BYE 2016!!!!

It’s taken a minute for me to digest … I heard the news on Christmas Day as did all of you & I cried but I still didn’t believe it & then I saw the tributes & pictures & lyrics & memories which warmed my core! George & Wham! were the soundtrack of my childhood & his passing has left a crack in my soul!
❤️RIP George❤️

As always, I took some time to reflect on the past year … there were horrible horrible acts of violence, brutality & injustices that occurred, there were so many greats that left us too young & so many childhood memories brought to the surface, there were personal heartaches & tragedies that broke my heart & although I’m a very positive person … this year hurt bad!!

It’s hard to not be able to do anything when you see someone in pain, it’s hard to tell the truth & even harder to be able to truly hear the truth, it’s hard to love with all your heart but get nothing in return!! Life is hard & we know this but to take it all in & still come out the other end with only a few scratches, let’s me know that there’s hope & that is what we hold on to.

Still so thankful; BS & Cntrl still rockin withcha, the Mount, Sauga Kardashian sistas = fam, Omar, Hylton lyfe, Jrs & Srs, Loose Ends, Rome the Halls, Tea Stew, the haaves & have nots. All in all, it was sunny & the raes wouldn’t stop tryin to come thru!

2017, I’m moving a little slower & I have little to give except my wasted heart but don’t count me out just yet!!

My dear friends & family if you do one thing in 2017 … make sure those you love know how much you love them!!

Happy New Year to you & yours!

Much love,