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1. Favourite Tvb Artistes [Max: 6]

Ngo Kanin, Bowie Lam (he’s not even with TVB anymore :() are my most fav. Others include Linda Chung, Him Law, Mandy Wong & Wayne Lai

HAHA I like Kevin (he’s no longer with TVB tho) & Ron for their looks tho their acting isn’t that great.

2. Favourite Tvb on-screen couples [Max: 3]

FloBo (Can they collab again?!), Him & Mandy (is there a name for this pairing??), TaRo

3. Tvb Drama you’ve watched the most number of times and how many times did you watch it.

HAHA idk. Most prb Bowie’s dramas such as the Healing Hands series, Always Ready (yes I know this isn’t popular but this is the drama that made me start watching TVB :P) & Untraceable Evidence (only the original since I dun have UE2 on my hard disk).

For a period of time, I loved to rewatch Wayne & Theresa’s scenes in Off Pedder (one of the few sitcoms I watch & like) too.

But actually I usually only rewatch the bits I love. :P

4. Your dream drama (including casts and relationships of the casts) OR variety show (what kind, please elaborate if you can) *as i’m really interested to know! 

Drama-wise, as Bowie’s fan, I rly would love to have him do a sitcom/comedy. He never takes on funny roles. It’s not exactly a dream drama but smth I’d love to watch even tho it’s so unlikely. :(

Actually my dream drama has already sort of been fulfilled. Always wanted Bowie & Kanin to act in a drama again, in roles with more interaction btn them (they were both in WAB & Always Ready but they din have much 对手戏) & they did - in River of Wine! But it was too slow-paced. :((( At least they had a chance to collab b4 Bowie left TVB. Oh, I know! Another drama with FloBo. But that’s almost impossible. :( How I wish Bowie would participate in Aerobic Girls but nope!

For variety show, I rly will love one where artistes interview each other. Would be ideal if they’re v close friends. I always love to see the interactions among artistes, especially if they know each other v well! :) Love their silly banter, perhaps some teasing, etc. Great way to see a more relaxed side of them! 

5. Who/What inspired you to create such tumblr 

Perhaps it’s more accurate to ask who inspired me to create my blog. Cuz I created this tumblr to complement my blog. Few ppl nowadays visit blogs I think. It’s certainly easier to just follow a tumblr since it automatically pops up on the dashboard.

Anw I used to share some of my graphics on Bowie’s Forum. At that time, blogs like MetalAZNWarrior’s TVB Musings, TVB Generation, K’s K for TVB, Mare’s All About Mo and Janeal’s TVB Graphics (Sorry if I left out some but I dun have a gd memory) were very popular. (A pity many of them are now no longer around!) I enjoyed reading them very much and since I wanted to have a platform where I could share more graphics of other artistes, naturally I made a blog! :)

6. Favourite Cantopop Singers [Max: 4]

I dun listen to much Cantopop so here are the some of v few singers I listen to (in order of how much I like their songs): Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hins Cheung, Khalil Fong (he sings in Mando even tho he’s based in HK - is this considered Cantopop?!)

7. Coffee or Tea 

Of course, TEA!

8. Kenneth or Ruco

Not much of a preference btn the two but if I were to choose I guess…Ruco?

9. Hong Kong: Disneyland or Ocean Park

Sadly I haven’t been to HK before. Maybe I’ll know better when I’m there next yr. :P

10. Give a nice and short note to me? (-; Thanks love! :-*

Hey fellow S'porean! Thanks for liking my edits as well as the tag! :D I dun think I’ve talked to u much but I enjoy viewing ur blog! Good graphics & GIFs! Keep up the gd work! :D

HAHA I think I’ve got unusual tastes (Raise hands if u like Always Ready!) & it took me long enough to do this cuz I’m so long-winded. LOL! But it’s a great way to know more about other TVB fans! :D