Hi Taylor my name is Kateryna and you mean the world to me,You always been a inspiration to me and to other people you have helped me in so many ways I been bullied in the past and you’re music has helped me so much, right now things are really tough in my life but you always know how to cheer me up, I went to the red tour last year on July 20 and it was the best even though it rained and thunderstormed like crazy! I used to live in Ukraine and things are very different i used to live in a home without parents all i had was my orphan friends. When I first came to America you’re music has always made me a better person I danced and sang, I never stopped. Taylor I love you so much, you are funny, gorgeous, talented, amazing, unique, flawless, and so much more. You are my role model and inspiration. You are beyond amazing. You are so beautiful You are so caring and you love everyone, you just learned to just shake off the hate and be fearless. Music is a way of expressing your emotions. I love your music every piece of it. Along the way, you had your ups and downs. You tried very hard and succeeded. That’s why I Love you. You get hate, but you dont let it get to you. You never changed for anyone. You are yourself. You have won many awards you truly deserve them. When I watch videos of fans receiving gifts from you or meeting you and they begin to cry, I cry too. If that was me, I wouldn’t know what to do I’ll probly pass out! Just the thought of meeting you makes me almost cry. You are so so generous, it blows my mind! I been a fan since you’re first album, and I watched you grow up into a great role modeI. I’m always going to be here for you every album you make, every video, and every tour! I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Love you so much Taylor! thank you for everything forever and always ~Kateryna🙈💕 @taylorswift

The way you make me feel and smile, i cannot describe it, to everything too the shivers of a feather on your skin.
you make me smile like no one has ever seen me, make me feel like a princess that got her prince, Im so happy i have you in my life i never want that to change, i will never hurt you, never will i break your heart.
My handsome I love you so gawd damn much xxxxx ❤💏😗😍

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hc where richie and Eddie (either dating or not yet, but the feelings are definitely still there) get into their first actual fight and both of them are too stubborn to give it up because come on, it’s richie and Eddie, but as they’re yelling or something one of them starts crying so the other just stops and runs to them and hugs them because oh my god that was NOT supposed to happen and please don’t cry I loveyousomuch

Slightly Angst but mostly Fluff Fighting Reddie, you got it! (young adult modern AU- I mean the Losers are all pulling out their hair at this point it’s been YEARS THEY NEED TO BE A THING ALREADY)

-Richie and Eddie aren’t dating yet, but good lord the tension of unspoken words could be cut with a knife. They’ve both liked each other since they met and both are too shy AND proud to be the first to crumble.

-Like it’s practically a competition to see who cracks first, at least in Richie’s head. So he devises a plan, he’d make Eddie jealous. 

-I mean, how could that go wrong? RIGHT?

-Richie starts flirting with anyone and everyone, and while he doesn’t give Eddie the cold shoulder, he’s not exactly being as affectionate as before. He doesn’t put him in headlock holds when they walk down the hall, and he doesn’t offer to carry his books like he used to. He also doesn’t sneak over (as much, he can’t stay totally away of course)

-Eddie is crushed, but won’t admit it. He sits and stews in his jealousy, and starts to get a little sad, too. Of course he hates feeling sad over Trashmouth. I mean out of anyone in the world, why him?!

-Jealousy can’t be contained forever, and soon Eddie finds himself lashing out at Richie more and more. He even goes so far as to stop letting him in the window, even if they can both see each other. 

-He starts leaving Richie out of plans he makes right in front of him, and shouldering past him any time Richie is found to be flirting with someone else. 

-Richie doesn’t actually do anything with these people, but how could Eddie know that? Weeks turn into months, until he can’t take it anymore. 

-Eddie blows up. I mean BAD. Richie is almost shocked speechless that this boy can turn so red and be so angry. It’s almost scary. He’s screaming about how stupid Richie is, and how oblivious he’s been. 

-Richie of course won’t take this sitting down. He’s incredibly offended and hurt, hurling insults back at Eddie, saying how he’s been in love with him all this time and how Eddie was hurting him, and he couldn’t think of anything else to do. 

-It’s escalated to a screaming match, both boys in each other’s faces, hands shaking and voices starting to crack. 

-Richie slips up and says something extremely hurtful, probably about Eddie being too weak and too afraid to even know how to love, and he shuts the smaller up instantly. 

-Eddie hates being called weak and afraid- it hits too close to home with living such a sheltered life, and he’s worked so hard to get out from under his mom that any idiot with eyes would see what a stress it was causing him. So this coming from Richie? The guy he loves? It’s like a slap in the face. 

-Instantly, he’s crying big, fat, angry tears, and even though he’s trying to keep his voice level and strong, Richie’s heart practically shatters when all Eddie manages to get out is a suddenly small “I’m not weak. I’m not I’m not.”

-Richie just rushes over to Eddie, apologizing and acknowledging that Eddie is strong and he didn’t even know why he yelled it. He apologized for being such a child and a jerk and let Eddie know that if he didn’t like him anymore, he’d understand. He tells him that as long as they can still be friends he’ll be okay. 

-Eddie calls him a stupid idiot, and when Richie looks at him in confusion, Eddie shocks him and anyone else gathered from the fight my suddenly yanking Richie’s shirt collar towards him and smashing their lips together. 

-That day, they had their worst fight in history. But if you ask them about it? It was the best day in their lives as that’s the day they stopped being MORONS and started dating. No off-and-on again relationship, no miscommunication, no bad fights. They were together, and they knew that they needed to keep what they had alive. They were voted the first same-sex cutest couple in the year book their senior year. 


You’re different. You’re good and kind and decent. And I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. I never would. I would have ruined you. It wasn’t you. It was me and everything that’s happened to me.
—  Hannah Baker

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Have you spent enough time today contemplating sleepy Nursey glomming onto a fully awake Dex and nuzzling him and muttering cute things while Dex tries desperately not to laugh but also wishes his phone was close enough that he could record it forever?

No, I really, really haven’t.

“Ffmmmnm,” Nursey says, pressing his mouth into Dex’s neck. The slight pressure of his lips tickles.

Dex snorts. “What was that?”

Nursey runs a hand over Dex’s chest, snuggles in closer. “Fffmmmmm,” he repeats, pushing his face upward toward Dex’s ear.

“You’re a goddamned poet, Nursey,” Dex says, even as he relaxes into the touch, turning slightly to touch the warm skin at Nursey’s waist. Nursey’s warm with sleep and so inviting. “Speak some fucking English.”

“Loveyou,” Nursey murmurs. “Loveyousomuch wannastayhereallday.” He runs the words together into long strings of almost-coherence. Dex’s heart thumps, and a little thrill runs along his spine. But at the same time, he kind of wants to burst out laughing. King of Chill Derek Nurse would never say something like this in the light of day.

“All day, huh?” he counters, smirking. “What the hell would we do here all day?”

“Mmmm… sleep,” Nursey mumbles. “Sleep ‘n’ cuddle. Lots of cuddling. ‘n’ maybe watch TV ‘n’ read a bit.” He runs his hand down Dex’s stomach, then a little further down than that. “‘n’ maybe some sex. But not yet. ‘Cuz sleepy.”

Dex bites his lip. Fuck, Nursey’s adorable right now. “I’m gonna get my phone,” Dex tells him. “And I’m gonna record you like this and upload you to YouTube.”

“Screw you,” Nursey says, but the way he says it is adorable. It’s all flat and slurred and drawn out, and Nursey sounds so sleep-addled and blissed out it’s almost an endearment.

“But ‘not yet, ‘cuz sleepy,’” Dex rejoins. “Right?” He turns, faces Nursey on the bed. Nursey’s hair is mussed and his eyes are half-lidded.

“Mmmhm.” Nursey slings a leg over his, presses them close. Hip to hip, chest to chest. His warmth is intoxicating. “‘S’good, dun move, so nice. Good. Good. Will. Good. Best boyfriend. Mmhmm.”

It’s taking all Dex’s strength not to laugh. But he wraps his arm around Nursey, savoring that rush of completeness that comes from holding and being held. He kind of wishes he could take a video, but not for YouTube. Just for himself, to remember Nursey at this moment. His silliness and his sweetness and all the things Dex has come to love about him, captured forever.

In the absence of a video, Dex closes his eyes, murmurs “Love you, babe,” and commits the feel and scent of Nursey to memory.

Thank-you for everything. For inspiring me into my love of videogames. For making me laugh after a tough day. For brightening up my mornings when I woke up. For being my heroes; for making me want to be a hero.

I love you guys. I will always love Inside Gaming. And hopefully I will get to love you in the future, wherever you might be.

Adam, Bruce, James, Joel, Spoole, Lawrence and Matt I wish you the best of luck. Just remember: keep humping.