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Clint throwing things at matt to see if he'll catch them (which he does) to test out his radar sense because why not. And at first matt thinks it's funny, just then it just gets annoying and he gets progressively more pissed off until one day in public clint throws something at him and matt just lets it hit him in the face and people freak out at clint because "what the fuck clint he's /blind/" and matt just plays the victim while clint tries to come up with an excuse/answer.

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said: Omg hybrids!Turnfree where when they met one of Meg’s feathers molted and Gavin wears it around his neck and Meg wears one of Gavin’s fallen feathers without either knowing and one day someone realises and is like YOU PAIR OF NERDS JUST DATE ALREADY


I agree with this very much omg yisss

meg would wear a lot of feather/bird themed jewelry I’m sure

their house probably has a bunch of dumb cute lovey dovey bird themed stuff too, courtesy of meg. Like clever little pics on the wall with text and what not. 


Are you tired of that cutesy, lovey-dovey lesbian manga cookie cutter plot line? Sick of all the drama of miscommunication that leads to you feeling like it’d be less painful to just go ahead and rip your own heart out?

Yeah me neither.



Have you ever wanted your lesbians to be kickass? And not in the “man I’m so pretty and I’m just super cool” way but in the actual “I’m just going to casually murder people with a smile on my face because haha death is funny to me” way

Do you want to replace those cherry blossoms floating in the air with splatters of BLOOD AND GUTS???

Do you want a main character who fully embraces her sexuality and is such a womanizer she may as well be a 40-year-old caucasian male going through a mid-life crisis looking to regain his youth by hitting on every pair of tits with legs????


Okay so there’s this neat little series I found awhile back called Murcielago. It’s by Yoshimura Kana and is only have 15 chapters up so far but is currently ongoing. The updates tend to be sporadic though so if you get into this series be prepared to have an ABUNDANCE OF PATIENCE.

On mangahere it’s rated 4.88 out of 5 stars which is pretty impressive given how obscure of a series it is (in fact I found this PURELY BY CHANCE AND I’M SO VERY GLAD I DID).

The art style is very interesting to say the least. It’s actually really, really nice and I personally love the main character’s design a lot because she’s not conventionally “attractive”. By that I mean she doesn’t have the big doe eyes and the lustrous shiny hair (but she does have huge boobs so ya gotta give her that much). She looks just like what she is: a mass murderer. She’s definitely got that creepy vibe on her but it really suits her and tbh I’d be a bit upset if she was designed any other way. 

(Also, fellow lesbians, her tongue is to die for and if you look this series up YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN.)

Alright so basic synopsis time:

Without giving TOO much away, Koumori Kuroko, our main character, is - as I said before - a mass murderer. I don’t remember the exact number but she’s killed like, over 200 people. Impressive stuff.

She also has an extensive knowledge on how other serial killers/mass murderers function. So the Japanese government hires her and partners her up with this adorable little sweetiepie, Tozakura Hinako, to deal with any serial killers/mass murderers that they can’t handle themselves.

Basically they hired a murderer to kill other murderers. It’s cool shit.

And it’s just so funny and amazing how casual she is with some of this stuff like there’s one scene where she’s fighting this dude on steroids and she just kinda goes “nope” and ugh I don’t wanna spoil it so seriously y’all should just go read it already.

My only warning for you is that: a) there are mild NSFW scenes (like I said, she’s VERY comfortable with her sexuality so YURI GALORE) and b) SO MUCH GORE AND GUTS AND BLOOD IT NEARLY PUTS SAW TO SHAME. Also there’s some really fucked up shit so if that’s not your thing stick to the frustrating, cutesy yuris instead. You’ll be better off for it.

But if that stuff doesn’t bother you SERIOUSLY GO READ THIS YOU’LL THANK ME LATER.

My words haven’t convinced you? Here’s a lovely review on youtube under 5 min

Still not convinced? Here’s some pages from the manga (slight spoilers): 

THIS BITCH JUST FUCKING CRASHES A CAR INTO A SUBWAY (also look at that adorable little face)

CHASING A SUBWAY TRAIN WITH A CAR (also for all my RWBY people she has a gun attached to a string as her weapon of choice. Remind you of someone? ;3)






I dont know why

But it seems that the whole fandom thinks that the Dirk-Jake reunion is going to be all lovey dovey and they are going to kiss and get married or something


Considering that their breakbup went like this

Under those shitty circumstances (u kno what im talking about)

And then


of (omg poor jake)



that broke my fucking heart

And remembering that all of that happened like hours ago from their perspectives

I would not get my expectations very high about a nice non-awkward reunion between these two and even less a loved dovey honeymoon

I am not saying this to hate on a ship, I am not even into shipping anymore. I am just asking all of you to not overreact and send hate to hussie if their reunion turns out to not be what you wanted

And if everything goes well, then I’ll put a damn sock on my mouth and get happy because Jake is happy

Bellarke One Shot based off this Tumblr prompt: “we both came here as the third wheel in our groups and keep ending up sitting next to each other on all the two seated rides.

Clarke had thought spending the day at Six Flags: Magic Mountain with her roommate Raven would have been a fun way to spend her Saturday off. She and Raven were finally done finals and it was decided they needed to celebrate. However, Clarke didn’t know that Raven’s new boyfriend Kyle Wick was also invited. No matter how hard they attempted to include her, it seemed like she was the third wheel on a Raven & Wick date - which also served as constant reminder of how single Clarke was. It was still early, and Clarke was going to have to deal with them being all lovey-dovey for the rest of the day.  Plus there was the fact that she had to sit alone or with random strangers on all the rides they’d been on so far. It just sucked.

None of this was helping Clarke’s mood, which had yet to improve in two weeks, ever since Lexa dumped her right in the middle of finals week. Lexa and Clarke had been dating for a while and Clarke was really starting to fall for the girl, when Lexa up and left her, right in the middle of one of the most stressful weeks of her life. Needless to say, Clarke’s mood had been like a dark rain cloud ever since - angry and heartbroken.  

“Hey Griffin, cheer up, that scowl on your face is harshing my mood!” Raven elbowed her best friend.

Clarke glared at Raven, “I would if you guys would stop acting so in love - it’s sickening.”

Raven just laughed and Wick replied, “Sorry Clarke, can’t help it! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get this girl to go out with me?”

Raven smiled, and Clarke rolled her eyes, “If I’d have known this was what I had to look forward to all day I probably wouldn’t have come, you know.”

“Okay, okay we’ll tone it down,” Raven answered.

All of a sudden, a beautiful brunette girl, that Clarke didn’t recognize, tackle-hugged Raven, squealing, “Oh my god HI!!! What are you doing here girl? It’s so awesome we ran into you!!!”

Regaining her balance Raven exclaimed, “Octavia! Good to see ya! How’s everything??” Turning to Clarke, Octavia smiled “Hey I’m Octavia, but you can call me O!”

Clarke smiled back briefly, “I’m Clarke,” she replied. “Nice to meet you Clarke!” Octavia said and turned back to Raven.

The two girls became engrossed in small talk leaving Clarke feeling a little left out. Glancing around, she noticed two guys walking up to their group. One was huge, imposing and looked a little dangerous, but he was attractive none the less, with his closely shaven head, extremely fit body and impressive bone structure. The other was about the same height, though leaner, but still all muscle. He had dark hair that seemed curly almost, but was hidden beneath a black beanie. He had these dark brown eyes and yep those are freckles smattered across his face, Clarke thought with an internal sigh. She also noticed a tattoo semi-on display underneath the sleeve of his short sleeve black t-shirt. Basically, he was jaw-droppingly hot.

As they approached the group, the girl named Octavia and Raven finally stopped chatting enough to make introductions, because apparently Octavia knew these two beautiful men.

“Oh hey guys, come meet my new friends!! Well , you both know Raven, but this is her boyfriend Kyle Wick and her roommate Clarke Griffin!” Octavia announced. The huge guy put his arm around Octavia’s shoulders and smiled fondly at the girl, “Hello everyone, I’m Lincoln, Octavia’s boyfriend. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.”

Glancing at the other guy that Clarke couldn’t help but ogle, he smiled and introduced himself as well, “Hey, I’m Octavia’s brother, Bellamy Blake. Good to meet you guys.”

“Okay cool, so now that we know each other, why don’t we all go on some rides?” Octavia suggested.

“Sure! Which one do we pick first?” Raven asked the group excitedly.

“I heard Apocalypse was cool! Let’s try it out!” Wick said.

The group made their way to the ride, and as they got nearer to the front of the line Clarke realized she was going to have to sit alone yet again, or sit with Octavia’s extremely attractive brother, seeing as how both of them were the third wheels to their friends’ dates. Noticing her apprehension, Bellamy shuffled over to were Clarke stood, “You doing okay there Princess? You aren’t afraid of roller coasters, now are you?” he asked in a deep voice.

“No, of course not,” Clarke huffed. (Though she’d never let him know the real reason for her anxiety.)

“Good, ‘cause seeing as how we’ll be sitting together for every ride today, I don’t need you vomiting on my shoes.” Bellamy smirked.

Clarke rolled her eyes, “Well you don’t have to worry about that. I love rides.” She crossed her arms.

“Really? So if I dared you to do the Slingshot with me later, you do it?” Bellamy asked, presenting a challenge.

“Damn straight, I would.” Clarke replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Great. No one else wants to do it so you’re on.” Bellamy grinned at her.

Clarke really tried not to, but she did crack a smile at him in reply.  

The group spent the entire day doing every single thrill ride in the theme park. They tackled all the major roller coasters like Full Throttle, Goliath, Gold Rush, Ninja, Revolution, Viper and Scream. Clarke found herself actually enjoying Bellamy’s company, even though they were by default paired together for the day. They laughed a lot and found out that in fact, they both really like roller coasters. They were both a little bit of adrenaline junkies too. While the others always sat near the middle or back, Clarke and Bellamy were always right up front, their hands in the air in all the after-ride photographs.

Near the end of the day, most of them were ready to leave, but Bellamy pulled Clarke aside, “Hold up Princess, we still haven’t done Slingshot! Have you guys changed you minds?” Bellamy asked the group.

Octavia shook her head. “Uh uh, no way, I’m not doing that Bell. Lincoln and I are done for the day,” his sister replied.

“Yeah I’m not up to that, but you can go if you want to Wick.” Raven said.

“Nah it’s cool, I’m done too. I’m starving!” Kyle replied.

“Looks like it’s just the two of you, you guys are nuts! Have fun!” Octavia exclaimed with a wave! The four of them walked off to find food, leaving Clarke and Bellamy at the entrance to Slingshot.

“You ready Princess?” Bellamy asked her with a half-grin.  

“Yep, let’s do this Blake.” Clarke grinned back at him, her eyes lighting up. The two of them got in line for the ride and waited anxiously for their turn to be hurled through the air by mega-sized elastic bands.

Bellamy glanced over at Clarke, who was grinning ear-to-ear. Though her wavy blonde hair was tangled in knots from all the rides they’d been on that day, Bellamy couldn’t help but think she was absolutely radiant. Her piercing blue eyes were lit up with laughter, her pale skin flushed pink from excitement and the sunlight made her blonde hair shine like a goddamn halo or something. Clarke glanced back at him then, catching him staring at her.

“Thanks for today Bellamy. I know we just met and you didn’t have to spend the day with me, and god knows I haven’t exactly been the best company lately, but I really needed this. So, yeah, thanks.” Clarke looked away embarrassed, not wanting to see his reaction to her honest words.

“Well for what it’s worth I think you’re pretty intriguing Clarke Griffin, and I have to say it was no hardship spending the day with you. In fact, what do you say we come back here next weekend - but without the others? Just you and me? We can redo those insane rides all over again.” Bellamy asked, a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Clarke smiled up at him, “That’s the best idea you’ve had all day Blake.” In bold move, she leaned in closer, grabbed the front of that black t-shirt of his in her fist, and pulled him down into a heated kiss.

Finally breaking away from each other, she noticed the last two people had walked off the ride and it was their turn next. They walked into the ride area, Bellamy’s arm draped across her shoulders, and made their way to the seats. They took their seats and got strapped in by the ride attendants. Backing away, the attendants started the ride. Without a warning the two of them were launched into the air, free falling through the sky and laughing and screaming at the top of their lungs.

In that moment, Clarke couldn’t help but feel that this was going to be the beginning of one long, breathtaking and incredible ride with Bellamy Blake.


Just got a fucking question.. And comments lol

To be all honest I don’t support or like “omeeka”

But bitch how in the fuck do you “feel out” Nicki( she is queen, and like the best thing waking earth lol). I knew the niggas wasn’t engaged and she was just fucking with us, but meek said feeling her out lol..

Now if Aubrey was in that seat… Shit would be totally different ! Ain’t no feeling it out, and here come on tour with me to I can promote you. It would be Nicki’s beautiful smile posted everywhere and tbh probably the cutest pictures all over Instagram. Cute little pics Twitter messages and all that lovey dovey shit, or just some on the low sneaky shit..(that only dricki fans would get) Just plain old onika.. Back to the Nicki I miss lol.. It’s just hard to fathom the fact that he’s not in swooping her up.. I’m pretty sure if things had went good.. Nvm

Just a rant cause it’s been building up..
Sorry guys 😑😑😑😑

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Hey Daisy ☺️ So recently my partner and I broke up, and I moved out. It's sad and all but I feel it's just ran its course, and we weren't making each other happy. So I've been asked out on a date by another man, he's lovey and I feel like we get along pretty well, but my two close girl friends don't think it's right and like I'm betraying my ex. I just feel like it's better to move on and be happy, but i kind of feel stuck. Sorry if this is annoying you just seem to give the best advice.

Yo, you’re literally allowed to do whatever you like, whenever you like and with whomever you like. Regardless of whether it is insensitive, it’s your choice and I think you should go for it - your friends should have your back, not your ex’s. Go on the date, but don’t jump into anything else if you feel like you’re at risk of turning a nice dude into a rebound; take things at your own, comfortable pace. 

I have a sudden desire to see an interview of Colin and Helen, talking about how they met and fell in love. Cuz you know Colin would be all bashful and blushing, and Helen would probably tease him a bit about how he was too shy to ask her out and they’d look all lovey dovey and make eyes at eachother and it would just be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I know it.

I require a...

Demon man for lovey stuff while being evil.

Shen/akali for teachings/minor flashbacks

Diana for guidance/major flashbacks+ptsd

One more overly-formatted, goodfernothin’ lovey-dovey poetry quote about how yer ~~a beast inside~~ calmed by ~~her~~ and I’ll do somethin’ drastic.

Go on, try me. Ya unloveable goody-goody masked crimefightin’ bastiches.

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Sogo started in November because she thought they were not lovey dove you enuf on the red carpet. she then said that its all PR, they're not going to marry, the due date is April 26, blah blah. keeps on demeaning Sophie and her work (says a lot about the blogger's own insecurity and discontent). she even said she'll delete her blog when BC/SH marry. yet here we are, she's still fuming with jealousy. lmao. just imagine when that blogger retires in a few years, she'll spend it all hating Sophie

What a waste of time.