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Pick Up Lines (Spideypool Quick Fic)

So this… this got ridiculous lol
For my anon prompt: is that a phone in your back pocket because your ass is calling me

Peter is Andrew Garfield/ Wade is Ryan Reynolds

“Hey did it hurt?”

“Huh?” Peter looked up from brushing the dirt off his suit to see Deadpool peering down at him from the fire escape in the dirty alley.

“Oh. Hey Wade. Did what hurt? Oh the–” he motioned to his dirty suit. “Just took a tumble through a construction yard chasing someone. No biggie.”

“No, I meant did it hurt when you fell from Heaven.” Wade corrected, leering at Spider-Man from behind his mask.

“Good grief.” Peter muttered and turned away. “Don’t you have anything better to do than spy on me and drop terrible pick up lines?”

Well.” Wade dropped onto the ground next to him. “I’d definitely have something better to do if you’d go out with me.”

“I told you no dates.” Peter said firmly. “My identity is very inportant to me, and you need to respect that. Besides–” and now he was grateful his mask covered his blush. “–besides you just like me because I’m covered in spandex.”

“I resent that!” Wade sounded horrified. “While I will admit to staring for hours at your…at your….” his head tilted to the side exaggeratedly, dropping to stare at Peter’s ass. “Sorry, what was I saying?”

“You were agreeing that we’d never date.” Peter said firmly, and shot a web towards the sky, shooting up and out of the alley before Deadpool could say anything else.

“Damn.” He chuckled and scratched at his head. “Spidey playing hard to get.”
Wade landed with a thump on the roof next to Peter and tossed him a chimi.

“Thank god.” Peter mumbled and shoved his mask up to just above his nose so he could eat. “Thank you so much.”

“No worries.” Wade lifted his own mask to take a bite of his food, and Peter made sure not to look. He didn’t ever look, knowing that if Wade thought for one second that he was staring, the mask would come down and this relaxed moment between them would end.

They were happening more and more– post patrol, both of them starving after a night of fighting crime. Wade usually disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared with food and they would sit and eat together before going their separate ways.

It was nice, for all of Wade’s bluster and bullshit, he actually enjoyed the early morning quiet like this. Both fully in their suits, both still coming down from the high of fighting… just hanging out watching the sun rise.

It was… nice.

And Peter wasn’t going to do anything to spoil it.

“Got you a name tag.” Wade said casually inbetween bites of food.

“What now?” Peter asked, confused.

“Got you a name tag.” Wade reached into the bag next to him and threw a giant handful of white packets in Peter’s face.

“What the–damn it Wade!” Peter pushed them off his legs. “Why are you throwing sugar at—”

Wade started laughing.

“Are you kidding me?” Peter finally asked and Wade laughed harder. “Are you kidding me with this?”

“Aw, come on sugar!” Wade made kissy faces at him and Peter just rolled his eyes.

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  • Kit: What's your favourite fast food restaurant?
  • Ty: Um Julian doesn't really let us eat fast food...
  • Kit: Say McDonalds
  • Ty: McDonalds?
  • Kit: Did you get your body from there? Cause I'm lovin' it
Jessie´s Girl

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Gonna Get Over You Part 2

Requested: Kind of.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After finally move to another direction, everything seems to go great for Y/N. Peters’ remorse couldn’t be more strong and he thinks as a result his abilities are being affected. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Warnings: No one.

Word Count: 1961

A/N:  Hello everybody! As you asked it, here’s part two of Gonna Get Over You, thank you so much for all the love ❤️ Also I think there’s going to be another part of this, my god. As it usual, this was inspired by Rick Springfield’s song  Jessie’s Girl (the song that made me put him Jessie btw 😂😂) So I hope you like it and well, i leave you to it. 

Jessie is a friend,
Yeah, I know he’s been a good friend of mine

Peter was looking at you two, exhausted. It was official.

You and Jessie were a couple.

It happened so fast, since the date two weeks ago, you discovered Jessie was the correct one. And after seeing he doesn’t seemed to change his attitude of a true man, you accepted being his girlfriend.

But lately something’s changed
It ain’t hard to define

The same night, Peter arrived home, broken. He didn’t have to cry or hit every wall to realize that this time he really messed it up. That weird feeling he felt in the stomach didn’t seem to stop, and he knew it will never stop.

And although he knew Jessie was perfect to you, he wasn’t so sure he really wanted to see you two in this way everyday.

As he felt this redhead had something hidden.

Jessie’s got himself a girl, and I want to make her mine    

With the eye on you, the spider boy couldn’t help but wondering how would it be to touch your hair the way Jessie did it, holding your hand   at the hallways for everybody to watch how happy both of you were, having that… gorgeous smile so close to him to take you for the neck and pulling you every inch that was necessary to make your lips rest gently on his.

And she’s watching him with those eyes

But after all, he was late. And he had to understand that it was his fault.

You were laughing, Jessie with the hand on your waist.

And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it!

In consolation, you still were his best friend. And that wasn’t going to change, even though you didn’t assured him orally, that was a promise you would take to the grave.

From your part you couldn’t say you were totally happy, Jessie was charming in every way you ever imagined but seeing how Peter distanced himself more and more from you, even if he did it unconsciously, it affected him in a certain way.

And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night

Peter closed his locker, giving  another glance to look how Jessie had you in his arms, and how comfortable you seemed.

You know I wish that I had Jessie’s girl

I play along with the charade

Peter was in chem class, he decided while during the class it was the perfect time to renew the fromula of his web.

As if the Universe was against him, he was paired with Jessie. Or Mr. Pumpkin Head, as he liked calling him.

“Why so suspicious?” he inquired urgentely, leaning forward his chair to see what Peter was hiding in the drawer.

He quickly closed it.

“Nothing” he implied jittery.  Jessie peered at him. Peter held his gaze, wanting to make him understand that he was not going to let himself be intimated.

His arachnid senses were kicking him off, there was something about this guy which Peter did not like.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason to change

“What about Wednesday night?” you asked Peter.

In the table, Ned and Peter were with you. The three of you discussing which day of the week you should hang out, as the old times.

“Decathlon day” Ned said, quitting that option of the list.

“Monday afternoon?”

“No, I have a Spanish project” this time was Peter.

“Saturday evening?”

“Sorry, Jessie and I have entrances to the cinema” you said.

From one moment to other, Peter was acting more strange than usual.

You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute

You were about to ask what happened when you felt how a very recognizable lips caught yours.

“How ya doing love?” Jessie questioned taking the seat of your side. You smiled.

“Great” you answered. ‘Before you were here’ Peter thought “And you?”

“Well I passed my math exam with an A” he said “And that’s because I have the best tutor of all”

You did a expression of tenderness as your cheeks went red. He took your hand and gave you another kiss.

Peter rolled his eyes so many times that Ned was worried about his eyeballs.

I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot

“So what were you talking about guys?”

“We try to found a day when we all can meet” Ned responded.

“And everyday happens to be not free” Peter affirmed.

“What about Flash’s party this Sunday?” the redhead proposed, with a little intention “Everybody’s invited”

Ned seemed to like that idea.

Peter quickly denied, it was not about being afraid of Flash, it was because he usually did the round at the neighborhood on Sunday.

“Wait, why not Peter? It’s an amazing idea!” you exclaimed at Peter.

He began to stammer again.

“T-The S-Stark Internship” he lied, glancing at Ned and he seemed to understand.

“Don’t you thing Mr Stark would give you a chance, Pete?” you asked “You are always with him!”

“This is important Y/N, you don’t understand!” he raised the voice. Almost yelling you.

You felt weak, even Jessie got up from his seat and if it had not been for you fast acting Peter would already be on the floor. The whole cafeteria was staring.

“I knew this was crucial for you,” you bittery started “but I actually never thought it was more important than your friends. Anyway, I hope you can be there.”

You left the cafeteria, Jessie next to you as he added one more evil eye on Peter.

Where can I find a woman like that?

Peter was putting on the most appropriate outfit he found in his closet. After spending the whole afternoon lying in bed wondering if he should go or not, he finally decided to take that risk.

He knew there was going to receive millions of insults from Flash and his stupid friends, but he also was aware his friendship with you hung on a thread and and he was willing to do anything to bring back the days in which nothing mattered but to be stuck on the sofa watching some marathon of science fiction films.

And I’m looking in the mirror all the time
Wondering what she don’t see in me

“Are you okay?” May asked while driving, she put her hand on Peter’s forehead “Are you feeling sick? You look…awful” she commented.

Peter laughed “I swear you are the best aunt ever” he complained sarcastically, May gave him a smile.

“It is what is is” she said, laughing too. She stopped at the house and before Peter leaving, she laid her hand on her nephew’s knee “I’m pretty sure that everything’s going to be fine”

Peter didn’t know how aunt May was aware of the situation but he nodded insecure and thanked her.

He entered to the party, he sighted Ned at the candy table wearing that hat again.

“Did you really have to wear that thing!?” Peter spelled out, he had to talk a little bit higher cause of the loud music, Ned shrugged “Where’s Y/N?”

Ned pointed to the dance floor where you were with your boyfriend, shaking hips and dancing according to the rythm.

You stopped your dance in thre moment you catch his stare, you apologized to Jessie and started going towards him.

When you finished your way, your gazes connected. Your mouth was ready to say something like 'I always knew you have your priorities sorted out’ or 'Thank god you finally got into reason’, but as much as you wanted, you did not have that cold mentality to resonate in a cruel form and much less you hadn’t the sarcasm in your blood as many others. So you broke the connection and you slowly came up to hug him. Obviously Peter was concerned, but it did not take him a second to return the gesture.

From the source of drinks, Jessie watched.

I’ve been funny; I’ve been cool with the lines

“Do I have to say I’m a total jerk?” he began, whispering in your ear “Or you are going to still be that amazing person and prevent my male pride from hurting?”

You laughed, separating from him.

“I was actually considerating the second option but…” you joked, both of you smiled playfully.

Ned came to you, happy for his best friends to have a normal conversation.

Peter was about to say something when Jessie arrived with two glasses of punch in his hands.

“Glad you came, Parker” he spat at the same time he passed yo the drink, the atmosphere was tense, the sudden glares Jessie and Peter threw to each other seemed to never end, you took a sip of your drink looking away and thanks to heaven, Jessie’s phone began to ring.

“Just a moment” he said, walking to the other side of the room to attend.

“What the hell was that!?” you questioned, a little exalted.

“Don’t blame me! Is your cowboy and his overprotective attitudes” he replied, smirking.

You hit him lightly on his shoulder in response to his silly reference to Toy Story, in which he also thought about where Jessie was coming from, Texas.

You started to get a little dizzy, causing your feet to fail the attempt to walk, equally provoking you to falter.

Before Peter could do anything, the lights went off in their entirety. And by the time Peter lit up with the flashlight on his cell phone, you were not there, just your glass torn to pieces on the floor.

He crouched and ran his fingers over some of the spilled liquid and smelled it. That definitely did not smell like a normal punch usually does.

And he knew what he had to do.

Ain’t that the way love’s supposed to be?

You woke up in what you assumed was a vacant lot, you were tied to a chair and who had been the person who kidnapped you, had an unimaginable strength.

The strings were so tight that your muscles began to ache, just as the marks had already been present in places like your wrists, your forearm or your legs.

You tried to scream, but something was stopping you. Your throat burned like hell itself, something that caused you even more pain than you were already suffering.

Even knowing that, you didn’t quit trying.

“You are only making it worse” he said. His voice was heard near you, caming out of nowhere.

“ J-Jessie?” you inquired, with your voice more hoarse than ever.

He gave you the most malicious look you’ve ever seen, you realized that the words that your grandmother constantly told you were true. A pretty face could be transformed into the ugliest monster you’d ever witnessed.

You decided to save yourself the silly questions and ask the obvious one.

“Am I going to die?” you spelled out. Jessie laugh.

“Not in that way”

You frowned, and at that precise moment, you saw a swirling silhouette in a red and blue suit that was landing on the floor.

“You know that kidnapping people is considered a crime, right? ” the Spider Man began.

That voice.

“I’d heard that just a foolish child, but it is not until now that I believe it” the redhead scoffed “How small is the world, isn’t it Parker?”

You opened your mouth.

It can’t be truth.

The boy in the suit left out a sigh and he started to take off his mask. And that was when you could see him.

Peter was standing there, with an exceptic face expression giving up to his identity.

“Let her go” he demanded.

“It is not an option” he said, taking out his phone to make a picture “Not until I have what I want”

Peter put his mask again.

“Then I think I’ll have to kick your ass” he claimed, worrying about your safety “But let’s make it clear that you asked for it”

And so the fight began.

Next in Line

If you want to can you write a punk frank one where he is kinda an asshole but flirts/ is real suggestive with y/n in class and it leads to smut in his car

So…. surprise! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write anything, and hopefully with the little bit of time off I have I’ll be able to get a bit done once exams are over. 

I dunno how I feel about this one.. it’s taken a while to write… so if it’s horrible, please tell me. 

Warnings: Smut, bit of cheekiness on Frank’s part

“Really Frank? Can’t I do my homework for five minutes without you interrupting me?” You sighed, plucking your headphones out as you dodged another one of his flying notes. Pushing your notebook to the side you looked up at him, the older boy grinning widely at you.

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To Be Deserving || Prompto x Reader

So considering how often @ultimoogle indulges me I figured it was high time I gave her a little gift in return so here we have some soft body worship mixed with gentle lovin

His hands trailed down your body, touch light like a gentle breeze.  Under normal circumstances you would have squirmed, tickled by the sensation, but at this moment there was something that sat heavy in the air that kept you in place.  It wasn’t the type of heavy that left you feeling as though the world was situated on your shoulders; it was the type of heavy that left you feeling like the only thing that existed in the universe – the only thing that mattered.

Prompto’s eyes were filled with a sacred type of admiration and he wasn’t even staring into your own eyes.  His beautiful baby blues were fixated on your body, taking in every curve, every bump, ever scar.  Each one held a unique story and those stories were ultimately what built you into who you were today.  While your body was already bare, Prompto’s gaze left you feeling stripped to your soul.  This happened every now and again, these nights where Prompto treated you like you were something greater than an Astral.  And no matter how many times it happened, you doubted you would ever get use to that tenderness, that reverence.  

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Imagine Gabriel constantly flirting with you

“Is your body from McDonald’s? Cause I’m lovin’ it.”

“You must be sweet because you’re definitely eye candy.”

“Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

“Gabe, we’re trying to hunt down a ghost, will you please shut up???”

“Okay… But are you a ghost? Because you’ve been haunting my dreams.”


itsaconquestofimagination  asked:

Hello lovely mods! May I please request some hc's for the triplets comforting and supporting fem reader who's really trying to lose weight again (already had shed like 100+lbs before) and just feels kinda stuck, exhausted and frustrated? I could really use the comfort and extra little push. *whispers* some body positivity would be great too if possible 😘❤️

Prefacing this by saying hey girl, Jess here, and you know I know this struggle all too well so I figured I’d tackle this one for you! Love you 😘

Originally posted by darcyfitz

  • Kylo doesn’t really get the fuss but wants to support you anyway, so he doesn’t express his confusion (you look fine and you’ve been successful, after all, having dropped 100+ lbs already)
  • so Kylo opts to just remind you that plateaus and bumps along the road are totally normal and natural and to just keep pushing through it
    • after all, your fighting spirit is Kylo’s favorite quality of yours, so Kylo hates to see you feeling so defeated when he knows you’re still ultimately victorious and on your way towards your goal

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  • Ben couldn’t care less what you look like, you’re still the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and he tells you that until you’re bright red from blushing
  • Ben’s the triplet to shower you with kisses when you’re feeling frustrated as he holds you extra close, showing your body some extra lovin’. Ben’s support is best shown via physical and romantic contact
  • this is because Ben figures if he physically shows you how much he loves you and your body, maybe you’ll start to see yourself the way he sees you
    • which also means Ben isn’t afraid to leave hickeys in really weird places to make you feel less self-conscious about your problem areas but to rather make you smile when you look in the mirror

Originally posted by sherrenaz

  • Matt is the gentle one about it; soft touches but kind words, extremely encouraging
  • Matt is the one to show you before and after photos of yourself to remind you of how far you’ve come so you don’t focus on how far you feel like you have to go
  • Matt also shows his support by offering to go to the gym with you since he could also probably use a workout since he’s not nearly as tough as his brothers, and he smiles as he tells you that you two could get stronger together! 
    • which of course means he shows you lots of love in your post-workout showers
  • Matt is also the one to go grocery shopping with you - Kylo will join too, but Ben can’t be trusted in grocery stores

Aerie invited me to be involved in their new campaign of lovin’ the swim you’re in, it’s also about lovin’ the body you’re in. When you post your unretouched swim photos (on instagram and/or twitter) with #AerieREAL, Aerie will donate $1 (up to $30K) to NEDA, a non-profit that supports those affected by eating disorders. 

This is near and dear to me, so I was completely thrilled to be involved. So much so that here I am baring myself, in the cold, to promote this awesome campaign. Go on instagram and post a photo of you in your swimwear, and we can support NEDA together!

Love yinz


The love lights that were shining
on me from up above,
Are now dim, flickering candles
without your sweet love.

No one in this world
could ever take your place.
What I would’t give
just to see your smiling face!

Those fingertips that know.
just what places to touch.
Oh, my darling,
I miss that lovin’ sooo much!

Your soft lucious lips,
my bare body you’d savor,
Like a lolly pop
in your favorite flavor

After we reached the peak
in our lovin’,
We’d lie close together,
Still kissing and hugging.

Oh, God, let those love lights
shine again up above.
Don’t let those dark clouds
darken our love.

I know we will make it
thru this inclement weather.
Then our two aching hearts
will be together forever….💙😈

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Hey are you still doing scenarios?? If not ignore this. I was wondering if you could do a RapMon scenario where you go to the beach with him and boys. (cuz I feel like he doesn't get a lot of lovin)

Swimming In Love

The sun was beating down on your scantily clad bodies, reflecting brightly off of the warm sand of the beach, squishing beneath your toes as you ran along the gritty surface. Waves were washing up onto the shore, the tide coming in further upon the white beach around you, rolling along with a dull roar. Many umbrellas and towels were stretched along, sunbathers holding their books lazily as small children ran along toward the cool blue of the ocean, screaming and giggling as the water enveloped their tiny bodies.

Diligently applying sunblock to your own ‘children’, you rolled your eyes at their impatience, they were all riled up to go and join those other giddy kids in the roaring ocean tide, squirming as you sprayed them with the SPF. Smiling, you shooed them with your hands, and without hesitation each of the six boys sped off toward the sea, screaming and laughing—it wasn’t as cute when it was young men in replace of children. However, they were like your own kids, so you found it just as adorable, albeit dorky, as you settled onto your beach towel, pulling a novel from your bag.

“Reading? Really? But, you can do that at home!” your boyfriend whined childishly, pouting his bottom lip cutely, and falling beside you on the small space left on your towel.

Chuckling, you slid your sunglasses up your nose, watching the silhouette of a woman walk by with her own small children, causing you to in-turn look after your own, who were splashing within the shallow tide of the clear sea, “Namjoon, I told you that I was not swimming today.”

Sighing, he rolled that golden head your way, moving his hat up and over his forehead, his face looking pitiful, “But, you always say that.”

“I know,” you smiled behind the pages of your book, shifting your position on the towel to allow him more space on the fluffy surface.

“Wait—Jagiya…do you know how to swim?” He asked with a crooked grin, his eyes turning into small, mischievous slits on his face, his hand cradling his chin so that he could peer down at you accusingly.

“Of course,” you fibbed, trying your best to conceal the truth behind a tight-lipped smile.

But, your boyfriend read right through your lie, plucking your paperback from your grasp and setting it back in your bag, pulling your sunglasses down and looking you in the eye, “Alright, if that’s true then come and take a dip with me,” he smirked triumphantly as dread flooded your eyes, your teeth sinking into your lip unpleasantly at the thought of jumping into that vast ocean that seemed to fold in on itself as it came ashore.

“Uhh, I’m ok here, actually. I am a little tired anyway, why don’t you go enjoy the water with the boys,” you nodded, sidling him off of the towel, laughing nervously.

“Ok, but you’re coming with me,” his smirk broadened as he suddenly pulled you up and away from the safety of your towel into his arms.

Struggling against his hold on you, less afraid of the fall to the sand below than the dive into the dauntingly deep sea, you hit the exposed skin of his chest with desperate hands, your voice sounding foreign to your own ears, “Namjoon, please! Put me down! Stop!”

You weren’t scared of many things: spiders, scary movies, bad hair days—none of those bothered you, but drowning, that scared the living poo out of you. Never had you ever learned to swim in your life because of this deep rooted phobia. You were the avid sunbather at the pool and beach, and that had become an increasingly easy transition after puberty because there was a strange change from girlhood to womanhood where ninety percent of females refused to swim—usually due to hair and makeup. You had cleverly used this to your advantage, but as a child it had been rather embarrassing and even traumatizing.

So, it was that you were held against your will—kicking and screaming—all the way to that deafening ocean, where Namjoon slowly immersed the two of you. Cursing him and threatening a break up, you saw the crowd on the beach and in the sea shoot looks your way at your inappropriate and obnoxious scene, covering the ears of the small children eyeing you curiously. Namjoon chuckled, and took you toward the other boys, who cheered his actions on, angering you further, “Don’t encourage him!” You roared, giving the orchestra of the ocean a run for its money, as you clung to your boyfriend’s chest cowardly.

Dipping your toes in just slightly, Namjoon smiled softly, cocking his chin to the side, “It’s not so bad, Jagiya. See?”

You appeared to be a cat in water, grimacing at him, “It is awful.”

“Come on, swim with us, Noona!” Jimin called out to you, splashing Jungkook and Taehyung playfully with salt water.

Gripping Namjoon’s shoulders even tighter, you blanched as he nodded at you and dipped you into the waves, “Go on. Swim. You can do this,” promising with his eyes and mouth, “I am right here. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Your nails were digging into the skin of his shoulder, making him cringe, but he continued to descend you into the water with him, nearly dipping you under completely, “Hold your breath, ok? Squeeze your nose. Just listen to your body, it knows what to do.”

And, just like that you felt the water cover you completely, surrounding you on all sides, pushing into your body, making you weightless as you paddled frantically, holding your breath and clenching your eyes closed. You were petrified, but you felt that familiar grasp on your waist, holding you comfortingly—safely—as you heard the rush of the  sea in your ears; the calmness of the great below. This isn’t so bad, you thought as you were held beneath the surface for another moment before you felt his hands pull you up for air.

Surfacing, you heard applause from the other boys, and saw a large grin plaster itself over your boyfriend’s face as his arms hugged you closely, “Told you you’d be fine.”

Glaring playfully, you splashed a large amount of water into his face without warning, making him gasp and then laugh boisterously, “You’re lucky I like you so much.”

“I know,” he smiled softly, showing off those dimples beside his mouth, “Thank you for swimming with me, Jagiya.”

Pressing his forehead to yours, he planted a small kiss upon your lips, which you sunk into immediately, twining your arms around his neck as you whispered, “Thanks for making me.”

Letting go of your waist, he grinned, “Now, it is time to swim on your own. Prove to yourself that you can.”

Kicking your legs, you paddled your arms, listening to your instincts and letting them override that slight panic elating within your chest, swimming toward his floating form. You were doing it—conquering your fear—swimming all by yourself, a thing you thought was impossible. Who knew, you really do learn something new every day?

Floating along together, you made your way to the other boys, and played in that vast ocean, no longer afraid of the deep blue, and instead, embracing its mystery. Grinning, you hugged your boyfriend, feeling lucky and blessed to have caught him. With him alongside you, you could do anything—be anything, all you needed was his strong, sure hands. 

Hetalia Pick Up Lines
  • Axis
  • Germany: Wan't to know how long a wurst can get?
  • Japan: Let's cosplay your OTP
  • Italy: Pasta is the second thing i like to eat in bed
  • Romano: I'm hot-headed, you're hot-bodied, and together we'll be a hot couple
  • Prussia: You made me go beyond 5 meters
  • Allies
  • England: I'm blinded by your beauty
  • America: Did you get your body at McDonald's? Cause i'm lovin' it
  • France: I'll make you redder than these roses tonight
  • Russia: You're the only person i wan't to be one with
  • China: Wan't a Fine China? I'll give you tonight
  • Canada: Let me puck you with my stick

💫It’s been a long journey with proteinworld.com @proteinworld! Lovin the results from their #weightlosscollection 💕Take care of your body & it will take care of you.. 😘 by jojo_babie instagram://user?username=jojo_babie

Tiny Little Ways To Be Nicer To Yourself

-wear the lipstick you want to see in the world
-moisturize your fuckin’ neck
-instead of looking in the mirror and attacking yourself like one of those 90’s-era-child-bullies, be the Danny Tanner in your own life and reaffirm how fuckin’ flawless you are, Michelle! Find something you love about yourself every day. And remind yourself of that every day.
-order the exact thing you want on the menu. Don’t split it. Eat the damn mac&cheese and don’t beat yourself into a blood orange over it.
-treat yourself to one of those fancy coffees and sit down somewhere and read a book and savor the whole damn experience
-buy yourself super sexy panties and wear them on your bed while you binge on Netflix, ass out
-say NO to things you don’t want to do, like going out or getting brunch at 10am
-I know it’s winter but take some time out of your day to show some lovin’ to your feet
-move around a bit. Treat your beautiful body like the temple it is and let it wiggle
-instead of comparing yourself to somebody else, how about don’t
-buy the 15 dollar bottle of wine for just you
-tell yourself you like your flaws until you start believing it
-all you gotta do is chop up a bunch of veggies and sautee ‘em with garlic and olive oil and then you can shut up about how much garbage you’re shoving into your maw
-take a minute to be alone and think about it
-just put the drink down and deal with your shit
-go to bed 30 minutes earlier than the time you usually say you’re going to bed, even though that means you’re going to sleep 2.5 hours earlier than normal
-stand up for yourself. When you hear some stupid-ass comment or some passive-aggressive junk, look that person in the eye and call them out on their shit.
-put the phone and the computer in another room for at least a little while
-clean up the space in your room so you don’t feel like you’re suffocating in the only place you can feel normal
-so you’re single SO FUCKING WHAT, this is what you need to tell yourself
-yo, girl, it’s okay if you’re not pooping normally take some vitamins and fix that. Take some vitamins!
-GO! Go get up right now and chug a glass of water like the Thor you are
-find out your bra size. Try on all different kinds of outfits and find the best shapes for yourself and wear those all the damn time
-do your laundry before it gets nuts Pompeii pile on you
-feed the friendships that make you feel immortal
-try not to put all the blame on you
-try not to put all the blame on yourself
-wash your face before you go to bed
-stop focusing on how you want to change your body. Being healthy is not about looking a certain way, it’s about feeling a certain way. So change the habits you find unhealthy and focus on living a bit longer, not looking a bit different.
-Remember it is okay to love yourself and work on doing that every day.

Exo reaction when other man is flirting with you

Xiumin: “Wow great pick up line. Are you an angel? really impressive” 

Luhan: *Judging extra hard* 

Kris: “So this is what you call flirting?” 

Suho: “What about me?”  it’s been year :’’)
Guy: *runs away*

Lay: *Kisses you in front of the guy*

Baekhyun: “Hey what do you think you’re doing?”

Chen: “I am standing here holding her hand for a reason right?  Who do you think i am? a potato?


Tao: “Literally, nobody asked you for this” 

Kai: “Ohh.. but she’s my girlfriend..”

Guy: Is your body from Mc donald? Because i’m lovin’ it

I am on the body positive struggle bus. It has a lot to do with my current circumstances, when I feel bad about other things I feel bad about myself.

So I took the camera to myself.

At first all I see is the scars, the bumps, the imperfections.

But after I look long enough, I begin to notice the way the sun kisses my curves and my breasts curve like soft pillows. I notice the way the scars fall down my tummy like a waterfall. I notice the natural curl of my hair. The soft tone of my skin.

My body is such a unique and mysterious thing. And it’s all mine. No one has a say in it but me.

And I love it.


^ these blogs help me love me. Check them out, and start loving you too. Bc your body deserves some lovin.