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Two very different kind of evil.

hello fashion kids of tumblr this is your weekly fremble rememble that the current creative director of margiela is john galliano who was hired in that capacity after being fired from his position at dior for drunkenly approaching a random group of women at a bar in paris and yelling “I love Hitler and people like you would be dead today. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed and dead.” I would be unfollowing people for posting post-2014 margiela but unfortunately that would require unfollowing every fashion blog on tumblr since none of you seem to care about this so suffice it to say that I’m going to keep talking about this issue and keep taking note of the fact that apparently none of you give a shit abt jews. thanks


W-we’re hunters, uh – Sam and Dean Winchester. We know about The Judah Initiative because our grandfather was a Man of Letters.

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Very good opinion about the Pewdiepie situation

Right, I am a media student and I need to say I have never ever been so ashamed of the media.

The media relies these days on clicks (reads) from viewers online since the internet is the main place people gather information so they clickbate there way into getting peoples attention (which is wrong) due to the fact the news should not be biest and should tell the truth from different points of views but instead we had “PEWDIEPIE LOVES HITLER” etc you get what I mean.

Main things

Disney no longer is in a relationship with pewdiepie-

This is understandable since pewdiepie (with these jokes) are more aimed towards an adult audience because a younger audience may not be able to understand that its a bad thing. Cool we get it BUT…. in 2014 disney made this deal with pewdiepie .. knowing he wasnt aimed towards any audience inparticular and swore alot in his gaming videos with adult humor … disney knew this but still made a relationship with pewdiepie so in reality disney knew he wasnt child friendly from the start.

Youtube red series scare pewdiepie season 2 cancelled- 

Now heres where things get interesting… youtube had no reason to cancel this show as there is no swearing in the first series I can imagine there is non in the second but not only that.. South park… Family guy make jokes all the time about offensive humor and receive awards but pewdiepie gets all of this? This makes me question alot because youtube could of clearly made an age rating on the show and since it was nearly done I cant actually think of a reason that youtube cancelled it at all. I want an explanation as to why they did due to the fact the reason is missing. 

The youtube ad platform - this is only for the videos that are deemed as basically PG or with some strong language ….. and things like that. With this I understand why youtube may have done this but at the same time I do not due to the fact they could of chosen the suitable videos themselves to be chosen for the ad platform instead of kicking him out.

After all of this… Disney kind of have a good explanation BUT DON’T due to knowing that pewdiepie all along wasnt aimed towards any audience. He swore in videos and made adult humor since they made the relationship. Youtube had no reason to cancel scare pewdiepie and did it to aboard the kill pewdiepie express… which is not right. the media should be ashamed of attempting to make this man look bad when in all reality he offended maybe a bunch of people in the whole worlds population and family guy and other tv shows slide past it like it was nothing. The media is to blame for this.. taking the mans words out of context and planting horrible images of the comedian in the eyes of the public.

my last words on this are 


Lion King by P. Klejmič

This is a short poem-story I wrote during my freshman year of college; the year I learned to love my hair, and by extension, myself.

times in my life when i hated my hair

fifth grade

i needed to get my hair done for fifth grade promotion. my aunt spent two hours straightening it, and when she was finished she said, “wow, you look so much better.” //

sixth grade

that one time at lunch a girl from the next table over whispered, “she needs a brush.” when i looked over, the entire table giggled // my nickname in school was mufasa, then simba, and finally lion king. i was only offended they called me the names of the male lions. from then on, everyone referred to me as lion king. the teachers never said anything // i walked past two girls in the hallway. i felt a tug at my hair and turned around to see one of them with a smirk on her face, “i wonder if it’s weave.” //

seventh grade

i went to get a haircut and when i walked in the salon, the first thing the stylist said was, “jeez.” // the women in the magazines, with their smooth shiny hair, always looked better than me //

eighth grade

i was walking through the mall when i heard someone shouting for me, “hey you, come here!” i walked over to the man at the kiosk selling flat irons and hair products. he picked up a smoothing lotion and said, “you need this.” when i walked away, he kept shouting for me, “please come back,” but i never looked back, tears in my eyes // in art class we had to draw a self-portrait. i chose to draw a lion //

ninth grade

after my middle school experience, i wanted a fresh start in high school. my aunt suggested i get a relaxer. curls and frizz, chemically burned away // i cried in the shower as i washed my hair, desperately trying to bring my hair back to life. four more times in the shower. nothing // the damage done by relaxers can be reversed. i went home from the salon, with my hair restored to its natural state, and cried //

times in my life when i loved my hair

tenth grade

people in high school never treated me differently because of my hair. in a crowd of girls with thin straight hair, i stood out // i saw a picture of my grandmother when she was younger. i looked just like her // my mom introduced me to her friend. when she made a comment about my hair, my mom said, “this is jewish hair.” my hair became an integral part of my identity //

eleventh grade

i spent a lot of time wondering, “what is jewish hair?” it does not exist, but my hair is jewish; this is the hair the jewish women of my family had // i accepted the fact that i could not change my hair, so i embraced it // i wore my hair with pride. i let it be frizzy in the summer and tousled it when it got too flat // i promised myself i would let it grow and never cut it too short //

twelfth grade

when i realized my existence was a form of resistance, i protected my hair from the hands and eyes of others // hitler tried to eliminate my family, but he failed, and generations of thick beautiful curls were passed down to me // me and my hair are proof that you cannot extinguish the flame of a people who burn so brightly // inside my curls lies the resilience of a million women //

Şu an yapacağım itirafı belki yadırgayacaksınız; ama masum bir sevginin hiç bir koşulda kötü bir yanı olamaz. Bu yüzden cesurca itiraf etmekten çekinmiyorum. Fotoğrafta gördüğünüz, benim hayatımın ilk aşkı; Messerschmitt me 262.

Hayal kırıklıkları ve umutsuzluklarla dolu bir savaşın sonlarında çıktı sahalara me 262. Bahtı kara doğdu bu koca yürekli yiğit kadın. Ardı ardına bombalanan Alman fabrikalarına, ele geçirilen askeri ikmal bölgelerine, hayatını kaybeden binlerce pilot ve hava personeline rağmen sahalara çıkmayı başarmış ve müttefikleri şoka uğratmıştı… Çünkü bu, dünya tarihinde görülmemiş bir dehşetti; savaşta kullanılan ilk jet motorlu savaş uçağıydı o.

O doğduğunda ne uçuracak yakıt, ne kullanacak pilot ne de uçuşa hazırlayacak personel kalmamıştı. Almanya’dan kalanlar gibi, Luftwaffe de kan ağlıyordu.

Çok kısıtlı imkanlara rağmen bir düzinesi havalandığında, bir filo avcı ve bombardıman uçağına karşı kahramanca savaşıp düşmanına ağır kayıplar verdirebilmişti.

Ama ne yazık ki bir çoğu üretim aşamasında fabrikalarında, bir kısmı da pistte henüz havalanamadan yok edildi.

Fotoğrafta trajediyi tamamıyla yansıtan bir perspektif görüyorsunuz. Ona iyi bakın; yalnızlığın, dehşetin, trajedinin karesi o. Gökyüzünde korku salan bu yalnız dişi kartal, bir yarasa sürüsüne yem olmuş ve tüm asaletiyle son süzülüşünü ölüme doğru yapıyor. 

Elveda kadınım. Sen her zaman kalbimde olacaksın.