Happy Sunday eve you beautiful souls!! This was me last Sunday with these gorgeous mermaids soaking in natural hot springs on our way home from the burn. It’s so beautiful there it almost looks fake. With cows casually grazing as you soak and watch the sunset….. Pure heavenly bliss!! #lifeisbeautiful #so #outrageously #happy #mermaids #babes #hotsprings #soak #soak #reitergrate #lovetribe #mineral #magic @yaelm @kyliecamilla @positivepringle

Being with nature to nurture that #wildwoman that is within all of us. Yes guys, she even exists within you. The wildwoman is one who lives in tune with Mother Earth 🌎 making love to nature with their beingness. Honoring her, celebrating her and loving her and her wild ways. When we are in tune with the mother, and respect ourselves like we do her we automatically allow the flow of the universe to dance within us. When there is a storm ⚡️🌪⚡️surrender to her divine power and let her wash you essence clean. Be free 💦✨💦 hotsprings decompression with my magical sisters after the burn @yael @kt_austin @kyliecamilla #lovers #LOVE #simplethings #nourishment #nature #yummy #wildwoman #devotion #worship


Hello all,
This right here is me and a couple of the best people that I know. My LoveTribe
I miss days like these. The sun was shining and the good vibes were everywhere. 
Smiles spread like wildfire and everyone was happy.
But then again that’s what our mission was. 

We call this “Time of the Signs”. It is not a protest or a rally, just a bunch of people with positive messages. It is an idea that grew organically out of desire to shake up the squares and burst people’s bubbles of complacency. This is a Street Action to demonstrate that humans are still full of love, plain and simple, and we wanted to share the love with everyone who happened to drive by us.