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took a break from emote requests to do some christmas sweaters! happy christmas everyone! i hope to do some more of these with other overwatch characters, so keep your eyes peeled <3

Truth or Dare

Pairing: Rob/Rich/Reader
Word Count: 5,357
Warnings: angst, yelling, smut, fluffy, threesome, little kink, men kissing
Authors: Sam
Request: Anonymous - could you do a Rob/Rich/Reader fic?
A/N: I absolutely loved writing this. It was so interesting. I need to throw this out there now that I threw in some kisses between Rob and Rich. I’m sorry if that offends anyone, but I’m NOT against LGBTQ and so on. I support that community and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Love who you love. Be who you are.

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anonymous asked:

ok, so... do you have any "fresh" solavellan fics to recommend, then?


It’s 1AM, so I am positive I’m forgetting others; I may reblog and add extra recs later. But without further ado, in no particular order:

  • Black Coral by @playwithdinos​ - it’s supposedly a mermaid AU! (blows kiss to dino) anyway, it’s full of mysteries and subtle reveals that keep me guessing, and Dragon Age’s setting is seamlessly exchanged for a seaside variety. I’ve been convinced Solas was a mermaid and then convinced that he was not and then back again. Twice. WIP but it’s got me hooked!
  • Pride’s Folly Series by @justanartsysideblog​ - one of those “Solas destroys the world and regrets everything” stories but imo it’s the best one I’ve read. Extremely well-written, gut-wrenching (one of her chapters gave me emotional heartburn for six hours) and drenched with extra angst, if you’re up for Solavellan Hell Heartburn™ read this. also a WIP.
  • The Tenant of Wolvenhall by @hallahart​ - a Charlotte Bronte AU with the solemn promise that Solas has no wives in his attic (what a relief, tbh.) BUT! It is a Bronte AU with Thedas fully integrated within, so it leaves a lot of questions about, well, everything. Also a WIP but I have it in my alerts and I am eagerly anticipating chapter 4!
  • A Constellation in Blood by @destinyapostasy​ - ft. her Lavellan, but with a catch: Solas despises the human Inquisitor and has no reason to feel bad about destroying the world. Dark!Solas, essentially, which, yes. ALSO a WIP, but looking forward to the next chapter!
  • Prayer for the Dying by Khirsah - ok, it only has two chapters so far, but Khirsah’s prose is AMAZING. They are also insanely talented in the smut department. I’ve been hooked on Devil’s Spoke (Sebastian/F!Hawke) and when I saw that they’d at last written a Solavellan piece, I - well, I won’t tell you, because frankly it was embarrassing. Joyful gasps and whispering “god bless god bless god bless” may have been involved, or not. Ahem. Anyway. I also recommend everything they’ve ever written, even the stuff I haven’t read.

some nsfw/kinkmeme stuff that is complete:

  • In the Dark by writinwaters - regular masturbation. insanely hot and needs more lovin’. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  • The Herald in Nude Repose - guilty masturbation! Solas gets waylaid by a revealing portrait of the Inquisitor.