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1) Favorite TVB Artistes [Max: 6]

I’ll give an even mix (old, current, new)
Gallen Lo
Esther Kwan
Kenneth Ma
Tavia Yeung
Him Law
Grace Wong (she’s becoming a new fave or mine)

2) Favorite TVB on-screen couples [Max: 3]

Bobby Auyeung + Esther Kwan
Kenneth Ma + Tavia Yeung (OTP!!!)
Oscar Leung + Mandy Wong

3) Tvb Drama you’ve watched the most number of times and how many times did you watch it

I don’t really keep count, but I know there’s three dramas I’ve watched more than three times!
Feminine Masculinity
Armed Reaction 
On Call 36 Hours 

4) Your dream drama (including casts and relationships of the casts) OR variety show (what kind, please elaborate i you can) *as i’m really interested to know!

My dream drama would be similar to Threshold of an Era cause it’s super star-studded.  Don’t know how the storyline will work out, and current fadan/siusangs will probably have to take up third line roles because the cast is just that great.  My idea people/pairings would be:
Chow Yun Fat + Dodo Cheng
Sean Lau + Amy Kwok
Louis Koo + Maggie Cheung
Gallen Lo + Flora Chan
Roger Kwok + Jessica Hsuan
Michael Tao + Kenix Kwok
Frankie Lam + Bernice Liu
Chilam Cheung/Kevin Cheng + Charmaine Sheh
Bosco Wong + Kate Tsui
Raymond Lam + Linda Chung
Those who I mentioned in #2
& Michael Miu, Paul Chun, Sammy Sum, Joey Law, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Grace Wong, Queenie Chu, Chow Chung, Louise Lee, Lau Dan, Anita Yuen, Ben Wong, Raymond Cho, Joyce Tang, Hawick Lau, and many more that I can’t remember at the moment.

5) Who/What inspired you to create such a tumblr

There were a lack of tvb-related tumblr blogs out there when I started back in 12/2011 so here I am!

6) Favorite Cantopop Singers [Max: 4]

Raymond Lam (a good amount of my favorite songs are sung by him… or maybe it’s because Tang Chi Wai is such an amazing composer)
G.E.M (cause she has an amazing voice, amazing talent, and her songs/lyrics are very meaningful)
Sita Chan (I know me saying this makes me sound like a bandwagoner and that I’m only saying I like listening to her just because she passed away, BUT I’d like to clarify I’ve known of her before her death.  Although I was only exposed to one of her songs (fei fei) prior to her passing, I really like it.  Lately, I bought her memorial album and started listening to her.  She has a very unique voice and it’s such a pity because I know she would’ve been a favorite singer of mine since I rarely like so many songs from a singer that’s only been in the industry for such a short period of time.  
[記念悲, 忘川, 蜚蜚, 後備, Crazy Love, 愛的劇本, 讓風箏飛, 欠你]

7) Coffee or Tea

Green Tea!

8) Kenneth or Ruco


9) Hong Kong: Disneyland or Ocean Park

Ocean Park since I don’t think HK’s Disney will be too different from the many other Disneys that’s around.

10) Give a nice and short note to me? (-; Thanks love! :-*

Hello lovetvb/kay! Thanks for tagging me!
And you can call me Sam for short btw :) I know I haven’t been well integrated in the TVB/HK community here on tumblr, but thanks for reaching out to me! I’m trying to stay hidden and separate my real life from this tumblr life because I don’t want some of my friends to find me hahaha. But if you want to get to know me personally, you can always hit up my inbox!
great blog with your edits&gifs! :)


I think I’ll break rule #4/5 because I don’t really know who to tag!
Followers? If you are still reading and would like to answer the following questions so I’ll get to know you guys better that’d be great! Just shoot me a message/link when you’re done so I can read it :)

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3) Favorite TVB artistes
4) Favorite TVB couples 
5) Favorite TVB variety show
6) Who would be your TVB best friend in real life?
7) If you were to star in a TVB drama, who would be your significant other? What would bring the two of you together? (childhood bff, neighbors, colleagues, classmates, etc.)
8) If you’ve watched ATV dramas, which is your favorite?
9) If you were to star in a TVB drama, what kind of drama would it be (comedy, thriller, etc.) and what would be your role?
10) If you were to go to a concert in HK, whose would it be?