lovin her long time

my friend has been craving some man lovin for a really long time

and tonight is her first time hanging out at this dude’s crib that she has been feeling for a few months now

she hit me up, nervous, wondering about hair and wanting to talk about sex cuz it’s been awhile

i appreciate that she called me for this 

i used to worry that my friends would feel that they couldn’t relate to me anymore, since i’m kind of the religious/no sex chick in the group

but i love that they don’t see me as the religious/no sex judgmental chick in the group

what i do in my life is my choice and affects me

i have no intention of instructing others on how they should live 

and while certain things won’t work for me and my relationship

i want my friends to be happy

so if that’s what she wants, and in a way feels like she needs

then imma be the friend to say “get it girl! wear your hair out, give that nigga something to hold on to!”