loving and missing you

He can’t fix you, honey.
He may stall your mind for a while, while his lips are on yours.
But you have to fix yourself, that’s your choice.
People can’t fix other people, it’s up to you whether or not you want to be healed.
You are your own demons, and you have to get up on your own each morning.
Yes, he may have been there for you while you were going through it,
But he didn’t do it for you.
You have to learn how to be on your own because one day he may be gone too, and you’ll be broken again.
You are all you have, really.
So learn to fix yourself.
Because no one else can do it for you.
—  A lesson I learned.

They think they’re trying to help
introducing me to someone else

I play along ‘cause I haven’t
got the heart to tell 'em
that if I dance with somebody
I might want somebody else

And if I want somebody
I might fall in love
and forget what it was to be
wrapped in your arms so tightly

—  James TW - ex
Any fool could fall in love with someone like you. You’re charming, handsome, funny, supportive, and you have a great personality. So sure, you can get anyone you want. But it takes someone incredible to fight for you. All of you. Someone who’ll be there for you not just on the good days when you make them feel in top of the world and they can brag about you. Someone who won’t just be there when the love feels good. But also when you’re falling apart and when you stop giving them as much attention and when you disconnect from them. And it takes someone incredible to put you first, someone who won’t betray you even if it’s easier to. The that someone incredible was me so it’s your fault for not seeing it
—  The New Normal // Life Without You
People say so much but they never mean a word.
Theres such a difference between what he meant and what you actually heard.
—  The Telephone Game

@trufflemores is my favorite. Why? Because this is truffles:
“Yes, here are links to all my various metas about the Flash and in depth analysis on small moments and what they could mean.”

But this is also truffles:
“I didn’t realize King George III was singing to the colonies. I thought he had a girlfriend that left him and he was upset.”