that if you leave London, you will never return?” You hiss.

“Who sent you? Those wretched Frye twins? B-because of what us Blighters did in Lambeth?” Joseph stammers as you begin to swing the cane sword behind your head.

“No. I’m here because you killed my family all those years ago. We promised you that we wouldn’t say a word and you and your little shits murdered them anyways.  All because of Starrick.” You snarl, “Besides how will I know that you won’t crawling into another Crawford Starrick in a foreign country? You signed your life away the minute you ran into Templar arms.“ You smash the cane sword with all your might at Joseph Crowley’s neck. The beak of the eagle pommel pierced his carotid and blood splashed in every direction.

You wipe off the blood from your face and weapon and lean down to close his eyes. As you straighten your back again, you whisper, “And my name is Y/N.”

You hear heavy boots make their way towards you as you hold a scotch in one hand while you sheath your cane sword in the other.

He knows. He knows what you did. He knows what you are.’ A voice whispers in your mind and you brush it off irritably while rubbing your temples.

“Come to lecture me about subtlety, Mr. Frye?” You ask lowly with a sarcastic undertone. He doesn’t have to say anything, even the way he sighs tells you enough.

“You know I won’t say anything, love.” Jacob replies and you take his hand as you grimace.

“I’ll be gone by morning.” You reply as you finish your drink and Jacob forcibly removes his hand from yours.

So this is what heartbreak feels like.’ You lament silently. The slowly growing cracks in your heart, a certain disorientation that was violent enough to make your head spin.

“Evie and Greenie will find out.” Jacob comments. You incline your head to your shoulder as you fiddle with the straps of your hidden blade and fasten your cane sword to your back.

“Let her. I’ll be long gone.” You tell him firmly. A tense silence falls between the two of you as Jacob stares straight at you, straight into your soul.

“Blighters murdered your loved ones in cold blood, I assume.” Jacob remarks as he fixes himself a drink. “I’ve seen harsher forms of retribution before than a cane.”

He takes a good portion of rum and swallows aloud before setting it down with a slam.

“Go. Leave London forever, before someone inflicts the same treatment you gave that Blighter to you.” He says in a hushed tone and you recognize that voice. The one he only reserved for people he loathed.

A love lost and vengeance gained. Has your addiction for ‘justice’ been appeased yet? Or will Jacob be your next victim?’ The voice asks and you ignore it in lieu of giving Jacob a brief kiss on his cheek like the one he gave you before you open the train car and leap into the cool London night.