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The One, and Only, Karaoke Night

So imagine if the Paladins, as a supposed-to-be “fun” group bonding activity, decided to have a Karaoke Night (idea courtesy of Lance) to beat the blues of missing home and to reacquaint Shiro with some of the popular music back on Earth.

I imagine that it would go something like this:

Pidge: ***Fiddling with the Altean audio technology*** Done! Okay Shiro, the speakers are ready! Karaoke night is GO!

Shiro: Thanks Pidge. Alright Paladins, who wants to go first?

Lance: ***Raises his hand in the air and waves it back and forth energetically*** Ooh, me! Me me me me me ME! You’ve gotta choose me! I have the perfect song I wanna sing for this!


: ***


 Alright Lance. You can go first.

Lance: ***Gets up from the couch, makes a yes! motion with his arm, then proceeds to the “stage”*** Yes! Okay, so the first song I’d like to sing for you tonight is an oldie but goody, which is my interpretation of how I feel.

Hunk: ***Muttering softly*** Oh boy, this should be good.

Lance: ***Motioning to Pidge, who is initially perplexed by the song title*** Hit it, Pidge!

Pidge: ***Rolls their eyes, yet smiles one of their quirky mischievous smiles***

The music starts to play

Lance: ***Singing and performing dramatically*** Yo listen up, here is the story, about a little guy that lives in the blue world…“

Keith: ***Blinks twice, frowning. Can’t quite recognize the song yet.***

Hunk: ***Groans*** Of course you chose this song.

Shiro: ***Tilts head to one side, curious to hear the song.***

Hunk: ***Facepalming***

Pidge: ***Grinning as the chorus arrives*** Wait for it…


Hunk and Keith: Groaning together, especially Keith, now that he recognizes the song.

Keith: Really, Lance? Really?! That’s the song you’re going to sing!?! Couldn’t you have chosen a different song other than that!?

Lance: ***Stops singing, glares at his rival, then slowly smirks fiendishly as an idea comes to mind.*** Why, are you insinuating that you don’t like my singing, Keith? Is it too painful for you to listen to? I thought that this was supposed to be a team-building exercise!

Keith: Team-building has nothing to do with it! Your choice of song is horrible.

Lance: It is not!

Keith: It is too! And I’m not implying anything about your singing that hasn’t already been said. 

Lance: Hey! 

Shiro: ***Interrupting the argument with a Space-Dad-does-NOT-Approve glare.*** Alright, that’s enough! Keith, Lance is right; this is supposed to be a team-building exercise, where we build each other up. And not deliberately annoy our other teammates, okay Lance?

Keith: ***Grumbling softly, frowning to himself, then letting up.*** Fine. 

Lance: Alright, alright. Fine. I’ll turn it down a notch, okay? How about if I sing Taylor Swift instead? She’s cool; she’s popular! Is that someone everyone can agree with?

Hunk shrugs, Keith rolls his eyes, and Pidge nods her approval with a thumbs-up. Shiro makes sure that the others agree, then gives Lance his permission. Taylor Swift seems harmless enough.

Lance: Great! Okay, so here’s what I’d like you to play next, Pidge…

Pidge: ***Listens to Lance’s whispers, tries to control their reaction and not laugh at Lance’s song of choice.

Lance: ***Smirking fiendishly*** This one’s for you, Keith!

The music starts to play, and starts innocently enough…until Lance reaches the chorus.


End scene, Pandemonium ensues.

A.N.–Yeah, that’s pretty much it. I couldn’t resist the puns, and I couldn’t help but think that it’s something Lance would totally do.