loving in the summertime

I used to love characters who were relatable and with potential to be good, but also, some of them made a lot of bad/awful decisions (fictional T.E. Lawrence, Claude Frollo, Elisabeth from Les Enfants Terribles, + some less ‘problematic’ ones including Terry Doolittle from Jumpin’ Jack Flash (seriously tho, such an underrated movie???) and Jane Hudson from Summertime). And I loved real life people who I just could take as role models because they were awesome, such as Michael Palin, Christopher Lee, Richard E. Grant, Peter Capaldi and others.

Funny thing is that at first I thought that MFU was just a perfect show for me, because it’s funny, has basically everything I like, has the perfect and best in the world OTP, idealistic, both smart and silly, loves people, is bipolar etc etc. And only later I found that one (or a combination of character+actor) person who I can love for both of my favourite reasons in it.

I’ll never leave.