loving angels


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To our Daesung who has worked so hard over these eleven years, thank you for always smiling because your smile has the power to brighten up bad days. Thank you for always trying your best and making everyone laugh. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Thank you for continuing to sing. Your vocals are a great source of comfort for many. Thank you for not giving up being a singer despite the 2011 incident. I am so proud of you for overcoming those rough times. Look how far you have come and how brightly you are shining now. Lets only walk on flower road from now on. Happy birthday to Big Bang’s angel, Kang Daesung. Thank you for being born. 

Came into Fanmail:

This is not a confession, but I want to say thank you. I read a confession recently about the Deaf Huntress (I have not seen that episode yet), and I just wanted to say thank you to whom ever did the admin note that talked about deaf people being able to drive. I am not deaf, but am taking ASL classes in college that are taught by deaf teachers. I have learned a lot about deaf culture and their ways of life that strikingly resemble my own life experiences. In short I thank you for standing up for those who are seldom seen for having a voice, or seldom seen for anything else but their inability to hear. (this blog in general is now my hero thank you :) ). 

You’re referring to this note, to which we say…

A triple thank you to you! Humans are remarkable adaptive, and we do firmly that simply being deprived of one sense doesn’t render one incapacitated, just differently-abled. We are lucky that Supernatural was able to cast Shoshannah Stern, born into 4th generation deaf family, to show us such a beautiful character and bring such understanding to those outside the deaf community. Also, kudos to you for taking the time to learn ASL! We hope it’s going well for you!

angels love without bounds, without rage. they love purely and fiercely, without question or conflict.

angels love without judgement. they see the true soul of all and cherish it, looking past outward appearances.

angels love passionately. they will punish anyone who hurts their loved ones with all of heaven’s wrath.

angels love with an intensity that cannot be matched by any human, so full of love and light.

angels love without fear or hurt, not harmed by words and threats of those who are jealous.

angels love truthfully. they wear their emotions on their sleeve and never lie to the ones they love.

and most of all, angels love any and all who will look past the wings and the eyes and see the true soul of these lonely, celestial beings.

When we look with our spiritual sight, it is possible to see that the angels truly are everywhere. You are eternally connected to heaven and innately anchored to everything, rather than your angels working ‘for you’, they work ‘from you’, existing as extensions of your own ancient soul, the voice of guidance, so angels can never really leave, they are only a thought or heartbeat away. You are one with God’s love, and angelic love transcends every threshold and frequency, it is more powerful than hell, demons, and human corruption. Ringing in the ears, synchronicities or ‘meaningful coincidences’, consistent numbers that make themselves known to you, flashes of white lights, these are all ways our angels remind us they are side by side. Angels can appear in any way you have been taught or bought up with, as they reflect what we find safest and most pure.

Call upon them, and they will be there, everything outside love is an illusion and your angels will reunite you with your souls divinity which pours with wisdom, illumination, inspiration and joy -


“In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric.

The secret isn’t that you’re not being told.

The secret is that you’re not able to hear.” —  Ram Dass