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The Passive Observer

I am but a passive observer. I do not interfere, I find joy just from watching people.

You moved into this house I dwell in about over a year ago. You came in, professional movers following behind you, eyes bright and cheeks high in a smile. You seemed like you were ready to wrestle a bear and win. You started barking orders to the movers where to put your furniture and which decoration goes where. I watched from the shadows, despite having the ability to appear invisible to human eyes (hiding in the shadows uses less energy for me), and studied all the new stuff you brought in with you. What they were made of, estimating their age, and how much heart was put into making said object, I saw them all.

It would appear that you moved alone, for I saw no one else moving in with you. Your first house, congratulations. I am glad that you chose this old little house; I tried to keep it well-maintained while no one was living in it. You started your early days in this house with a lot of vigor and passion, you were so ready to make a future that you will be proud of, I heard you talk to yourself about your future plans and in silence, I wished you the best of luck.

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Fanmade Choices Chat App Ad. 📱

NOTE: This app is inspired by LINE and Kakao Talk featuring Choices’ The Royal Romance - Beaumont Brothers. 👨🏻👱🏼📲

So I know we kinda pushed it through but does anyone actually want this DLC or… like I don’t want to make this if people don’t want it.

Ok, listen up. You know I agree with you because we’re done with this ageist mother/son bullshit and we’re tired of fighting against it every time but since I created a “zen armor” around me in these years, I’m trying to see things with a different point of view. Because this is it. Just a point of view. I know that maybe no one will agree with me but I’ll write it anyway, you know how much I care about this Caryl family and I like reading your replies.

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it’s been years since i used a tablet but I adore this cowboy and he NEEDS a horse

based on this: http://fvace.tumblr.com/post/156772695735/hold-your-horses

Do not put anything ship related in tags or in the post! (not sure why/what you would anyway)

So, I doodled this cute pic of Michael! This time in “demon mode” or something.~ I am not really sure. xD
At first, those “kids” were just supposed to be love-child designs for Mika and Yuu, but I have started to really like them, and enjoy drawing them! ^w^

I actually drew him wrapped in ribbons because I was innocently like “ah, ribbons are cute,” and then, the more I drew I was like “Shit, Ferid would have liked this, wouldn’t he?” xD 

But Michael is telling you not to worry, so I guess it’s fine? x3
(I am too weak to cute, blonde anime boys, help!! ;_;)

My new Header Image, Readz and Kitty! 

I was too lazy to add in nice color, or even make a nice outline. Oh, well. For those of you wondering who the heckfire are these people, they’re from RED RIDING HOOD, an Underfell Sans x reader story on Ao3. 

dear every fanfic writer that introduces shiro as an insanely, ungodly sexy mysterious stranger, thank u sm, I love you & you give me reason to live

I drew Toka again, this time as a cat! :3
I’ve been trying to improve my art style like crazy urgh-
Hope you guys likeee~ 💕