The Devil’s Soulmate

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “You know i can’t let you do that”

Pairing: Lucifer x Y/n

Warnings:  Few curse words, Angry reader, Cute Lucifer, lovey doveyness going on. Basically it. Like hinted smut in the last 2 sentences. But nothing explicit

Summary: Y/n is getting sick of Lucifer interfering in his sex life. 

Word count: 1232

A/N: Ok so this is just fluffiness basically. I tried to stick to the little themes of love and innocence. Hope it was good for y’all. 

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“So, you wanna go back to my place?” the handsome man asked y/n. Y/n was finally going to do it. He’d been seeing Justin for almost a month now. The guy was great. He wasn’t rushing y/n, who was unfortunately still a virgin. It wasn’t his fault. He tried to lose it a few times. But something would always get in the way, or someone. Most of the time it was that someone.

“Um yea, I think I’d really like that” he said, kissing Justin, lips and tongues gliding over each other, fighting for dominance, Justin winning and plunging his tongue into the wet cavern as y/n closed his eyes, enjoying the kiss.

Y/n snapped his eyes open when he heard a loud crash and couldn’t feel Justin’s lips on his anymore. Looking around, he saw Justin on the floor of the slightly deserted bar they were at, a table and a few chairs knocked over. Running to see if he was okay, he was stopped by a large chest appearing in front of his face. He knew exactly who it was and what had just happened.

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i hope our bbc sherlock gets to be as positive and gentle and affectionate and romantic as holmes is in canon. i was so delighted when fox @queerwatson mentioned it in their tjlce video. 

i do think we have already seen some of that side of sherlock, but. i’d love to see his walls come down and have more fun and joy and lovey doveyness in his daily life. i think at his core, he is a sweet, playful man and i wish he could relax enough to let that side of him shine. his version of sweet and playful is a little eccentric, but. very well worth seeing. 

Honestly, the people who are advocating to kill Emily off because she supposedly having an affair with Mike might also be the kind of people who have a tendency to blame female characters.  We don’t know what they’re talking about when Ashley is looking through the binoculars and Ashley doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  If you look closely, MIKE is the one putting his hands on Emily’s face, and Emily’s gently but firmly pushing them away.  And there’s a noticeable lack of lovey-doveyness in her demeanor.  For all we know, she could be having a serious conversation with him to stay away or about Hannah and Beth.

Also, notice Emily’s character traits.  Intelligent, Resourceful, Persuasive,  And the yearbook.  Her quote was by Eleanor Roosevelt, and her future goals include destroying the glass ceiling.  Destroy the idea that your strong female characters must be weaker and less powerful than your strong male characters.  

Maybe her race is the issue.  Emily is the only woman of color in the cast.  Maybe you weren’t expecting her to be ‘bitchy’ like you did Jessica.  Destroy the idea that characters of color must portray stereotypes.