There is our Olicity kiss.  Twitter go crazy, or it went crazy. It did go crazy. Yeah, we had all these thoughts & ideas & plans about the Oliver & Felicity relationship in the end of the season but when we hit upon the whole Lian Yu gambit, we realized there is really not going to be a lot of time for a whole lot of lovey-doveyness. We definitely wanted to bring it in for a landing and set up the fact that they did put their past behind them in episode 5x20 and we are back with them being back together.
The Devil’s Soulmate

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SPN S12 Countdown Writing Challenge

Prompt: “You know i can’t let you do that”

Characters: Y/n, Lucifer, OC Justin

Pairing: Lucifer x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings:  Few curse words, Angry reader, Cute Lucifer, lovey doveyness going on. Basically it. Like hinted smut in the last 2 sentences. But nothing explicit

Word count: 1241

Summary: Y/n is getting sick of Lucifer interfering in his sex life. 

A/N: Ok so this is just fluffiness basically. I tried to stick to the little themes of love and innocence. Hope it was good for y’all. 

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“So, you wanna go back to my place?” the handsome man asked y/n. 

Y/n was finally going to do it. 

He’d been seeing Justin for almost a month now. 

The guy was great. 

He wasn’t rushing y/n, who was unfortunately still a virgin. 

It wasn’t his fault. 

He tried to lose it a few times, but something would always get in the way, or someone. 

Most of the time, it was that someone.

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okay but legit question: does romance not exist because you don't like it, or because it's not a thing in this universe? i feel like taking away romance would take away a very vital humanizing tool and also mess up the universe a bit... does it not appear because the cats don't care about it, or because YOU don't? you haven't made that very clear :00

It’s… a little of both. 

Romance is not a big deal to the Clans - you can have a mate who you love very dearly, but you don’t need to proclaim it and be all mushy-mushy to make it apparent that the two of you are together and happy. The Clans show their affection for their Clanmates by hunting for them, sharing meals, hanging out quietly in the sun, grooming each other, and so on. Actions, rather than words, state love and friendship (unless you’re in RiverClan, where everything is a federal fucking issue and you just have to recite a poem about the object of your affection or you’re out of the game).

On the other hand, I personally detest writing romance and get annoyed when it crops up in other stories. I feel that romance bogged down the original series and ruined a lot of good plots, so keeping any of the official romances in threatens the quality of the Redux. That and, well, fuck it, it’s my shitty fanfic, I do what I want, you’re not my real dad. 

Short answer, I guess: The cats don’t place a lot of importance on lovey-doveyness, and neither do I.

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Uh… not sure how to put this, so I guess I'll just say it: Why is sokkla almost always implied to be hot and passionate in regards to love making?

Uh… .____. I’m a bit puzzled by this question. I thought just by looking at them anyone would figure why that is… I mean, there were only two screen moments of the two of them together in the show, and they just happened to go like this:

Did we ever see anyone else face to face with Azula during the show like this…? Aside from Chan, which ended quite badly, I think not…

And dang, the way they’re looking at each other here. She’s POWERLESS here, completely in his mercy and that’s not something that has happened between Azula and anyone else. Yet she’s powerless… and she glares back at him defiantly. He’s raging mad, and she just smirks. He’s playing into her hand and she can’t defend herself from him, but she’s EXACTLY where she wants to be…

Again, their faces are only inches away from each other. Did anyone else stand up to Azula in the show like this? Sure it wasn’t Sokka who got her hand stuck to the wall, but it’s him who pinned her too it by pushing her shoulder, and he’s the one glaring at her and keeping her in place. It’s none other than the Water Tribe peasant who’s got Azula in a situation she seems to enjoy so thoroughly…

You see, there are heaps of possiibilities with Sokka and Azula, you can have them being mortal enemies or you can have them being the very best of friends. The possibilities are virtually endless, depending on how you decide to develop their relationship… yet there’s something that won’t ever change no matter what angle you decide to explore their relationship with, and it’s a quality that they both share without knowing it: that balance between fire and ice. Sokka is quite a passionate guy when he gets really involved with something, and Azula herself has proven to feel things really strongly in the show. Yet they’re both calculating as well, they think things through, they can be cold-blooded if need be.

Sokka and Azula are opposites, yet similar in many ways. That brings about a form of competitiveness between them that I don’t know if could be possible by pairing either of them with someone else. They’re constantly trying to overpower the other, to prove they won’t stand idly by while the other has his way. Nuh-uh.

And yes, maybe Sokka is bound to get the losing end on most situations, BUT in that which concerns socialization and physical touch and the sort, Azula is practically clueless. Whereas Sokka isn’t. So, now moving towards what you’ve just asked, the dynamics of their relationship which I explained above are brought all the way to the bedroom. Competitiveness, passion, intelligence… all of it is put into the test again when they’re having sex. If they’re a happy couple, Sokka would want to please Azula to no end and thus he’d put everything he’s got when they’re doing it.

But if they’re on the other end of the spectrum, and their relationship is mostly an enmity, a rivalry where Azula keeps making a fool out of Sokka and he can’t take it anymore… well, in that sort of scenario we would have more of what we got in picture #2 up there. It’s time for Sokka to get back at her for everything, by making her come off as the fool… so he’ll do everything he can to have her screaming his name in pleasure and begging him for more. Of course, Azula would do anything not to beg. And she would try to turn things around, which wouldn’t be too easy if she’s still clueless, but as she learns more about how to do this, she’d become more capable of making him scream her name instead and making his revenge-ish plan backfire on him. So in this case, it’s a crazy competition, a wild tryst where they’re driven both by lust and that very competitiveness I explained before, and that, my friend, makes for seriously passionate sex.

And as I said, in a loving scenario, they remain passionate precisely because they’re in love. Sokka wants to make her happy, and apparently orgasms can help him accomplish that xD also because he’d want to love every little bit of her body, much as he has come to love everything else about her. And Azula is fire, blood of the dragon xD with a man she loves as strongly as she loves Sokka, she would want to show him through gestures rather than words the depth of her feelings towards him. She wants to return all the favors he’s giving her, and thus, the love-making is passionate here as well.

I pretty much went to either extreme of their relationship with that explanation, but no matter if they’re just lovey-dovey, or if they’re just downright lusty and competitive, I think the passion remains. And well, if you ask me, it’s better to stand in the middle ground between those two extremes, not simply lovey-doveyness but not just crazy sex… the middle ground, where you can combine both things, is definitely my favorite xD

And well… with all the potential sexual tension between these two, I think the hotness is simply going to be there xD I mean, really, just look at all the almost-kisses fanarts out there that depict that sexual tension perfectly:

Aaaaah, you just wanna push them together and get them to make out already!!!

You see, they’re both hot on their own, so if you put them together they’ll be scorching hot xDDDD simple as that!

Oh, that was  too much teasing with the almost kisses, I desperately needed an actual kiss in this post…:

So I hope you understand a little better now. The qualities of the characters, and the quality of their relationship, are what explain why nearly any Sokkla fan you ask will tell you these two burn the sheets when they’re banging. Thank you very much for giving me an excuse to make a new fangirly post over these two, anon, you’re very kind.

Credit for the fanarts:

  1. Matsuri - Sokkla by Mandy-mo
  2. Sokka and Azula by Drakyx
  3. I’ll DROP you by saniika
  4. Danger by saniika
  5. Sokkla comission Nayara malfoy by 0kiwi0

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9, 10, & 20

Red vs Blue Asks

9: Favorite Ship

Well this is an easy answer. Grimmons! Not only because ‘omg they are nearly canon’, but their relationship as friends too. Grif and Simmons have been through SO much together. And throughout that time, they basically only had each other. There’s so much evidence and at this point it’s not just a fun ship; it’s a complex relationship with many untold stories and perspectives. We all saw how Simmons felt without Grif, and Grif without Simmons. We all saw what the other didn’t. Its just a wholesome ship full of lovey-doveyness and angst and slow burn and I love it! 

10: Favorite Song

Ooooh. Good one. Man, this is hard. Honestly, any of the character songs. Maybe Donut the Musical. Maybe That’s How Voting Works. Maybe Bow-Chika-Bow-Wow. I have a love hate relationship with Contact because I cry everytime. Hm. Maybe I’ll settle on the classic that can’t go wrong: Blood Gulch Blues.

20: Favorite Armor Enhancement

I’m a bit fuzzy on this one but… North’s domed energy shield all the way, baby. 

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May I please have a Akaashi, Iwaizumi and Kenma scenario where there s/o and him are going out in a date for the first time?

kenma’s got a lil too eager ;) 

To be honest, when Akaashi first asked you on a date, you were a tad bit confused as to whether it would be a hangout or a date. However, when the location and activity was specified (a movie at the cinema), you were positive that it was a date. Prep for the date was a little difficult, to say the least, for you have gone on many outings with Akaashi as casual friends, but now as potential lovers, you had to up your game a little.

A thin sweater and a pair of jeans should suffice for a movie, along with a spritz of perfume. You met Akaashi outside the cinema who was waiting next to the popcorn counter with tickets in his hand. “________! Just in time, do you want salted or caramel?” Akaashi asked once you walked over. You pursed your lips, thinking about the two combinations for both were your favourite.

“Both?” you suggested. Akaashi nodded and paid for a large popcorn along with two drinks (it was still a first date after all). “Akaashi, you shouldn’t have paid for everything,” you chided playfully, sipping your drink. Prior to this date, the two of you were good friends however, now something felt different between the two of you. Sure there had been teasings about how great the two of you looked as a couple, but the two of you were too shy to admit your feelings for each other.

“It’s a first date, chivalry is still alive within me,” Akaashi smiled as the two of you took your seats.

“You have always been the epitome of chivalry,” you responded. You had decided to let Akaashi surprise you with the choice of the movie, and it was no surprise that he had pick a cliche movie for a first date. “Horror movie huh?” you whispered, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a classic, besides know that this is the first and last time I’ll ever take Bokuto-san’s advice,” Akaashi whispered back.

His plan went smoothly safe to say. It was the classic ‘take a girl to a horror movie and she’ll cling onto your arm throughout and you can protect her’. You were a fan of gore and such, however, there was something about the jumpscares in horror movies that made you avoid them at all costs. Throughout the movie, you were kept on the edge, clinging onto Akaashi’s arm for dear life and him chuckling softly to himself. Your nerves were rising along with the protagonists and clearly it made you stand on your toes. It was an exhilarating movie to say the least.

After the movie ended, the two of you stood outside simply talking about the movie. That was one of the perks of dating a good friend, for the two of you already had so much in common. As the cinema was near a park, the two of you decided to take a walk, talking about the movie. Your thin sweater had not been a good choice for you were already shivering by the time the two of you left the park. Akaashi seemed to have notice for he shrugged off his jacket, passing it to you.

“You should’ve known better than to wear a thin sweater on a night like this,” Akaashi chastised.

You took the jacket gratefully, its oversized size warming you instantly. “Sorry mom,” you teased, sticking your tongue out.

As Akaashi walked you home, the two of you stood outside your house, lingering for a moment. It was that awkward moment after a first date, where the two of you would contemplate whether it would be appropriate to kiss or not. You gathered up the courage first, “It has been a great night, Akaashi,” you began.

“Keiji,” he corrected you with a smile.

Keiji,” you continued, liking the way his name rolled off your tongue so easily. “See you at school tomorrow,” you hugged him tightly.

“Likewise,” he replied, turning his head to kiss you on the cheek. A blush began to form where he had left you a kiss and you hurried into the home, your heart pounding inside the ribcage, a smile stretched across your face.


When Iwaizumi first asked you out on a date, you were rather surprised and suspicious at the same time. You were not a very well known student, unlike him, and you often kept to yourself and your closeknit group of friends, which prompted suspicion that he was asking you out on a dare. However, after clarification (where he was just too nervous to talk to you), your wall of suspicion dropped and you agreed to his date, which would be at a coffee shop.

Your best friend had squealed in excitement for you when she found out you were going on a date, jumping into your wardrobe to pick out your outfit. “Akira, it’s just a date at the coffee shop,” you stretched on your bed, heart pounding in excitement.

“It’s just Iwaizumi,” she stared at you with a ‘are you joking’ look. “You have got to wow him from that plain schoolgirl getup you have going to be honest. Honestly, ______, you have such great clothes, why don’t you ever wear them out?”

“Don’t find a reason to,” you shrugged. Eventually, Akira threw a couple articles of clothing onto your body. A cream blouse, a pale blue skirt and a light pink oversized cardigan. For someone who often went on wild adventures and parties every once in awhile, you were surprised that Akira managed to convey you in just a few articles of clothing.

“You look great,” she smiled, tugging at your hair and tucking it behind your ear. “Iwaizumi’s jaw will drop when he sees you there,”

For moral support, and just to make you feel less nervous on your date, your best friend decided to join you at the coffeeshop, however, just a couple of booths away. When you first entered the shop, the warm aromatic coffee wafted into your nostrils, making you feel slightly more comfortable. You placed an order however, for a hot chocolate and found a table relatively close to the window for you enjoyed staring out of the window a lot.

Iwaizumi soon hurried in, taking a seat in front of you with an apologetic smile. “Sorry that I kept you waiting,” he began. “Got held up by some things,”

“Don’t worry about it,” you responded with a smile. “I haven’t been waiting long either,” you began playing with your hands.

The date was in full swing then, with your drinks arriving slowly and Iwaizumi purchasing a dessert for you because he felt bad for being five minutes late to a date. You had anticipated an awkward conversation between the two of you that began and ended with lulls in the conversation, however, the two of you found many common interests after a short game of 20 Questions.

Your common interest that was the root of the conversation was Godzilla. It came up when Iwaizumi first asked you what was your favourite movie of all time and you responded with Godzilla. His eyes lit up when you mentioned Godzilla and hence, the conversation went in that route where the two of you debated about which was the best movie and commented on cinematography. As an aspiring filmmaker, you commented on the various filmmaking techniques and etc.

However, mid conversation, both your phones started buzzing in sync. It was an awkward moment with the fumbling of apologies as the two of you checked your phone for a quick second, in case it was your parents.

Turn around ;) - Akira

Iwaizumi craned his head to the left and you spun around to see your best friend waving from a bigger table, along with Oikawa, Matsukawa and Hanamaki. Slapping your forehead, you turned to Iwaizumi with a small smile. “How long do you think they have been here?”

“Long enough for me to want to wipe that smirk off Oikawa,” he responded. The trio walked over, with your best friend as well.

“Yahoo _______-chan, having a nice time with Iwa-chan over here?” Oikawa asked.

“It has been great,” you answered honestly. “We’ve just been talking about Godzilla.”

The three boys groaned and your best friend smiled brightly, high fiving you. “Thank you ______-chan! Now boys, you know what was the deal,”

“You four betted over us?” Iwaizumi exclaimed in shock.

“To be fair, what else can we do but stare at your lovey-doveyness,” Matsukawa answered.

Iwaizumi playfully scolded the Seijoh third years along with your best friend but eventually, chairs were pulled and all six of you began chatting amongst each other amicably. Your phone yet again buzzed with a text in which you found out was from Iwaizumi.

Let’s get out of here. Dinner on me? - Iwaizumi

Dinner sounds great :’) You typed back. Slowly, the two of you slunk out of the scene and headed to the dinner place in which Iwaizumi talked highly about, whilst continuing your conversation about Godzilla.


To be honest, you had not expected Kenma to agree with your private outing. You were nervous and took about a week to work up the courage to ask Kenma, but when he agreed, it seemed as though all that precious worry vanished. You had plans to take him to an arcade, since he loved playing games so much and had talked about going to an actual arcade one day.

You were too an avid fan of games, especially the classics, just like Kenma which made you fall for him harder. Tonight, you wanted to keep it simple, keep it casual, but hopefully for you, Kenma would take a hint.

Kenma knew from the beginning that ________ was asking him on a data which was why he didn’t press the matter further. He nodded with a small smile of his before returning to his game, excited at the prospect of going to a classic arcade, especially with _______.

That evening, you dressed in your favorite graphic t-shirt from your favorite game along with plain jeans. It was perfect for a casual outing, but a spritz of perfume changed the game. You kept checking your phone anxiously for a text from Kenma, looking up every once in a while to check for him. Your mini worry washed away when you saw Kenma approaching with his hand in his pocket and a phone in his free hand.

Where are you?

Look up. - you texted back.

Kenma sent you a broad smile, something you rarely saw at school and entered into the arcade. The arcade used to be something temporary at the mall, set up just to promote one of the most popular games however, due to its immense popularity, the owners decided to keep it. Now it was stocked with all sorts of games, from the classics to modern games. You were a sucker for grab-claw games, and conveniently this arcade had many grab-claw games that had grabbed your attention (pun unintended).

The two of you spent your time jumping from game to game, blowing your money on tokens for the many games. There had been a basketball shooting game where you had to throw basketballs into their hoops to score points, and you couldn’t help but notice that Kenma throws the basketball the same way he sets a volleyball.

You suppressed your giggles when Kenma was unable to get the basketballs through the hoops for they were much heavier than a volleyball. “You know Kenma, it’s not volleyball,” you teased him gently, shooting and trying your very best to score.

“I know ______, I’m more used to setting that’s why,” he huffed, blowing stray strands of his hair out of his face. You giggled, enjoying his flustered state.

You emerged as victor from the game with a slightly salty Kenma. However, he didn’t stay salty for long for you had spotted a rather interesting grab-claw game. Unlike the others, this one was filled with Gudetama themed plushies and your heart melted at the sight of the little eggs. They were practically screaming for you!

“Kenma,” you tugged his hand lightly, unaware of a red tint on his cheeks. “Let’s go to that graw-claw game!”

“Ehh, but those cheat you of your money,” he responded. You pursed your lips and widened your eyes into your signature puppy dog face, one nobody could ever resist. “Maybe one try couldn’t hurt.”

As the two of you headed over to the grab-claw machine, you paused for a second, praying that you’ll be able to retrieve a toy from this machine. They were all just so cute, you didn’t mind if the Gudetama you grabbed was small or big. Gently pushing your token in, the machine whirred to life and your steady hands guided the claw to a relatively medium sized plush. The claw grabbed ahold of the egg and slowly and steadily, you guided it to the hole however, the plushie dropped out of the claw’s grasps moments before it reached the end.

“Ahh!” you squatted down in frustration, covering your face and pouting. “I was so close!”

Kenma nudged you over and placed in his own token. You watched his face scrunch in concentration, biting his lower lip as he carefully guided the claw towards a smaller toy compared to what you had chose, but it looked lucky. The claw grabbed it tightly and you sucked in a breath, holding it in anticipation as the claw hovered over the pile of fallen toys near the hole and dropped it.

“You got it!” you squealed in excitement, temporarily forgetting it was a first date and you hugged him tightly. When you suddenly realised that it was indeed your first date, you pulled away. Kenma’s face was burning and so were yours as he picked up the toy he won for you, with you hugging it tightly. “Thank you,” you whispered quietly.

“Not a problem at all,” Kenma responded.

When he walked you home, your heart was still beating rapidly from when you hugged him on impulse. “About that hug,” you began but a pair of lips attached themselves onto yours. You froze for a second, but then giving in to the warm sensation. Kenma’s face was illuminated by the fluorescent lighting of your parent’s apartment, and there was a soft pink blush on his cheeks.

“I’m sorry if that felt a little too sudden,” he apologised quickly. “I just felt,”

“I enjoyed it,” you blushed. “Thank you for tonight Kenma,” you smiled, giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he smiled as you entered your home. When you finally locked the door behind you, you slumped onto the floor, your lips tingling with excitement and heart pounding. Your mother was waiting at the sofa with a cheeky grin on her face.

“I’m assuming he kissed you,” she teased.


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what would it be like if kuroo and oikawa's respective s/o's were manager for their volleyball teams? love your blog c:

In both cases, their teams would be in hell. Neither captain is particularly shy about PDA, so all of their fellow players would be stuck watching them love on and tease each other. Kuroo especially would make a game of flirting right in front of them, shooting his teammates cocky glances behind his s/o’s back as if to say, “Bet you couldn’t get someone like this.” Oikawa, on the other hand, would be a bit more innocent about his affection, just genuinely being so into his partner that he wanted to show them as often as possible. He would, at times, get so distracted by them that Iwaizumi would have to separate them.

However, both couples would understand that volleyball came first. Even with all their fooling around, they would make sure that their practices still helped their teams improve, and if they ever became too much of a disturbance, that they cut back on their lovey-doveyness. They would never skip out on post-game congratulatory kisses, though.


Valentines in the Form of Bad Dinosaur Puns


prompt “Oh! Can you do something where Tadashi leaves those really shitty comic sans Valentine’s Day cards for Kei to find?”

prompt requested and fic beta-ed by @haikyuu-for-lifekyuu thank you friend!!! Happy Valentines! 

         Tadashi was absolutely in love with Valentine’s day. He loved the idea of a day where all he got to do was tell the person he loved how much he loved him. Tadashi usually took Kei out to dinner or made food at home and set everything up to be special and romantic. He wrote little love notes and left them for Kei the entire week leading up to Valentine’s, and on the actual day, there was candle-lit rooms, flowers and classy music were all included. He liked going all out to make sure Kei knew he loved him. Well, he tried to do that most days, but especially on Valentine’s day.

Kei, however, was not one for big displays, and realizing this, Tadashi tried to tone it down a little this year. Suga’s advice from nearly a year ago rang in his ears, “When you love someone, and you want to show that, try making it tailored for what they love, too.” While that made perfect sense, Valentine’s was for both of them…so, he would compromise. They wouldn’t have a fancy meal, but there was no way in hell Kei was escaping Valentine’s day without some level of embarrassment. So Tadashi sat down and started scrolling the internet, printing things off every so often. He then trimmed up the sides and set about hiding his Valentine’s surprises.

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I'd really like your take on why the Holmes Brothers relationship took several steps backward in HLV. We go from Sherlock being concerned that Mycroft is lonely in TEH and him literally inviting Mycroft to the part in TSoT to Sherlock nearly breaking his arm, mouthing off to him and calling him a shit brother, and Mycroft siding with a psychotic asshole and sending Sherlock on a suicide mission rather than jail. It just seemed weird considering all the lovey doveyness earlier.

This is all going into the big meta that’s on its way (though will be delayed because I have actual uni work to do this week!), but the thing I think is important to remember is that the brothers have, and have always had, a difficult relationship. They’re a big part of each other’s lives - Mycroft adores his baby brother and Sherlock certainly cares for Mycroft too - but they are still strange, brilliant, brittle geniuses, who have a hard time dealing with people, much less each other. Not to mention the sibling rivalry.

They have had a long history together, much of which, in spite of all the recent revelations, we are still not privy to. Mycroft’s role during Sherlock’s addiction is one thing that we don’t know for sure - but, from His Last Vow, we can surmise that he has searched Sherlock’s flat before. Mycroft’s anger is unmistakable. But Sherlock is drugged up, and violent. I doubt that the scene in the flat was the first time Sherlock attacked his brother whilst he was high.

The Magnussen business I have discussed earlier today. It was protection, as it always is when Mycroft asks Sherlock to stand down. He just wants to keep his brother safe. With this in mind, a suicide mission is sometimes the safer place than prison…particularly if you’re a consulting detective who has put many people behind bars, and your brother is the British Government, who will likely find a way for you to return eventually.

Mycroft probably wasn’t a stellar big brother when they were children. He was the cleverest of them, but has probably always been icy and remote. Mycroft will have provided the education that Sherlock needed - that caring isn’t an advantage, that you can deduce anything from minor details - but they were likely never really close in other ways. In them, I see a strange sort of co-dependency. They need each other, and love each other, but fail to connect, constantly misunderstand and push against each other all the same.

More on this later.

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Jessa couldn't believe a guy like Jeremy was single so she set him up with Jinger. Now she is annoyed by their lovey doveyness and thinks they are moving too fast. Secret crush? Secret heartbreak?

She’s definitely jealous! Jeremy is the smooth talking, tall dark and handsome man of every fundie girl’s dreams. I bet she’s jealous that she had the longest courtship in the family (I was about to say ever but Michaela really knocked that one out of the park) and Jinger barely says yes to a courtship and he’s already buying her a ring. Who wouldn’t want that? She’s bitter. Bitter bitter bitter.

i hope our bbc sherlock gets to be as positive and gentle and affectionate and romantic as holmes is in canon. i was so delighted when fox @queerwatson mentioned it in their tjlce video. 

i do think we have already seen some of that side of sherlock, but. i’d love to see his walls come down and have more fun and joy and lovey doveyness in his daily life. i think at his core, he is a sweet, playful man and i wish he could relax enough to let that side of him shine. his version of sweet and playful is a little eccentric, but. very well worth seeing. 




Honestly, the people who are advocating to kill Emily off because she supposedly having an affair with Mike might also be the kind of people who have a tendency to blame female characters.  We don’t know what they’re talking about when Ashley is looking through the binoculars and Ashley doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  If you look closely, MIKE is the one putting his hands on Emily’s face, and Emily’s gently but firmly pushing them away.  And there’s a noticeable lack of lovey-doveyness in her demeanor.  For all we know, she could be having a serious conversation with him to stay away or about Hannah and Beth.

Also, notice Emily’s character traits.  Intelligent, Resourceful, Persuasive,  And the yearbook.  Her quote was by Eleanor Roosevelt, and her future goals include destroying the glass ceiling.  Destroy the idea that your strong female characters must be weaker and less powerful than your strong male characters.  

Maybe her race is the issue.  Emily is the only woman of color in the cast.  Maybe you weren’t expecting her to be ‘bitchy’ like you did Jessica.  Destroy the idea that characters of color must portray stereotypes.