loving both music and lyric


More ALEP singing XD I ended up (drunkenly) singing the setting I’ve been working on of determamfidd‘s Song of Beginnings from Sansukh the first night of the event, and everybody loved it (both the lyrics and the music) and ended up asking me to (drunkenly) sing it again the second night.  By the end, people were joining in with the last line of each verse, it was kind of wonderful. <3

(I’m actually working on a choral arrangement of this, I was trying to sort of keep it hidden til then, but that preview I put on soundcloud has like a gazillion plays for some reason, so fuck it XD)

Just finished marathoning the last 5 episodes of season 5. What a great ride! I loved all the music both background and lyrical. I’m a little teary at the finale too.

I’m sad it’s over now but it’s a good sad.

I’ve been watching ponies since they started but this last half of S5 has been really magical for me for some reason. I’m just in love with this show all over again!