Ok this is one of the gayest photoshoots I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen the Hollstein s2 promo pictures.  Also, wtf were they wearing?  Who dressed them?  Who thought any of these colours together were appropriate???  Can we talk about Demi’s face in the first picture?


So… I want to point out a few cute things that I noticed in this video

1. When they go out of the restaurante, Selena goes to one side and Demi goes to the other, Demi looks at Selena and it looks like she’s a little bit disapointed that she couldn’t say goodbye to her best friend Love of her life.

2. The camera follows Selena and she remembers that she didn’t say goodbye to her love, (oh what a silly girl you are Gomez)

3. When she turns around Demi wastes no time and walks towards Selena, but wait…

4. Someone is getting in the middle so she tells the man that is getting on her way “Hey, can you move!” so he does and then… *Takes a deep breath*

5. They hug each other so tight that I just can’t handle it, and they say “I love you” to each other…

6. Demi being the amazing girlfriend she is, waits until Selena drives off to get out of the place and follow her beautiful girlfriend

I don’t know about you but I think this is really cute and it just makes me want to set myself on fire.

If I wrote something wrong please let me know and I’ll correct it, Thank you :)