Omg, I found a special MEP with BoomSonic123 and I found this video in the channel of XxSonamySilvaze LovexX and I loved this video so much <3 The music is perfect for these two cuteness couple *-* 

Joe Sugg imagine || Shipped. ||

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Joe and reader have a collab and fans ship them together but Joe turns it down really firmly? Hope that makes sense love your work!! Lots of lovexx

- - -

Having done your first collaboration with Joe about two weeks ago, his viewers had gone insane shipping the two of you.

You were sitting on his bed again reading his rough draft of Username: Evie. While he did a live show.

People couldn’t see you from where you were sitting, but even as Joe was talking about different things, the chat was filled with #(Y/shipname)

“Guys enough with the ship thing.” Joe said honestly, he turned in his desk chair glancing at you on the bed, you had looked up.

You shrugged a little and he turned back to his computer. “Listen, it’s cute but (Y/N) and I are just friends, nothing more - can you please cool it with the insane shipping? It’s really starting to bother me.” He was being honest about it.

“We are friends.” He said again with a serious tone. “We won’t end up dating, we won’t be getting married and we sure won’t be having little Suggs together anytime soon.” He explained.

“Please. - were just friends right (Y/N)?” He asked you and you closed the book.

“Just good friends, nothing more nothing less.” You assured with a nod.

“So, stop okay? Please.” Joe said seriously.

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How do you stop yourself from binging? Because I just had way too much food and I'm so disgusted.

I don’t. If I’m really hungry, I will just let myself binge. Not holding it back or trying to prevent it makes it nothing interesting. If I ate way too much (doesn’t happen that often because of my regular binges), I will just work it off or drink lots of green tea. I’m still losing weight. Maybe it takes longer but it is easier to maintain my weight that way. Binging is nothing bad, just let yourself do it and after a while you will have more control over what you put in your mouth.

Lots of loveXX

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i run an active thinspo blog and honestly i'm pretty new to this so i really don't know much at all!! i was wondering if diet pepsi is ana-safe?

Hey, so diet pepsi/diet coke doesn’t have any calories but still contains a lot of sugar or other unhealthy stuff. It is up to you but I honestly would not recommend it. I stick to water, green tea and cappuccino. Lots of loveXX

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