Translucent curtains 
dance against open 
window sills and 
autumn breezes 
kiss naked skin. 

Your silhouette 
breathes peacefully
against the weight
of the world and 
my love for the 
universe is resurrected
with every breath
you take. 

We clumsily bump
heads, and my mind
must have made your
touch carved into my
hands, for I pull you
closer like our souls
have known each other
all along. 

All these years I have
poured my love into
empty bottles that I
never got to drink
again, I am finally 
learning to taste
all I had lost, 
your lips are soft
rain that I want
to dance in.

—  I am alive when you are near.

yes yes and yes! the only missing point from the video is including the step that moving from the infantile to the mature loving requires self love! without learning to truly love ourselves and be “whole”, we are not able to give and receive the love of the others unconditionally