loving and missing you

Dumbledore and all the deep shit he’s always saying--

Dumbledore: For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own; let them swim in the deepest ocean and glide over the highest cloud–

Snape: lol wat

Dumbledore: To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

Harry: omg I don’t want to go on this adventure

Dumblefore: I am not worried Harry. I am with you.

Harry: i’m 16 pls be a little worried

Dumbledore: Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open

Krum: vot did he said?

Cuando veo que estás en línea y no me respondes, me pregunto… ¿Ahora quién si no soy yo? Me miro y lloro en el espejo y me siento estúpida, ilógica.
—  Referencia a Marc Anthony.
I opened my mouth that day, almost said the words. Almost. The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had. But I didn’t. I just watched you. Paralysed.
—  Unknown

I can’t believe you are so far away
So far that my words will never reach you
So far that my arms cannot hold you
So far that my heart feels numb without you

Time seems to tick by so slowly
When I am not by your side
And then fly past like nothing at all
As soon as I am with you

Why must you be so far away?
Why can’t I be with you always?

—  A girl that just wants to be with you

Hey y’all. I’d like to give some context for this, first of all. I’m part of a discord server, the place I initially began writing for The Author and eventually began to roleplay as him. Through this server I have met amazing friends, gained back my inspiration for writing I thought I had lost, and found a safe space outside of my own head and anxiety.

This whole server was started on the whim of AskSadisticDark, and has grown into a beautiful, wonderful family.

However, yesterday we were informed of a turn of events by our friend ASD. I won’t go into detail about what happened, however he told us he will be leaving the server and handing ownership to someone else, and has not come back since.

The entire server is still racked with grief and worry, even after a day’s time. We miss him dearly and hope to all the gods out there for his safe return.

The idea of Hearts For ASD was proposed by one of our server members.

Please, if you could spare the time, please take a picture of yourself doing a heart and tag AskSadisticDark. Even if you don’t know him, he’s had an amazing impact on so many people’s lives, including myself. I have the honor of calling him a friend, an amazing one at that, and I own the inspiration to not lock away my pen and paper to him and the amazing place he’s created.

Love you, @ask-sadisticdark. We all love you, and we hope you can come back to us safe and sound.

we’re friends, but, but not friends. friends but i still find myself on the phone with you every night, laughing at every joke you crack. friends but you still think of me before you go to sleep. friends but you still think i’m beautiful. friends but you still want your hands on my body. friends but always, always more than that.
—  4am