loving a writer

I’m not ready to let you go,“

“I know”

“I’ll never be ready to let you go”

“Then don’t

—  Tenari Ioapo
I want to touch you. But not your skin. I want to see your eyes. I want you to look at me as if you’re trying hard to figure out something. I want to see you smile, the kind of smile that you never show to anyone. The kind of smile that reveals who you really are. I want you. The good and the bad. The confuse and sad. The jolly and silly. I want each and every single part of you —from your body to your soul— from your mind to your heart. I want to hold you and break everything that hurts you. Let me see you. Let me pass through that high wall of yours. Please let me, just let me see you. I just want to know that you’re truly happy.
—  ma.c.a // Let me feel you
I am sorry that I may forget that I have you from time to time, that I forget to share the burden I have on my shoulder and the wrinkles on my forehead. I was always alone in my battles, so please forgive me when I forget to take you along with me sometimes.
—  Lukas W. // A loner with a lover
But do you know what’s absolutely beautiful? Falling in love with the same person over and over again, because it shows that you’re never done with loving them, it shows that you are loving them every second of the day despite everything.
—  The Art of Falling in Love // r.k
Do not allow someone to take the happiness you know you deserve, you are capable of achieving those lifelong dreams. You can live a life you love, you can create and innovate. You will make it happen, you will be free of all this pain, your suffering times will come to an end. You will smile, you will be happy, you will understand why things happened and why certain changes were made. Every single one of us goes through challenging times and they won’t dissappear but you can live a happier life if you choose to see the positives over the negatives.
—  Tenari Ioapo
Sometimes, I wonder if you reached out to me right now, pleading for me back, what I would do.
I can’t help but wonder if I’d let you back in. I wonder if I’d fall to your feet. I wonder if I’d break down just for the possibility that you could make me feel good again. I wonder how much it’d take for me to come rushing back to you.
I can’t help but wonder if I’d be prideful. I wonder if I’d ignore you and keep my head held high, just to satisfy my hunger to hurt you like you hurt me. Even though I’d be the one who’d end up crying at the end of the night.
But no matter what I would do, it doesn’t matter.
You don’t want me back.
—  v.m -i miss you
You were the knife
I didn’t turn my back on.
You were the bullet
I did not want to dodge;
your fingers tightly clenched
around the grenade’s pin,
“don’t pull”, was
all I asked.
You are the limb I risked losing, lost;
the million pieces of shrapnel
jammed into my skull.
Painstakingly, I pick the pieces,
and still I admire what was
once a whole.
—  The death I welcomed with open arms, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

Sleep does not come swiftly to those
like me who sit awake late into the
morning, with nicotine tattooed into
their fingerprints and beer water-falling
down their throat. This has never been
a romantic way to live; a face full of
worry lines way too young, hands
always shaking even without a trigger.

I wonder if you know how your
silence screams in my sleep,
how your face still appears in
these nightmares I so terribly
want to call dreams.

—  claustrophobia // Haley Hendrick 
i am fire
i am the brightest of flames
i can take down anything
and everything
that dares to get in my way
i am powerful
i am strong
i am passionate
i am a force to be reckoned with
i am captivating beauty
  and paralyzing fear
don’t try to drown me
for i will rise
and rise
and rise again
and should this flame go out
like the phoenix
i will find it within me
to be reborn
into something
just as beautiful
and powerful
and amazing
as i was to start with
—  Anonymous said: Can you write something about self love?
(cc, 2017)
Treasure her softness. It is a luxury many cannot afford, and believe it or not, it costs her to show it to you. She’s been through so much already. So many have made it seem like her surface was all that mattered. No matter how much time she spent increasing the wealth underneath it, so many never saw her true worth. They were never curious enough to venture into her depths and discover it. They didn’t care about the years she spent studying in and out of school, they didn’t care about how huge and warm and her heart was, they didn’t care about the life she pictured at night when the world was quiet and the moon was bright and her dreams seemed a little more attainable. If she was good enough, she was subjected to catcalls and kindness that she could never really be sure was genuine. If she wasn’t their cup of tea, she was cursed at and practically shunned. Can you imagine the resolve it would take to live in a world where the only thing that mattered was whether or not your body was deemed worthy of being groped by hands that only know how to take? And after all that, now she’s with you, not only giving you access to her body but willing to bare her soul. Do not take that lightly.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh (maxwelldpoetry) // Treasure her. / “I am so tired of women being taken for granted.”
It is only when you stand up for what you believe in that your voice can be heard. You must work for what you want to happen, you must push forward and never give in the fight. When in doubt of what might happen, look fear in the eyes, stare that fear down until you are the one in control. It will only be times when you put what you want down as a priority that life will fall into place.

Priority by Amy Kennedy


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