loving crossovers

Cause I’m Gundam trash and I love crossovers. Here’s Natsu as Mikazuki. I want to make more of these with the other Fairy Tail characters but idk…


Jumin Han // Viktor Nikiforov outfit swap~

I just wanted to draw Viktor in his suit (because that’s my weakness) but as I was sketching it was beginning to look a lot like Jumin… so then my brain went like: ok but consider this. these two guys are ruining my life at the moment.


i did a series of illustrations of crossovers from a couple of my favorite universe! this took awhile but i really really enjoyed working with these ideas~ these were a bunch of fun!



Heathilton/the Schuylers (feat. Martha Laurens as Veronica)

I was originally going to make Theodosia (II) Veronica, but then I did a little research on Martha (John Laurens’ sister) and she just fit the role so much better. This girl seriously needs way more love. Plus, she’s the same generation as the Schuyler Sisters, which makes the rest of the casting a lot less complicated. I tried to make her look similar to John without basically turning her into a genderbent version of him, hopefully it was successful.


「 Don’t start thinking he cares about you just because he’s doting you. 」

mystic messenger x ouran high school host club
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