Dear Tyler,

This is ‘Tyler’s 100 Word Project’ and is a message to Tyler Oakley from his people. 

100 people have submitted one word each that they would use to describe you Tyler. Collecting these words really showed me the huge love that all of the people in this comunity have for you. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Tyler is…

  1. Motivationaleviloverladyofhell
  2. Inspirational -  helloluvforever
  3. Passionate - happy-little-twink
  4. Inspiring - soulsivan
  5. Extraordinary - oakleysheart
  6. Remarkable - wishingfortroyler
  7. Reliable - dan-senpai
  8. Inspirational - amythemagiccow
  9. Family - oh-uncreative-one
  10. Fab - tillytrash
  11. Inspirational - welcome-toinsanity
  12. Dedicated - sydneyberner
  13. Eunoia - kylequat
  14. Confident - somewhere-inthemiddle-withyou
  15. Passionate - belami99
  16. Queen - theumaphoenix
  17. Lifesaving - troylers-wild
  18. Inspiring - life-fades-away
  19. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - dassuperbanshee
  20. Inspiring - t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a
  21. Fierce - bluneighbourhood
  22. Encouraging - howellaf
  23. Quirky - melletshiptroyler
  24. Angel - yeswonderforever
  25. Sassy - killthecookiemonster
  26. Encouraging - majsilajsan
  27. Influential - imwelcum
  28. Compassionate - treasureoakley
  29. Bubbly - vbsimon0611
  30. Marvelous - savannah-oakley
  31. Inspiring - swiggityslumblr-thisismytumbl3r
  32. Inspiring - anon
  33. Inspiring - silversnakes98
  34. Queen - anon
  35. Stylish - pansexualcaticorn
  36. Fun - troylerxbabe
  37. Pickle - carmenbilbao
  38. Influential - troyes-phantastic
  39. Passionate - troyleryay
  40. Adorkable - my-obsession-is
  41. Ambitious - phanreplay
  42. Invaluable - phanspirit
  43. luminous - youtubingphan
  44. Spontanious tyleroakleyspizza
  45. Flamboyant - wildfrantasy
  46. Dynamic - peace-luv-act-13
  47. Powerful - troye-singsong-sivan
  48. Inspirational - sivanftoakley98
  49. Thoughtful - bellaelove
  50. Beautiful - troyler-kills
  51. Passionate - lovelytronler
  52. Kind - anon
  53. Quirky - xxyaitsemilyxx
  54. Queen - iamjustmaddi
  55. Personality - kailaofthecosmos
  56. Fantastic - anaverageteen
  57. Sunshine - life-is-pretty-odd
  58. Inspirational - troyler-is-my-therapy
  59. Hilarious - anon
  60. Slay - why-all-caps
  61. Inspiring - hangrid4life
  62. Loving - trxye-and-txlly
  63. Warmhearted - aelinsflames
  64. Sassy - phan-atics
  65. Uplifting - whiskey-roses
  66. Inspirational - youtuberswifi
  67. Inspiring - thisbeabbie
  68. Adorable - thesaddimpleisnotonfire
  69. Ethereal - theverity
  70. Bubbly - sherlockedswiftiesheerio
  71. Colourful - ironicannaka
  72. Courageous - anaslaysia
  73. Loveable - -spoken-silence-
  74. Enthralling - larrygrimshawlove
  75. Cackle - phantasizingaboutphan
  76. Sassy - the-troyler-blog
  77. Exceptional - heaven-loves-hell
  78. Colourful - thatrainbowthing
  79. Slay - lucyoakley22
  80. Bubbly - thatanglerfish
  81. Phenomenal - legit-freak
  82. Bea - countinginfinitestars
  83. Likeable - tyler-oakley-slay-me-queen
  84. Saver - violetcurrie07
  85. Fabulous - sadpebblefromthenorth
  86. Fascinating - so-sivan
  87. Trustworthy - -troyeisnotonfire-
  88. Angelic - troyesivangonewild
  89. Tremendous - slay-it-off
  90. Compassionate - phanimist
  91. Fabulous - youtubeisbaeblog
  92. Adorable - god-i-love-youtube
  93. Giving - taraghosty
  94. Grateful - anon
  95. Optimistic - anon
  96. Precious - cadiebree
  97. Stupendous - ermahgerwd-bands-tattoos
  98. Inspiring - tronnor-oakley
  99. Generous - anon
  100. Caring - (Me) troyler-lifestyle

Lots Of love,

Team Internet xxx


I will take yours and give you mine
Becoming one in time
Lost together, forever, in a simple rhyme

Poetic Singh xx

#PoeticSingh #Poet #Poem #Poetry #Sikh #Singh #Sardar #Beard #BeardedPoet #Turban #TurbanedPoet #Dastar #Rhyme #Thoughts #Love #Loving #Life #Heart #Pyar #Dil #Happiness #Torment #Kind

We slept so close I
can still hear you
breathing in my 
dreams and your 
hair was dipped
in the morning
light and I can
still see your wrist
draped across the  
sheets and I still
trace the pattern of
your handprint across
my palm. And please
come closer, I miss you 
every time my hand is
not in yours.

And I never understood
why flowers tangled their
stems around each other
even if it meant they both
could suffocate, but now
I finally understand. It is
about being as close as
possible, about learning 
every little crease in their
petals, every place their
roots have touched, and
never feeling alone. And
someday on a rainy
afternoon, with our legs
entangled around each 
other and our bodies
so close we breathe in 
rhythm, I hope I will 
finally stop missing 
—  Requested // Close is never close enough. 
Don’t just settle for someone. Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love them. You deserve someone who will always put you first. Someone who remembers your favorite song and your favorite color and how you prefer dark chocolate to milk. You deserve someone who understands when you’re not okay and is fine with the fact that they can’t make it all better no matter how hard they try. You deserve someone who will invite you over on a stormy day so they can just cuddle with you and listen to the pouring rain because they know it’s your favorite sound. You deserve someone who looks at you like you’re everything they ever wanted. You deserve someone who’s not embarrassed to love you. Someone who would tell everyone they know how much they love you. Someone who will never for a second let you feel unwanted. You deserve someone faithful. Someone who will give you their all for the same in return. You deserve unconditional love. You deserve to be happy.
—  I could be the one for you. If you would just let me.
You deserve so much.

You deserve to be treated with kindness, love and care.
You deserve to be called beautiful/handsome every single day.
You deserve cute notes and teddy bears and candy wrapped up in ribbons.
You deserve to be listened to.
You deserve to be treated with respect.
You deserve to be referred to with the correct pronouns.
You deserve to be cuddled when you are sad and when you are tired.
You deserve to be kissed.
You deserve to have someone take care of you when you are down or when you are sick.
You deserve to know that people love you.
You deserve to be taken out on dates.
You deserve to have someone get to know every little part of you, and have them love every single part.
You deserve to be told your hair looks fabulous.
You deserve to be told that you are an amazing human being.
You deserve to be spoken to with kind words.
You deserve to have someone stay by your side through the good times and through the bad.
You deserve to have someone do their best to understand you.
You deserve to be loved.

You deserve the world.

(kisssmeimqueer is my former url. New one is this currently - thinkingofacatchyurl)