They prepared me for school
Pencils and pens
And gave me the books I would need.
For dance they taught me the basics
Gave me my shoes
Before they put me on stage.

But in love they never teach you
What path to walk or burn
Or how to say ‘I love you’
To the one your heart will yern.
I never know the words to say
Or when to lean in for a kiss
I’m too afraid the one I do not have
Is the one that I will miss.

—  c.d.
Reasons Why People Fall for the Signs
  • Aries:Your exciting and lovable so naturally people want to be with you
  • Taurus:Your incredibly sweet and calm, no one is ever annoyed with you
  • Gemini:Your personality is lovable itself and you have the best connections with those you love
  • Cancer:Your very deep and caring so people love how real relationships with you are
  • Leo:Its impossible to not had a good time with you and people can't get enough of you
  • Virgo:You are protective and caring so people love the way you make them feel, and love you too
  • Libra:Your charming and considerate to everyone so people try to get close to you
  • Scorpio:Your Compassionate and honest, people always want to stay with you
  • Saggitaurus:You have deep feelings for those you love and people tend to find you creative and amusing to be around
  • Capricorn:Your affectionate and thoughtful, people fall in love with your personality
  • Aquarius:Your very friendly and show those you love how you feel in subtle ways
  • Pieces:Your warm-hearted and Caring, your accepting and loving of everyone
I don’t know what it is about you. From the first day we met, I fell right into you. It is as if our souls want to be as close as possible, yet we are trapped in the tangles of unsaid words, and constantly falling on our own clumsy thoughts.

I can only hope someday we will meet again, so I can have the chance to stumble into you, and this time I could say it was not an accident.
—  Maybe if we opened up, our souls could touch.