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maya + lucas | we were just kids when we fell in love

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What Living with J-Hope would be Like

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

  • Constant cuddling
  • Hearing loud screaming for no reason
  • Affectionate pet names
  • Tickle fights literally any time of the day just because he loves your laugh
  • Dance battles
  • Being carried around the house on Hoseok’s back
  • Him laying his body in your lap just because
  • Texting even when you’re in the same room
  • Staring contests
  • Giving each other dirty looks and then laughing
  • Braiding each others hair
  • Watching movie re-runs on weekends
  • Hoseok letting you run your hands through his hair
  • You trying to teach Hoseok how to curl hair
  • Him accidentally burning you and then being the one to cry
  • Sharing the shower
  • Butt smacking all the time
  • Wearing his clothes
  • Him wearing your clothes
  • Cheesy pick up lines from Hoseok
  • Asking what time it was and being told time to get a watch
  • Hoseok always asking if you’re feeling okay when you wake up
  • The rare breakfast prepared super early in the morning because he always messes up the first time
  • Him setting the alarm quieter so you don’t wake up as easily when he needs to leave
  • Forehead kisses when you first wake up
  • Morning sex, usually on the couch
  • Both of you singing duets in different parts of the house
  • Hoseok always trying to make you feel comfortable
  • Writing each other sweet notes around the house to find
  • Drawing on his face when he falls asleep
  • Having serious conversations when you’re about to go to sleep
  • Massively fangirling about random things you both love
  • Watching reality shows
  • Getting into arguments about the reality show
  • Playing dating sims together
  • You rapping some of his solo’s and Hoseok critiquing you sweetly
  • Preparing dinner before he gets home to make him feel better
  • Him being really excited even if your cooking isn’t the best
  • Constantly being asked if he’s your favorite rapper
  • Aegyo from Hoseok when you’re upset
  • Being seriously consoled if the aegyo doesn’t work
  • Hoseok yelling that he loves you every chance he can get