multicrossover au; Pendragon Medical

Pendragon Medical is one of the most famous hospitals in Europe, known for its history as a castle renovated into a hospital. It is also known for having a ridiculous amount of doctors named John Smith, particularly in the last fifty years, and their tradition of referring to each by number rather than name to avoid confusion. Over the last few years many of these doctors have left to retire, giving Uther Pendragon reason to consider what will happen to his hospital when he follows suit.

After their father makes the decision that the hospital should fall to her younger brother Arthur, Morgana begins a subtle campaign to seize control of the hospital from under her father’s fingers. Help comes in the form of her lover, and the head anesthesiologist, Kate Merritt.

the baby sitters all grown up

After losing her home, boyfriend, and the club, Mary Anne sheds her mousy and sensitive persona. Rediscovering the “New Mary Anne” from her previous make over, she enters high school armed with a new look and determination to not be remembered as the crybaby of the Baby Sitters Club.

multicrossover au; Pendragon Medical

In the beginning it had been John Smith. Then there was ‘the other one’ and ‘E.R. John Smith’ and ‘John Smith the Third’ and ‘John Smith With The Hair’. And, eventually, they just became numbers. Only Nine , Ten, and Eleven are still around; Morgana rather hopes the days of numbers are behind them. Nobody wants to go to a hospital and be seen by lucky doctor number thirteen.

Besides which, it’s completely unprofessional.*

Truth be told, most of the hospital’s drama comes from them; a love of flirting must come with that cursed name. But that’s all right. Morgana and Kate simply keep silent record of their transgressions for future use, when Morgana can replace Uther’s staff with her own.

multicrossover au; Pendragon Medical

Everyone’s surprised when Molly Hooper and John Smith (known better as ‘Nine’ around the hospital) begin spending more time together. Everyone except the neurosurgeons Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty. Sherlock claims to have known by the way Molly’s doing her hair and Nine’s gait, and Jim just keeps his knowledge to himself. Morgana’s not the only one with spies, after all.