To some people, the act of falling in love is very much like falling into pieces. For when they love, they love all of you. They do not abandon any parts of you, they take you for who you are entirely. And when the night comes to tuck the sun into the moon, they tuck your brokenness into their bones even if they wake up in pieces in the morning. Those people, they are build to break each time they fall in love.
—  Lukas W. // Loving in pieces

“What if we never met?”

This question has crossed my mind a million times. If we never met, I probably wouldn’t be broken. I wouldn’t be drinking myself to sleep every night. I wouldn’t be listening to sad songs and watching these awful romantic movies.

But if I never met you, I wouldn’t know I was capable of loving like this. I wouldn’t have experienced what others never had the chance to in their entire lives. I wouldn’t have felt what it was like to be truly in love.

—  LA