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Attack of the Clones | Deleted Scene: Anakin and Ruwee in the Garden

Time constraint had this scene cut and that’s alright, it doesn’t do much more than confirm the graveness of Padme’s situation.

On the other hand, it’s a lovely moment between father and soon-to-be son-in-law. A private talk with Anakin allows Ruwee to get to the heart of the matter and a chance to gauge this “boyfriend” that his daughter has just brought home. I don’t know how many people consider that Ruwee is one of the many fathers that fatherless Anakin does have.

It also brings out similarities between the two characters and between Father/Daughter.  

I first encountered this scene on a bootleg version of AOTC in 2002. All this time I thought I had imagined it, except for a few scant images on the web which justified it’s existence. It’s taken me thirteen years to track down again, even though it had been on the web for the past three. :/

Long Distance with Taehyung

Before I start this, I wanna say a huge huge huge thank you for 4,300 followers, that feels so weird to type I literally had to pause and check the follower count bc I was like wait do I actually have 4k I thought it was 2 for a second bc I was like there’s not way it’s 4 so thank you all so so much, it means so much to me!!! And now it is time for the second member of the maknae line, the second half of the Daegu line, the other half of Vmon, the love of my life who looked so fucking good in the recent airport photos like the necklace !!!!! also that lil sun “tattoo” (idk if it’s real, a lot of people were saying it’s henna either one is fine with me) looked so nice, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae 

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve single father!Tae (for all of the father related posts, click here) which is basically about Tae having a kid (a son) prior to your relationship with him, his post involved idol couple!Tae (here)
  • We all know how much Tae loves his family and how much he’d love his own bby son, he is such father material as is so the moment he holds that bby in his arms, he’s gonna be wrapped around his lil itty bitty finger (plz just imagine Tae’s hands compared to a newborn’s for a second and cry with me)
  • Leaving his bby boy behind is not gonna happen for the first year or two bc for the first year of his life, he’s a single father and obviously, if he’s doing press the other boys are most likely doing it as well so his parents have to watch bby bub and he just doesn’t like leaving him
  • Tae’s a very hands on parent, he likes being there for the lil moments like bby boy’s babbling or bby boy discovering he has toes or fingers or that the baby in the mirror is h i m, Tae never ever wants to miss those moments so he takes time off from touring and come backs but still does a bit of press here and there and a shit ton of Vlives and logs and things like that
  • Everyone’s super understanding that his bby is his top priority bc lil goober can barely walk, let alone have his father leave for tour
  • But once he meets you and you two are living together and goober is older, he decides to go on tour again while you and his parents watch bby boy, it’s a shorter tour bc he doesn’t wanna spend months and months away from his lil man
  • It’s his first time leaving bby boy for longer than just a couple hours so saying goodbye is s o fucking hard, lil goober doesn’t fully get it bc he’s never experienced it but all he knows is that both you and Tae are sad
  • You all say goodbye in private bc even though your relationship is public, something like a goodbye is personal, especially this goodbye
  • Tae gives the both of you long hugs (I could literally ramble on forever about how amazing Tae’s hugs would be) and he keeps kissing bub’s head and your forehead and he doesn’t let go until the very moment he has to leave so it’s just one long hug with lots of kisses before he has to say goodbye 
  • He prefers Skype/Facetime over calling
  • He only ever calls when he’s not gonna have much time to talk like pre-show/interview or when he has really shitty wifi connection
  • But he Skypes you and bby boy every single day, normally twice a day, in the morning and night (on your schedule bc asking a bby to stay up late so it can be morning or night for Tae is not the best idea) 
  • Bby boy always eats breakfast with Tae and you and Tae always has to eat something with you so even if it’s just something small like a chocolate bar, he’ll do it just so it can be a family meal
  • He gets so so so happy seeing his lil mini me munching away at some cereal or an apple or anything really bc his cheeks get so full and they’re so kissable and Tae keeps making you lean over and kiss his cheeks for him
  • Sings to him e v e r y night, he hasn’t missed a night yet and he doesn’t plan to, he doesn’t care if he has to wake up just to sing to him, he’ll do it bc there are only two things that will get bby boy to fall asleep
  • One is Tae playing with his hair and giving him gentle lil kisses all over his face and the second is hearing Tae’s voice, whether it’s talking or singing
  • He sings lullabies, children’s songs, BTS songs, anything bby boy wants him to bc Tae spoils his lil man so so much bc he just loves him with all of his heart and he wants nothing more than to make him happy and give him everything he needs and would do anything to see that mini square smile light up his bby’s face
  • Tae is the king of selfies and videos, he’s always posting lil clips of himself looking all cute like I just wanna take a moment here to appreciate Tae’s genes bc just when I think I’m used to how handsome he is, he comes back and is just like nope, he’s so breathtakingly beautiful and I love him so much my bias is showing bye
  • He sends tons and tons of pictures every day, he keeps both of you updated about everything from what the other boys are doing to his outfits and he expects the same from you and bby boy
  • You send him this clip of bby boy saying “I love you daddy” and Tae literally almost cries bc he misses him so much and wants to pick him up and give him a huge hug
  • Ight but imagine this, Tae doing a V live in his hotel room and you and bby boy watch it and bby boy keeps giggling and he’s so focused on Tae bc tae’s a goofball and is way better than any kids show who needs Pingu when you have Tae lip syncing Celine Dion 
  • He keeps mentioning bby boy and he shows some clips you sent him of lil goober dancing around to Fire or Cypher Tae has this really proud look on his face bc that’s his munchkin
  • He buys the both of you something from every stop, sometimes it’s something small like a teddy bear or a shirt but also Tae has been known to get some more pricey presents (my new favorite nickname for him is Gucci boy he’s so pure) so there is some bigger gifts as well
  • He gets bby boy and you some brand clothing and he gets you an engagement ring that you don’t get to see just yet bc Tae’s obviously saving that for when he proposes and he gets the three of you matching watches
  • Also I have this head canon that once Tae has all of his bbys (he has four in total, bby boy, twin girls and then another boy) he gets the whole family personalized jersey style shirts so it has “Kim” and then a number between 1 and 6 (Tae is 1, you’re 2, bby boy is 3, girls are 4 and 5 and then maknae bby boy is 6) so that all of you can have matching shirts
  • When he gets off the plane, he’s literally running past people and running straight towards his lil man who’s already waiting for him and squealing once he sees him and all you hear is this really loud “daddy!!!” followed by their giggles and bby boy’s squeals/screams once Tae gets to hug him
  • He’s clinging onto Tae and he mumbles how he’s never letting go again and Tae’s not complaining at all and he brings you into the hug and everyone’s just holding onto each other really tightly
  • “Lil man, I gotta shower, you have to let go for a bit, I’ll be quick I promise”
  • “No”
  • “Plz, I smell like an airplane”
  • “No”
  • “I’ll let you watch Pingu on my phone and I’ll let you have two extra cookies tonight if you give me five minutes to shower”
  • “…fine” 
Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 4

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Dean visits Y/N at school; Sam pushes him to his limit

Warnings: AU, fluff, brotherly moment 

Words: 1876

Note: The smut will be in the next part!! I had it in this one, but then it was like 4,000+ words so I split it into two. I really hope you guys like this. Even if you don’t, I’m going to continue it because I really like it and enjoy writing it. xoxo

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[Bruce, Jason, & Damian Panels] The New 52′s “Convergence: Batman and Robin” (2015)

Writers have shown us time and time again that fatherhood does not come easy to one Bruce Wayne. It definitely wasn’t easy raising a Dick Grayson or a Tim Drake, let alone a Jason Todd or a Damian Wayne, even with Alfred Pennyworth around. (Not to mention his “daughters” and other less-troublesome “sons”). But we’ve gotta hand it to the ol’ Bat - he never stops trying.

This miniseries is aptly entitlted “Fathers & Sons”, and it’s easily becoming one of my favorites.

We’ve seen the pattern of resentment among the Robins that comes with feeling replaced. All the four (main) Batboys have gone through it at one point in their vigilante careers: Dick with Jason; Jason with Tim; Tim with Damian. And now, interestingly, Damian with Jason?

You’d think that the li’l former assassin would have gotten over his insecurities after having proven himself a more-than-capable Robin to both Bruce and Dick… Perhaps, it’s a testosterone thing? Or possessiveness over their father?

Whatever the reason, it paves the way for combination angst-and-fluff interactions that I absolutely adore!

A little backstory (and some spoilers):

“Convergence” was a company-wide DC Universe crossover event during the New 52 run focused on Braniac’s obsession with collecting cities from ended timelines and trapping them in domes on a planet outside of space and time. It has several spin-offs, including this two-issue one.

In a domed Gotham City, Batman and Robin rescue Poison Ivy from some rogues. She had been cultivating Robinson park in order to feed the citizens for free, and her colleagues basically saw it as bad for criminal business. When Killer Croc attacks Batman, Red Hood (with his assistant Duela Dent, a.k.a. Scarlet) shows up unexpectedly and saves him.

“Jason… Todd? Why’s he here?”

In the next set of panels, both Bruce and Damian question Jason’s sudden appearance - but probably for different reasons. Bruce seems genuinely curious but welcoming, while Damian’s more he’s-not-supposed-to-be-here.

More under the cut:

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This Is It

Characters: Dean Winchester, Mentions of Sam Winchester

Summary: Dean finally accepts his fate.

Word Count: 1593 (including lyrics)

Warnings: Angst, Acceptance

Author’s Note: Hey my beauties, this is my entry for @mamaredd123‘s and @atc74‘s fabulous 300 challenge. I had the prompts: character writing in journal, acceptance, Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”. I really hope you guy see like it. Please let me know what you think! Also, huge thanks to Ree, for reading this for me!!!

The rain pounded against the windshield and I smiled to myself. The irony of it all, right? The moment you realize what your destiny is, everything else in the world starts to fall into place.

It scared me, ya know? I ain’t gonna lie. The whole frickin’ thing is scary. You lived your whole life, thinking that there was some light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel, but in reality, like Sammy said, it was nothing but hellfire.

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Thranduil: Remember when I used to read to you before bedtime?

Legolas: Is that a trick question?

Thranduil: No, I am asking if you remember.

Legolas: Yes. Why?

Thranduil: I just wanted to know.

Legolas: Oh no. Here it comes.

Thranduil: Legolas, when did you become so suspicious of your father?

Legolas: How much time do we have?

Thranduil: Son, can we just have a conversation without the cynicism?

Legolas: I am almost afraid to answer that.

Thranduil: You can do it.

Legolas: Fine. Yes, Dad, I remember when you read to me at bedtime.

Thranduil: And remember when what I gave you for your 2160th birthday?

Legolas: Yes. You gave me a horse.

Thranduil: Watching you grow up was a genuine pleasure.

Legolas: Thanks, Dad.

Thranduil: So, what are you getting me for Father’s Day?

Legolas: I don’t know.

Thranduil: You mean you didn’t think about it.

Legolas: Yes, I did. You are hard shop for.

Thranduil: No I am not. I like silver. I need a new broach–this one is so second age. I could use another coat–this is so fall, it’s summer. Gold, or green–embroidered with silk lining. No cotton. Dry clean only. And I would like breakfast in my chambers for a change.

Legolas: Is that all, Dad?

Thranduil: I was giving you some ideas. I mean I raised you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders–there were days it was almost to much too bear.

Legolas: Dad, I had a governess until last year.

Thranduil: It was a struggle telling her how to take care of you all alone while ruling a kingdom invaded by hordes of orcs and spiders.

Legolas: Guilt trip?

Thranduil: Pack your bags, it’s going to be a long one.

To my dear Dad (and all the other amazing dads out there), HAPPY FATHER’S DAY~!!! I love you sooo much, Pa. :’)
Well, here’s a little father-and-son moment between Erik Lensherr and Peter Maximoff. I love these two. ^^ And X-Men: Apocalypse left me in great awe! I WAS LEGIT CRYING IN AWE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE XD
Anyway, I hope you like my lil fan art. :3 It’s still a WIP tho