• Nick:It was quite nerve racking when I had to meet Mr and Mrs Fincham as well.
  • Matt:Uh, can we, no!
  • Nick:It was quite nerve rackin' when I met them. Hey! Your mum's not texting me actually. She not listening to the show anymore?
  • Matt:She's busy. You make it sound like we're together, which we absolutely categorically ARE NOT.
  • Nick:WHAT?
  • Vicky:I think you are actually.
  • Matt:I'm in a loving relationship WITH A GIRL.
  • Nick:We're not together?
  • *queues that really intense sad music (it's A Time For Us)*
  • Matt:No.
  • Nick:Oh god.
  • Matt:*laughing* Hate to break it to you.
  • Nick:You're breaking it to me at 7 am on a Wednesday morning! While Vicky's on the phone.
  • Matt:I'm your producer.
  • Nick:Fiona's here, the nation. Uhh, Tina's upset! GOD!
  • Matt:Talking of Tina, we're late for the news.
  • Nick:Oh yeah.
  • ...
  • Nick:So we're, not together?
  • Matt:News time.
  • Nick:Okay! I THINK THAT'S A MAYBE.
  • ...
  • Nick:*stops the Waking Up Song* So we're not together?
  • Matt:Absolutely not.
  • Nick:Well it's going to be a rough day.

anonymous asked:

So I'm guessing 💚 is still friends with Luis? I saw her comment on a recent pic of a friend and Luis is in it. "LOVIN the mf crew"

yeah I guess so

  • *talking about Apple Bottom Jeans*
  • Fiona:It gives you the shape akin to an apple.
  • Nick:Okay
  • Matt:Oh, in the derriere?
  • Nick:I don't think I'd want my bum to look like 'n apple! Out of all the fruit I'd probably go for like... couple of apricots!
  • *emoji discussion interlude*
  • Nick:Fiona! What do you think my bottom most resembles out of the fruit family?
  • Fiona:Let's have a look then... Just one big banana.
  • *Laughter*
  • Matt:Which side are you looking at?