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Lovete Felraven - Prestige Class: Courtesan

So few people had the opportunity to appreciate Eversong Woods in the early hours of the morning, before the sun had yet to rise and the nightlife had skittered away. The enchantments lying over the area always kept it at a beautiful purple glow, but in those few hours between midnight and morning, the sky was truly lit by the stars rather than magic. Crickets sang to one another and the breeze running through the high and low branches was a song in and of itself.

Yes, so few people were able to appreciate the woods at that time…because so few people found themselves walking at that time. Yet, it was then that Lovete Felraven made her leisurely stroll from the borders of her family’s estate to the home itself. It wasn’t the first time, of course. Many, many times, she had found herself leaving Silvermoon City in the dead of night to return home just before sunrise. Her sister chastised her every time, knowing full well where Lovete had come from and what exactly she had been doing. Often times, Melanei had shouted about safety as well as her sister’s morals, but, like many things, it did not truly bother the mage.

In truth, the stroll was the perfect follow up to what she had been doing. With her shoes in one hand, the feeling of the cool grass beneath her feet was so different than the warmth of the sheets she had been rolling around in. The kiss of the night breeze on her neck in place of the lips of the man or woman that had caught her fancy that evening. Her skirts sliding across the lawn, trailing after her rather than staying pooled and discarded at the edge of a bed. It was the perfect contrast in her mind, but that reality was for her and her alone.

With a wistful sigh, she glanced upwards at the towering estate and raised a cool-to-the-touch hand to gently shift the honey-blonde curls out of her face. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself just one last little memory of the night, one last mental image of her and the wealthy magister that she had spotted in the Spire. Their conversation had been shallow at first, but with her talent at dancing with words, she had managed to ensnare him deeper than talk over non-existent weather and the need for cleaner streets. Before the night’s end, they had tumbled into his bed, and before he had succumbed to sleep, she had been sure to gain all of what she wanted from him.

“Such a gentleman,” Lovete murmured to herself, that ever-present sly smile sliding into place on her lips. Running her hands down the silk of her gown, she slipped into the door and held her breath.

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The only reason I’m complaining about being single is because I can literally do nothing to change it.

You don’t simply stop being frustrated and irritated and think you’re fine.
You can be independent and strong as the sun is shining…

But still, it doesn’t stop you from wanting someone there with you.