lovin the style


Battle of the Music Videos | Round 1 Winner: If It’s Lovin’ That You Want

In an interview with MTV News, Rihanna spoke about the development of the shoot for the video, saying “The water was so cold … but oh my gosh, we had so much fun … We were bumping each other off the Jet Skis and just had a ball”.

Chrobin Week Day 1: Class Change

tfw your boyfriend is the most beautiful dancer in the world. Actually, Chrobin week was last week, but I really wanted to draw for it anyway haha. I made Robin a dancer (because male dancers yes) and following my next favorite ship, Olivia/Lon’qu, I made Chrom a myrmidon. 


Harry in Brentwood.
Why is he so adorable!?! ❤️❤️😍😍😘😘

Signs as Ashton Tweets

Aquarius: “Haven’t seen Michael in like a while, have you guys seen him? I need his colored fluffy head in my life”

Pisces: “Today I went to the gym for a total of 12 minutes and 43 seconds… #fitness”

Aries: “Wait.. you need to have “sex” to have kids”

Taurus: “I’ve smiled A LOT TODAY LOVIN IT”


Cancer: “When I send “xox” in a text, it changes to Xbox, and makes me look like a massive nerd :(“

Leo: “Update on my life: Just sitting here watching people”

Virgo: “1 chocolate pie is not enough chocolate pies”

Libra: “Remember kids: Don’t get emotionally attached to a band. You’ll get pregnant and die.”

Scorpio: “All I’m sayin is my dance moves need to be shared with the world”

Sagittarius: “You little onion, with all your layers”

Capricorn: “Honey you need to chill”

Can we just talk about this gif. Lol this is from a long time ago judging by Harry’s hair cut but this is my favorite gif rn. 

The one wrapping his hands around Harry is Louis ;)  

There’s Harry beaming as Louis grabs the back of his neck his neck. There’s the security guard literally moved blocking the view right when we all want to see what was happening. Then there is Niall who is just chillin’ in the background like “I’m the third wheel here and I don’t care.”