😊Kid In Love (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Fluff overload with Grayson requested by @cassmoreiraxo based on Kid in Love by Shawn Mendes

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and sex

A/N: Guys I’m just working on requests that I have in my inbox and some drabbles right now. Sorry I haven’t posted a lot. I’m just kinda in a slump with having to go back to school and just everything. I will update as much as I can.

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And I know that we just met
And maybe this is dumb
But it feels like there was something
From the moment that we touched
‘Cause, it’s alright, it’s alright
I wanna make you mine

Grayson’s POV

“Oh I’m sorry.” She said to me as she bumped into me at a party. She had gorgeous green eyes and she was wearing a pastel pink ball cap with a black adidas jacket. Her brown long hair fell off of her shoulders and she was incredibly short compared to me. She didn’t even look old enough to drink.

“It’s fine, but how old are you? You don’t look old enough to drink.” I chuckled to her. She rolled her eyes.

“You don’t look old enough to be a cop.” She spat back at me. “I’m 22. I’ll be 23 in April officer.” She smiled as she pressed her drink back to her lips. “Name?”

“Grayson. You?” I smiled and she shrugged. I then saw her disappear into the crowd and I didn’t even get her name.

The way you’re lightin’ up the room
Caught the corner of my eye
We can both sneak out the back door
We don’t have to say goodbye
'Cause, it’s alright, it’s alright
To waste time tonight

“Hey who is pink ballcap girl?” I asked my friend Isaac who was throwing the party. He just shrugged not really paying attention to anyone. I groaned annoyed, before I saw her again. She was laughing with some friends. Her smile brightened the room so much. Something about her was so captivating that I just needed more of her. I walked over to her and I wrapped my arm around her. I tilted my head towards the backdoor and she nodded. I still had my arm around her waist as I lead us through the house. We were bumped by a few guys, but we remained fine.

“I’m shocked you found me again. Most guys don’t come looking for me a second time around.” She pressed her drink to her lips. Her blush pink lips.

“I’m not like most guys.” She just laughed at me.

“Oh yeah?” She challenged as she walked towards me.

“Yeah I’ll prove it.” I challenged her back. She seemed shocked by my response as she didn’t have anything to say. “The night is still young pink ballcap girl.” She groaned at the nickname.

“Okay first of all my name is Y/N because pink ballcap girl does not fly with me.” We both started laughing at each other. “And fine. To prove you’re not like most guys, take me home.” I was confused by her request.

“Take you home? That seems like the opposite of trying to show I’m different.” I chuckled, but she just rolled her eyes at me.

“I’m drunk and I can’t drive. You first step is to take me home. Don’t worry my parents aren’t home or anything so you don’t have to worry about the talk from my dad.” She laughed. I gave her a confused look.

“My brother drove us here.” I admitted as I scratched the back of my head. She was most likely going to think I was a loser now.

“So? Here.” She tossed me her car keys. “You have a license right?” I nodded at her question to which she smirked. “Then let’s go ass clown. I’ll type out my address on your phone.” She held out her hand for my phone, but I saw this as an opportunity to take her hand in mine. Her hand was warm and squishy compared to mine. She had sharp nails which told me she’s recently had a manicure. “My car is the black one.” I lead us to a black mustang and I helped her in the car. I handed her my phone as I ran to the other side of the car.

Said, your place is kinda cozy
Your 'rents are out of town
Baby, there’s no pressure
But if you’re down, I’m down
'Cause, it’s alright, it’s alright
Just start tonight

“So where are your parents at?” I asked her trying to make conversation.

“They went to Cuba for vacation. I had to stay home to watch our dog.” I nodded as she talked. I could hear our GPS telling us to turn. We both reached for the phone and our hands brushed up together. She blushed and pulled away, but I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She giggled.

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“You know you’re cute Y/N?” She smiled.

“You’re such a dork, but you’re cute too.” I pulled into her driveway. “Right this way.” She opened her door and so did I. We rushed up to her door and she fumbled with the keys. We both laughed as I took the keys from her and unlocked the door. The second we went inside she pulled me to her couch. She had my hand in hers as she leads the way. She sits down and pulls me down next to her smiling.

“What?” I asked confused by her smile.

“Most guys would have pinned me up against the wall and kissed me. You didn’t. Am I not good enough for you to kiss?” She asks and I stuttered.

“N-No it’s just–” She cuts me off by laughing.

“I’m kidding Gray. Maybe you aren’t like most guys.” She smirks. “I like that.” I smiled too as I looked at her lips. They had a light pink shade on them. “Do it.” She mumbled which broke me from my trance. I didn’t hesitate as I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers softly. Her hands stayed by her sides while mine caressed her face.

“Come here.” I mumbled as I helped her onto my lap. There was no hesitation on her end as her hands gripped onto my shoulder for better support.

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If you’re feeling kinda crazy
Turn down the lights
We can take our time
Do whatever you like
It’s alright, it’s alright
I wanna make you mine

My hands were tangling in her hair as she was sitting on my lap in a straddling position. I wasn’t exactly planning for any of this to happen at all. The room was filled with rapid breathing and small moans before she pulled away from me.

“Do you want me to get the lights?” I chuckled as I was half joking and half serious. I saw her with her head hanging down which made me worry. “Are you okay? Was that too fast?” I asked with a mild worry in my voice, but attempting to not show it. Her hand covered her mouth as she nodded.

“I feel those Jell-O shots wanting to come back up.” She mumbles to which I didn’t hesitate as I picked her up in both of my arms and rushed her to the bathroom. I opened the toilet and immediately she started vomiting. I made a ponytail out of her hair as I tried to hold it back away from her face. I traced circles on her back as I attempted to make her feel better. I would hum and rub her sides as she kept throwing up.

“You’re doin good baby girl. Let it out.” I whispered as she kept vomiting. Finally she stopped and groaned. I handed her a light damp washcloth as she wiped her mouth. I laughed at her, but not in a mean way. Her hair was all over the place and she just looked so cute. “I think it’s time for bed.” I said as she just shook her head.

“N-No I don’t want to sleep with you.” She mumbled as I wrapped my arms around her.

“That’s fine we don’t have to sleep together. I’ll put you to bed and leave if that’s what you want. Now where is your room?” I asked with a small chuckle. She pointed up the stairs and I followed. I get to her room as I lay her down on the bed. I pull off her pants and I take her shirt off.

“What are you doing?” She asked a little groggy like. I chuckled.

“I don’t know about you, but I hate sleeping in jeans. Try this on.” I took my shirt off and handed it to her. She slipped it on and snuggled into her pillows as she began to fall asleep. I walked up and kissed her cheek softly, before I made my way back down stairs.

“Grayson.” She says to which I turn to look at her. “Stay with me?” I nodded with a smile at her request. I pulled the covers back and slipped inside too. I wrapped my arms around her tightly as I ran my fingers up and down her stomach. I felt her press her butt into me which I just chuckled at her.

“Gladly.” I whispered.

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Maybe I’m just a kid in love
Maybe I’m just a kid in love
Oh, baby
If this is what it’s like falling in love
Then I don’t ever wanna grow up
Maybe I’m just a kid in love
Maybe I’m just a kid in love
Oh, baby
It’d be fine if it’s the two of us
But I don’t ever wanna grow up

“There’s no place like home.“

But what if home is a needle filling your veins?

What if home is feeling the warmth

dispersing through your entire body,

Until it has consumed you?

"Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

And god damn, we weren’t.

After it crawls up your arm and swallows you

There is a mini explosion of pure pleasure

And then you are in another world.

The first time I tried it,

Man, I was already hooked.

It was a lustful vision,

filled with nothing more than constant bliss.

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”          

I didn’t know how I would ever live

without my best friend, again.

One week turned into two, and two to four.

$15 into $30, to $60, and even $120 a day.

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Nothing could be worse than this.

The end of the world seemed to be coming,

Yet nobody around me seemed to notice.

I felt the world spinning at my feet

And everything was still at once.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

He does, though.

He isn’t a tiny man with horns and a tail,

He comes in the form of powder

And he makes your life hell without even trying.

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

I’m gonna gamble with my life.

I need more warmth,

I need more life,

I need his lustful kiss.

You have to keep him close,

Because without him where would you be?

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

He was the only thing close to me.

He was the only one I need.

“It wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty that killed the Beast.“

He makes you fall in love

Then pushes you off a cliff.

There’s two ways out and one is death,

Well, nobody’s perfect.

"You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk? Do ya?”

GF Sana~

DISCLAIMER: Gif not mine but to their righteous owner

(im doing this cause i feel rlly sad from exams and knowing im failing the whole year)

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  • Clingy and dorky gf
  • a cute one tho
  • the type to steal yo oversize sweaters
  • she will probably think of a dumb/ crazy idea and make u do them with her
  • which leads to adventure dates
  • energetic but will easily lose stamina
  • which is so cute cause she’ll get so whiny
  • i love that side of her
  • cheese kimpab dates (jk jk)
  • stuffs food into her mouth like a chipmunk, heR CHEEKS–
  • will probably use aegyo on u if u dont do as she says
  • cute pout
  • shes the type to get crazy for one second, but the moment u compliment her or say ‘i love u’ she’ll get all shy shy shy
  • the one who will start these dumb arguments, but the one who cares the most like if u trip she’ll just forget being angry at you and just ask if u were ok
  • then after, she herself will just trip and fall in a bush
  • pft. clumsy gf i love
  • then laughs her ass off, and u would all laugh together
  • did i mention alot of kisses? like on the forehead, cheeks, li–

-admin potato


You make me feel so small

Smaller than a grain of salt

Like I’m not worthy of anything at all

So I’m locked in my world

Where flying is possible

That’s where I don’t feel small anymore

Are you feeling small?

Like you’re not that good at all?

Is this the reason of

making others mourn?

Close your eyes and melt your heart with love

Then I promise you will never feel alone

Making others feel so small.

Dating Eugene Fiztherbert Would Include

Requested by anon:

Hi I love your writing!!! May I have a Dating Flynn Rider Would Include please? Thank you! 

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Seriously, I blame fictional guys like Eugene for my expectations on real guys because goals <3 

  • When you first met he barely even could get your name right
  • Even if later on that simple word became his world
  • It took him some time to open up to you, but he’s so glad that he did
  • Because you understand him like anyone
  • And you love the true Eugene, he feels like he can be himself around you
  • Which is one of the many reasons why he loves you so much
  • Gives you lots of nicknames, mostly variations of your name
  • “Is it me or you just look gorgeous today, Y/N?”
  • You have never ever seen him as mad as when someone messes with you
  • He’s very protective of you
  • And will fiercely defend you in the blink of an eye
  • Eugene can get jealous quite easily
  • But will definitely deny it
  • Even if he’s super respectful and understanding and sweet
  • And takes your feelings so in consideration
  • He just tries to be the best version of himself for you
  • Because you make him want to be
  • Cheek kisses
  • Lots of casual physical contact
  • And not so casual
  • You two love holding hands and playing with your fingers
  • He loves to kiss you in the head
  • Sometimes when he’s feeling playful and silly, on the hand
  • Just to make you smile or laugh
  • Random compliments from both sides
  • But when they come from him, it’s always out of the blue
  • And you never expect them
  • He always makes sure you know you’re loved
  • And likes to give you gifts as often as he can
  • Mind you, he does buy them 
  • He changed a lot since you’re together
  • In return, you like to surprise him
  • Constantly teasing each other
  • And so much playfulness
  • And sass
  • Taking long walks together and chatting
  • Racing
  • Whenever you get flustered, he smiles the biggest and looks at you in that way of his, a look so full of love
  • Then he tells you how adorable you are, which flusters you even more
  • Eugene then laughs a little and places an arm over your shoulders to hug you
  • In return, you fondly tease him when he shows you his sensitive and tender side
  • He puts the smoulder to make you laugh
  • Never refuses to give you a hug when you ask him
  • Nor does he reject them when you give them to him unexpectedly
  • You just love to hug him and he knows it
  • Eugene is your number one fan and always supports you
  • You know him better than anyone
  • And when he’s distraught you immediately notice
  • Even if he’s great at hiding it
  • So you will confront him about it and cheer him up
  • To which he will thank you 
  • Whenever he catches you staring he will say something smug 
  • Like “I know I’m handsome, so feel free to stare”
  • You reassure him whenever he feels insecure or upset
  • And he tells you many times that he’s there for you
  • You’re always there for each other, in fact
  • It’s a relationship based on communication, friendship and trust

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Do you have any hc's for how Regulus is in bed? Care to share? 😄

i always have hc for Regulus Black

  • so that boy is way different than his brother
  • silent, stoic Slytherin is not like his vocal, lighthearted Gryffindor brother
  • sex with Reg is almost always serious
  • not in a bad way, but he isn’t a jokey type of person in bed
  • and he is quieter too
  • minimal whispers about how good you are bc he knows how important assurance is in everyone’s lives 
  • he isn’t a loud lover by any means
  • unless its angry sex with Regulus then holy fuck hold your horses that is a different ballpark all together
  • but he is still tender
  • and caring
  • and dare you say loving because that doesn’t seem like Regulus to most people
  • although if he is in love
  • then obviously you know how he is
  • how he wants to be loved and love others
  • how he is silent because he is so focused on your pleasure and his
  • how he almost always gets lost in the feeling of things halfway through
  • but he never stops (unless it is too much for you bc he is about consent duh)
  • and Regulus loves to be more dominant and rough
  • rarely submissive
  • he just needs the control 
  • because he rarely has control over anything in his life
  • and he needs to control the one thing that is going to be good for him and you
  • and Regulus Black is such a good lover
  • because no matter how rough around the edges that boy is
  • he still cares about everyone he sleeps with
  • he isn’t one to sleep around often
  • it’s just not who he is
  • even though he could because he is smooth and good with the ladies
  • hello, I’m convinced it is a Black family gene to be smooth and hot as fuck
  • anyways
  • but he doesn’t like to have many one night stands
  • because he can’t stand the part where they leave in the morning
  • he can’t stand people leaving him
  • especially after something so good
  • okay i’m getting into sad times let’s wrap it up
  • Regulus Black is a dominant, rough yet fucking caring, and gentle lover who really cares about everyone he sleeps with and how good they are feeling just as much as how good he is
  • i’m going to stop there before i start crying

Sleepover Weekend!

Expecting a baby with Kino

When you tell Kino you’re pregnant:

  • he would be shocked
  • like really really really shocked
  • he’d be laughing in disbelief and keep asking you “really???”
  • but once it sinks in he’d flip out
  • in the best way possible
  • he’d cheer so loud you’d think your ear drums would pop
  • hug you and spin you around a little
  • give you the longest kiss ever, full of passion and love
  • then he’d probably start crying from happiness
  • promise you that he’ll be there every step of the way

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First trimester:

  • he’d stock up on so many baby books, sometimes accidentally buying two of the same
  • when he’s not reading them, he’d be researching things on the Internet
  • “Did you know babies don’t have kneecaps when they’re born??”
  • would feel sympathy morning sickness with you
  • buys you everything you crave no matter what time of day
  • sour cream and onion chips at 3am? done
  • nachos for breakfast? of course
  • nothing but German chocolate cake for three days straight? he’s eating it with you
  • still in a little bit of disbelief

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Second trimester:

  • much more crying
  • especially since the baby has started to move
  • he freaks out every time you say you feel a kick
  • would wait hours with his hands on your belly just to feel one shift
  • cries whenever he sees the ultrasound
  • frames the ultrasound pictures
  • starts buying baby clothes and decorating the nursery
  • makes sure all the nursery dresser drawers are stocked
  • builds a bookshelf because he’s started reading to the baby already
  • only gets the safest toys, BPA-free and all that because no way is he exposing the baby to anything remotely dangerous

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Third trimester:

  • gives you massages daily to help you deal with the growing bump
  • begins to worry about whether or not he’ll be a good father
  • might even feel a little down because he’s afraid he’ll always do the wrong thing
  • cheers up after you have a good, long talk with him about how much you love him and what a great person he is, so of course he’ll make a good father as long as he loves the child
  • after this he becomes really excited
  • starts a countdown for the expected due date
  • secretly hopes it’s a girl at first
  • but then reads about gender and sex, and reevaluates everything
  • has the bag all packed for when you need to go the hospital
  • practically sleeps with the car keys in his hand in case you go into labor in the middle of the night
  • is perfect during the entire pregnancy, supporting you in every way possible

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Ulysses’ Gaze (1995), Theo Angelopoulos

“There are no asphodels, violets, or hyacinths;
how then can you talk with the dead?
The dead know the language of flowers only;
so they keep silent
they travel and keep silent, endure and keep silent,
beyond the community of dreams, beyond the community
of dreams.

If I start to sing I’ll call out
and if I call out –
the agapanthi order silence
raising the tiny hand of a blue Arabian child
or even the footfalls of a goose in the air.

It’s painful and difficult, the living are not enough for me
first because they do not speak, and then
because I have to ask the dead in order to go on farther.
There’s no other way: the moment I fall asleep
the companions cut the silver strings
and the flask of the winds empties.
I fill it and it empties, I fill it and it empties;
I wake
like a goldfish swimming
in the lightning’s crevices
and the wind and the flood and the human bodies
and the agapanthi nailed like the arrows of fate
to the unquenchable earth
shaken by convulsive nodding,
as if loaded on an ancient cart
jolting down gutted roads, over old cobblestones,
the agapanthi, asphodels of the negroes:
How can I grasp this religion?

The first thing God made is love
then comes blood
and the thirst for blood
roused by
the body’s sperm as by salt.
The first thing God made is the long journey;
that house there is waiting
with its blue smoke
with its aged dog
waiting for the homecoming so that it can die.
But the dead must guide me;
it is the agapanthi that keep them from speaking,
like the depths of the sea or the water in a glass.
And the companions stay on in the palaces of Circe:
my dear Elpenor! My poor, foolish Elpenor!”
Or don’t you see them
– ‘Oh help us!’ –
on the blackened ridge of Psara?“

Stratis Thalassinos Among the Agapanthi, George Seferis

Thank you for your request, it means so much to me.
I really , really hope that i made this right for you.
If it’s NOT what you wanted feel free to say in my ask, i will do it again without thinking twice.
Any grammatical error please you can tell me.


  • Ok this baby really like receiving love
  • And giving it
  • But he feels like this relationship is one sided
  • He say how much he loves you, he hugs you, kisses your cheeks, etc.
  • But you only smile back
  • Where are his kisses?He wants to receive too!
  • He really starts to think that HE IS THE PROBLEM
  • He was crying at night because of that
  • He wants to know what he can do
  • Well…He is definitely not going to ask  Seven, or any RFA member for help
  • He can be a little jealous when they know a lot about you
  • So …he know that he has  only one way to go
  • Hm…Interesting
  • You may be a person that feels uncorfortable with so much love
  • Ok
  • May be hard but he will do anything to make you feel happy and comfortable
  • So he is now..
  • Hell yeah!
  • He is dying inside
  • Omg her cheek, don’t kiss it
  • BE A MAN
  • But then he starts to notice that your face is filled with sadness
  • What did he did wrong?
  • He then  he  goes to you and sit beside you on the couch, with a worried face
  • “…MC?What’s wrong?”
  • You just sigh and look at him
  • “You’ve been  so distant lately..You don’t even hug me..What’s wrong?”
  • Yoosung just froze,wait you were missing it?
  • OH SHIT!
  • He just gave an awkward tiny laugh ,he understood everything now
  • It’s not that you didn’t like it
  • You just…Struggle to show it
  • He just laughs and cuddles with you on the couch for the rest of the evening
  • You may not give love to him like he did to you
  • But those shining eyes looking at him when he does it just..
  • Makes everything worth it
  • And when , rarely , you hug him, or kiss him,it’s like
  • The best thing in the world
  • He just loves you, and if she’s happy that he is showing all his love


  • He needs to be appraised
  • He needs it
  • Ok ok a little compliment here and there 
  • He accepts 
  • But he needs sometimes a little emotion
  • He can be a gentleman but his princess needs to show that she can do it too!
  • Oh no…
  • Is it so hard for her to just not jump in his arms?
  • Maybe you have a beast too
  • And showing love, may unleash it
  • He knows how hard it is to  keep looking at him and not kiss him every time
  • Understandable
  • But maybe if you has this beast
  • EVEN if you are his princess
  • Maybe just maybe..It would not me so bad?
  • When you woke up from your little nap in the couch
  • Your eyes just stared at Zen’s red ones
  • You were shocked
  • “Z-Zen…?Why are you observing me?”
  • “Mc, i can’t let you pretend anymore, i will let you unleash your beast”
  • What the hell is he talking about?
  • “My beast Zen?I don’t know what you’re talking about Zen”
  • Without even thinking twice he just  kiss you deeply
  • When their lips finally parted he just smiled
  • “I know it’s hard to control  yourself when you are close to me, but don’t worry, i won’t think that you’re a freak”
  • “Zen…It’s not that, i don’t do well with affection”
  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • This cannot be possible
  • “So…You don’t like when i give you love?”
  • You just sigh laughing a little, while he’s still confused
  • “I like, i love it actually,but…I’m not good at showing it”
  • He just looks like a idiot
  • How come he never noticed?
  • But he is happy
  • That she likes
  • “Then..It’s okay if i unleash my beast?”
  • He say with a little smirk
  • Zen, stop


  • Ok,you are definitely trying to push him away
  • Why?
  • After YOU didn’t let him push you away
  • He is so confused
  • You are a bit cold to him
  • Looks like you don’t want these hugs, these kisses
  • You don’t look angry, or say insults like Saeran
  • And threats too
  • But he is worried, what has he done wrong?
  • Maybe you’re tired of him, maybe you just don’t like that much love?
  • Ok, he will give you space
  • Cut the love ropes 
  • This is going down
  • Then with this in mind, he’s the same when he tried to push you away
  • Jokes?Was there. Conversations?Was there too
  • But the affection, love? Not there
  • Even Saeran thinks this is strange
  • Then MC decides to have a little courage and ask
  • “Seven..?”
  • He just spins his chair and looks at you
  • “Sup Mc”
  • “….You want me to go away?”
  • What?Why is she asking it?He shoulded ask this question to her
  • She is acting strange
  • “You want to go away?”
  • She look confused, why is he heasking this question?
  • “I never ever think of leaving…Why are you asking me this kind of question Saeyoung?”
  • Confused stares 
  • “You kinda seems that you’re pushing me away, don’t seem angry when i give you affection, but you never seem to return it”
  • Mc just smiled, what a dork
  • “It’s hard for me to show love Saeyoung..”
  • Oh..Ok
  • Now that makes sense
  • So you liked it, but showing it is difficult
  • Seven just smiled back to her
  • “Good to know…I’m missing our kisses so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ”


  • You must already know that for him feelings were a myth
  • When he starts to feel love, everything was so strange
  • But now, he understands it
  • He wants to cherish you, love every part of your body , every bit of you
  • He wants all of you to be his
  • May seem selfish
  • But he loves you so much
  • Everytime he comes to home , he caresses Elizabeth
  • And then kisses you
  • Saying he had missed you
  • Everytime is the same thing
  • He never showed emotions in his entired life
  • But he is so intense now with this
  • He really really loves you
  • But he don’t feel the same from you
  • You don’t jump in his arms or are so intense with him
  • He feels sometimes neglected
  • But he loves you
  • But he is very afraid that you might leave him
  • He knows that he will never love someone like you
  • If you leave him…He…Will not know what to do
  • He will be lost
  • Not even Elizabeth could make him smile again
  • In one night, you wake up with a sound of someone crying sofly, not wanting to make any noise
  • It was Jumin?
  • Yes
  • You almost jumpet out of the bed to sit beside him
  • “Jumin?What is wrong?Did something happen to Elizabeth?”
  • When he notices your presence he just wipe his face quickly
  • “No my love…Go back to sleep, is everything alright”
  • “Jumin i know you  were crying, tell me , why?”
  • He just looks at her, with a little of tears in his eyes
  • It was very rare to see him like this, some people think it’s impossible to see him like this actually
  • But he doesn’t know where he went wrong with you,and he is very, very afraid that he might lose you
  • He can’t hold these type of emotions
  • He is a human too
  • “Are you…Planning to leave me?”
  • What was he saying?
  • You were shooked
  • Why?
  • “No, never Jumin, why are you asking such a thing?”
  • “…I always give you kisses, hugs, all my love, you don’t seen to hate it, or try to stop me, but you never ever give me anything, not even a declaration”
  • Oh…Now you get it
  • “Jumin it’s difficult to me to show my love…Emotions…But i do like when you do this”
  • Difficult?
  • Ok, he can help you
  • After that, they’re asleep ,cuddling peacefully
  • He will have patience
  • Show you all his love
  • And you will try your hard to show yours too
  • Of course, at your pace


  • She has some struggles showing some love
  • After finally stop with the “friend” thing
  • Stop Jaehee
  • She is more happy, and she takes MC with an open heart
  • More calm, gentle, romantic
  • Yes Baehee
  • But MC does not return all of this
  • What?She wants that kind of Jahee back?
  • You just regretted that you chose her instead of the boys?
  • She was more boring than them?
  • But she is trying her hardest
  • You are not gonna leave her after everything
  • Right?
  • She even looks even more romantic
  • Looks like she wants to please you
  • You don’t mind it
  • You even liked 
  • But you knew something was up
  • “Jaehee.”
  • You said behind her, while she was making, i don’t know, cookies? Coffee?
  • She looks at you, smilling
  • “Say it darling”
  • “You’re acting in a strange way,what is wrong?”
  • Ok
  • She could just smile, say it was nothing
  • But Jaehee learned from you that she have to speak up when something was messing her little head
  • So she just sigh, and look at you again, without the smile this time.
  • “Mc, i know this all started with the word friends , but is this what you want to be?Only friends?”
  • Before you can open your mouth to ask why,she starts to speak again
  • “Mc when i try to be romantic or show you some love you accept,but you never try to do the same to me,if you don’t want this kind of Relationship, i understand.”
  • “…Jaehee,it’s not that, i love you, but…It’s hard for me, i love your touches, seeing you give me love..But i just can’t, it’s so hard for me”
  • Oh
  • How can she be so dumb?
  • She don’t know why MC is like this, maybe she is just antisocial, shy, she just don’t mind at all
  • But after that day, Jaehee stops being so romantic
  • Of course a little kiss here, there ~
  • She knows you like when she give you a tight hug,or a simple kiss
  • You sometimes do it on her
  • She just looks so cute when she is caught by surprise


  • V has a big problem
  • If something is wrong, strange
  • He puts the blame on himself
  • And that’s it
  • He never realizes that maybe, just maybe he did nothing wrong
  • V is perfect in this relationship
  • But he realizes that you don’t give him affection
  • You don’t complain about his affection
  • But because of that he starts to get wrong ideas
  • He don’t think you just…Have a little problem with showing your love
  • He thinks he did something wrong
  • That he is a burden to you
  • Of course
  • Everything is making sense
  • He is slowly turning blind
  • Now he can see a bit, it’s blurry, and it’s still hard
  • He knows you have a kind heart
  • But he can’t make you stay with a blind man
  • If he is just a burden.
  • But V doesn’t know what he would do without you
  • You’re his life
  • His light
  • He don’t want to lose another person that he loved
  • So he just can’t be quiet about it and let things go with the wind
  • You’re leaving him?He is scared just to think about it
  • He has to speak up
  • He has to speak with you
  • He has to do something
  • You’re in the kitchen, cooking
  • V leaves the bedroom, making his way towards you
  • “The food smells great,Love…”
  • His voice sounded like…He had been crying
  • You just look at him, he seemed tired
  • “Thank you…Is something upsetting you?”
  • Ok V
  • Speak up
  • Don’t start with those secrets
  • Or i swear to god i will hit you with this pan
  • “Yes”
  • Ok he will say it
  • So you focus on him
  • “If you plan on leaving me…Because…I’m a burden”
  • He says slowly, looks like those words hurt him so much
  • “I understand…But i will still love you”
  • You keep looking at him, he was holding back tears and with his head down
  • So you put your hand in his chin and makes him look at you,looking at your eyes
  • “Why would i do such a thing V?”
  • “You are cold with me.”
  • Oh
  • It’s this
  • “V i love you, but i have a little problem, i have difficulty to show love,affection,but i really like when you do this, actually, it’s like a fuel for me to start the day”
  • His eyes just got brighter
  • It’s not his fault
  • Never is V
  • Stop with that
  • He’d just kiss you , a kiss with all his love in it
  • And you kissed him back, with all your love in it
  • Looks like everything is good ~
  • “Love…it smell as if something is burning..”
  • Well
  • After this day he still the same 
  • And you’re slowly being more affectionate
  • Everything looks good
  • Except the food


  • This gonna be complicated
  • He is exactly like you
  • Want love,but has difficult in giving, showing it
  • Yes, he needs love
  • So this is awkward
  • Looks like you are living with a friend, even with a stranger
  • And he thinks the same thing
  • This relationship won’t have affection
  • Only when he grabs you at night, to cuddle
  • You two had enough
  • This is bullshit
  • You are so sad, you need love, affection
  • You can’t let this go further
  • And he is secretly thinking the same as you
  • So,at the same time you two go talk to each other
  • And when you were so close
  • You asked
  • “…Why are you so distant from me?”
  • “I should ask that”
  • Looks like he is thinking the same as you
  • “I find a little hard to show my emotions, and love”
  • “Looks like we have the same problem then princess.”
  • This was going to be hard
  • But you two will slowly open up together, you’re feeling it
  • So the two of you hug each other tightly
  • You two need it
  • And need much more ~
  • This got better after the realization of the problem
  • The two of you grew more affectionate towards each other
  • He loves your little smiles when he hugs you or kisses you
  • And you love the brightness in his eyes when you do the same
  • And you both love when you’re cuddling, on the sofa, eating ice cream
  • Everything is perfect now

I really hope i got this right, and that you liked it

  • FIRST: Your contact name for him is Sunshine with a heart
  • His contact name for you is My Flower
  • Seokmin is always making you laugh
  • Whether it be with cheesy jokes or funny faces, you’ll always laugh when your around him
  • He sings to you all the time
  • He loves it when you join in with him
  • When you two are in the kitchen, he’ll always ask in what way he can help you
  • He loves kissing your nose
  • Kisses with DK are always so sweet and full of love
  • then again, they can be very needy and impatient
  • When it comes to sex, he always makes sure you are being taken care of first
  • He loves it when you ride his thigh while he whispers sweet things to you
  • His favorite is when he gets to spank your ass as you cry with pleasure, slowly counting to ten
  • After care is a bubble bath, Seokmin like to use the bubbles as a beard
  • He’ll message your shoulders and wash your hair
  • Naps happen of course, and he always wants to be the little spoon because he feels safe knowing you’re with him
  • He loves to take you to the amusement park
  • He’ll win you a huge stuffed animal
  • For an anniversary, he’d write a song for you, working months on it so it can be perfect
  • When he sings it, he gets emotional and you cry happy tears
  • Seokmin loves you and he wants to always make sure you’re happy and his


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can you do a 'dating Brian would include' thingie for Brian/YoungK from Day6? ^^ thanks yous


Originally posted by day6brazil

  • him asking you to come & watch DAY6 perform when they have concerts
  • he would really like to see his girlfriend support him
  • helping him shave when he needs to (ugh cute! until you end up accidentally cutting him)
  • posing weirdly in front of famous landmarks when you travel
  • and then possibly making a collage out of that
  • handwritten notes around the house
  • “good morning,” “you look cute today,” “don’t worry. i took care of breakfast,” “have a good day at work!”
  • him letting you mess around with his guitar girlfriend, Jane
  • pretending that he’s offended when you comment how wild his hashtag game is
  • and then he’d come back with it’s what the cool kids do (cool kids meaning jae lmao)
  • commenting “photo creds to me” whenever you post a photo on instagram that he took
  • sending you cute videos of himself so that you’d smile :)
  • him purposely jamming to his music playlist loudly so that you can also listen to good music
  • always remembering and celebrating your anniversaries & other holidays
  • wearing couple outfits
  • …and then he’d probably ask his members who wore it better
  • more wild than his hashtags….them dubsmash videos haha
  • camping together often
  • him wanting to share a tent with you so that he can cuddle
  • having selcas sent to you while he is in the studio practicing
  • him telling you that he loves you more
  • which would then lead to that kind of “i love you more” play fights
  •  lots of kisses on your cheek :*
  • and, of course, he’d expect them back in return
  • dates at other concerts so that you guys can just jam your hearts out
  • (i always have a hard time with the sex part OTL) but for you guys, i shall answer….and i think that with him, it’d be really really intimate sex
  • he’d let you know what he likes that you’re doing or what feels good
  • and he’d make sure all parts of you felt his love
  • then there would probably be pillow talk afterwards

- Fany ♡


Request:  Can I ask for an imagine? Oliver Wood may be very confident with sports,but when it comes to talk to YN he’s a mess. Good thing the twins decide to help ;) by anon

I’m so sorry this took a while, but it was such a good request that I loved so much that I really wanted to do it justice. I hope you like it!

Oliver Wood was good at many things. He was a Quidditch prodigy and excelled at all of his classes. He could make girls swoon over him with a single confident smile. Everybody loved him. He was confident in every aspect. Except one. 

Y/N Y/L/N.

She was beautiful. A kind, shy, and humble Hufflepuff, who also happened to be a Chaser for her house’s Quidditch team. Everything about her made Oliver fall slowly in love with her, even if he had never talked to her. She was the one area where Oliver wasn’t confident.

One Saturday, Oliver was at the Gryffindor table, not-so-subtly watching Y/N laugh with her friends. If he was being honest with himself, Oliver knew he was being stalkerish. Either way, he continued to watch.

“Mate, you do know your spoon is empty, right?”

“What?” Oliver asked, startled out of his reverie. He tore his brown eyes away from Y/N to find a pair of ginger twins sitting in front of him.

“Your spoon is empty,” Fred Weasley repeated.

His twin, George Weasley, continued for him. “But you’ve been eating from it for the last five minutes.”


“What have been you been staring at?” Fred questioned.

“I think Woods been ogling a girl, mate.”

“Has he? Which girl?”

“No idea. We’ll have to ask him.”

The twins stopped their conversation to find their Quidditch captain glaring at him. “What?”

“Go. Away.”

“I think we’ve annoyed him, Freddie.”

“I think you’re right, Georgie.”

“Do you two need something?” Oliver frowned.

“Figured you’d know by now,” George said.

“We want to know who you’re staring at,” Fred continued.

“Will you leave if I tell you?” Oliver growled.


“Maybe not.”

Oliver sighed and dropped his head onto the table. There was no getting rid of the twin beaters, and he knew it. Thinking through his options, the Gryffindor sighed again.

“If you must know…” Oliver replied, intensely aggravated. “Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Really?” Fred asked, startled.

“Yes.” Oliver dragged out, watching the two cautiously.

“The Hufflepuff Chaser?” George questioned.


“So you fancy her?” Fred pressed.


The ginger twins grinned at each other, before disappearing.


“Hello, Y/N.”

Y/N looked up from her Transfiguration homework to see a pair of Gryffindor twins sitting in front of her.

“Hi, guys. What’s up?” Y/N was cautious. Yes, the two were younger than her, but they were notorious pranksters.

“Do you know Oliver Wood?” George Weasley asked her.

“Yeah, why?”

“Do you think he’s cute?” Fred continued.

“I’m going to ask again, why?”

“Just answer the question.”


The twins smirked at each other before vacating the Hufflepuff table and leaving a very confused Y/N behind.


“I still don’t get it.” Y/N asked as she was dragged by the Weasley Twins to an unknown destination. “Why do I have to be blindfolded?”

A twin responded, but she couldn’t tell which by just voices alone. “Well, there has to be a little mystery to it don’t you think?”

“You kidnapped me.” Y/N deadpanned. “I’d say there’s a lot of mystery.”

“No need to be so dramatic. We just picked you up, and carried you away from your friends while you screamed. That’s not kidnapping.”

“…you’re kidding right?”

“Look, you trust us right?”

Y/N could hear a door opening as they gently pulled her forward and out into the grounds.

“You’re kidding, right?”

There was a slight pause and Y/N assumed the twins were having a silent conversation, before they responded in unison.

“Fair enough.”

“But either way-”

“You’ll be fine-”

“And don’t worry if you’re hungry-”

“That’s all been handled.”

The more the gingers talked, the more confused Y/N became. Finally she decided to just trust the twins the best she could. 


“We’re here.” 

“We’ll take off the blindfold-”

“But you need to count to five-”


“-before you open your eyes.”

Y/N nodded.


A gentle breeze blew by.


She could hear the Gryffindors snickering as they ran off.


Somebody gasped.


Whoever gasped whispered, “I can’t believe their insane plan is actually working.


Y/N’s eyes flew open as she took in her surroundings. She stood in the center of the Quidditch pitch, and there was a picnic laid out nearby. She stepped closer to see some of her favorite foods and an assortment of others.

“Do you like it?”

Y/N turned around to see Oliver Wood, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and her long-time crush standing behind her, with his hands shoved into his pockets.

“Because if you don’t, this was all Fred and George’s idea.”

“All of it?” Y/N teased. “Even me being here?”

“Well, that I uh-, I mean-,”

Y/N laughed. “Oliver, in all the years we’ve known each other I have never heard you stutter.”

Oliver stopped stumbling over his words, and flushed red.

“It’s kind of cute.”

Oliver’s eyes shot up to see Y/N now avoiding his gaze. She was blushing as deeply as him. The Gryffindor ginned at her and stepped closer.

“Cute enough to date me?”

Y/N’s eyes raised to meet his brown ones. “Maybe.”

He grinned at her and stepped closer. “To kiss me?”

“Oh, definitely.”

Oliver pressed his lips against hers. Their lips moved in unison against each others. The kiss was slow, and sweet, and gentle. Fireworks exploded.

Oliver pulled away, and the new couple looked upwards. Colorful lights and smoke decorated the darkening sky.

“I’m going to kill those two,” Oliver growled.

“They aren’t that bad,” Y/N laughed.

Suddenly, a song started to echo throughout the pitch.

Oliver and Y/N sitting on a broom


First comes love

Then comes-

“Actually, I think I’ll help you.”

Again, I am so sorry this took so long. I lost it three times writing it. I am going to try and write another one or two imagines tonight.

To: You

If I said I was sorry
You wouldn’t believe me
I opened your heart
And then I broke it
I opened you up to love
Then betrayed your trust

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

I want to fix it and to fix us
I may have exposed your heart
But you made your way into mine
Seeing you hurt because of my mistakes
Brings me to my knees
Turns out we’re both disappointed in me

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

If you would let me get it back
I would work my whole life for your trust
Even though I’ve made stupid choices
You still mean the world to me
And I can’t see me without you
I will always love you

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

One last time, here’s an apology
From the bottom of my heart
With all that I am
I admit I fucked up
If I could take it back, I would
I am more than sorry for the pain and disappointment
I want to fix it
I want to fix us

There’s not much I can say
And nothing I can do
You can’t see my face
Nor my regrets
My tears
Or my face
I am more than sorry
For how I’ve hurt you

Ty’s Dank Ass Love Spell

So this is like a super dank love spell and so far has worked like crazy, I mean its been like “Hi boys whats up”. Also I believe love spells just make you feel great.

What you’ll need

  • A small potion bottle 
  • red thread 
  • pink salt
  • chili flakes
  • cinnamon
  • dried rose petals 
  • honey 
  • 2 red candle 
  • 1 white candle
  • Music that makes you think of a wonderful relationship wether past present or imaginary 
  • any items you wish to use to attract a lover ( I used a ring, and perfume)

How to do it

  1. get all the shit ready on your alter
  2. set your circle and don’t leave it until the spell is done 
  3. light the white candle and pour into it your intentions, I focused a lot here, just like “I want this to be safe and pure and please no horrible magical repercussions”
  4. Play your love music and just let it fill you, imagine the kind of love life you want
  5. put enough* pink salt into your small potion bottle, to make the spell earth bound 
  6. next add chilli flakes to keep your love nice and spicy
  7. next up cinnamon, now I consider this a spicy slap in the face, like come on as if you dont want me
  8. pop in your dried rose petals, obvi for true love
  9. then on top of all of that push some honey in there, to make your love sticky and sweet
  10. since thats all done put your stopper into your potion bottle trapping all of that
  11. Now red candle A is you and red candle B is your dream boat
  12. take the red thread and rope it between red candle A, through and around any magical Items (for me a ring which I roped around again and again thinking of all the different traits he’d have. and a perfume which I roped he’d be attracted to) and especially your newly made love potion, feel free to go around and around these items as much as you like focusing on the kind of guy/gurl you’d like to rope in. then of course tie it around candle B
  13. set the two red candles, now that they are connected by red thread, aflame and visuals that when the fire hits the red thread it’ll really super charge your items!! and make the spell crazy magnetic to whomever you’ve dreamed.
  14. Wear the rings, necklace, whatever you’ve used. Put the potion bottle in your purse, bathe yourself in the perfume, what ever you’ve used in this spell is now super charged to get your lover so by all means use it!

    *I truly believe we have no measurements just natural instinct*

The first night I went out with this in my Murse (man purse) I saw I guy who fit my description and was like “I’m gunna give him my number” when I approached him bizarrely, or magically, he asked for my number! wowza!

anonymous asked:

Types of video games the RFA would play and how they'd play them? (Easy/hard mlode, if they'd design their character a certain way, if they just wing it or they strategize the game, etc)

Omg I’m laughing at this because I fucking love playing video games and imagining all of them playing video games gives me life.

~Admin MP


  • Of course he’s never played a video game in his life
  • Honestly, I headcanon that he plays so many different video games
  • But his favorite ones are the ones with complicated storylines that you can immerse yourself in
  • He’s literally the second best LOLOL player in the world, he doesn’t go half assed
  • Literally, he plays on hard mode all the time and takes leveling up seriously
  • He’s the guy that if someone is goofing off he’s like “AREN’T YOU TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY? IT’S IMPORTANT
  • Starts crying if he starts getting frustrated and upset aw
  • But also starts cursing up a storm
  • LIke seriously, his curses could peel goddamn paint (Jaehee was mortified the first time she heard it)
  • Hell hath no fury like a scorned Yoosung in an RPG game
  • Also has a bad habit of staying up very late playing them because he just gets so into them
  • Especially the ones with stories– he just can’t stop himself from staying up until he finishes everything
  • Played Life is Strange and didn’t sleep for 37 hours because he wanted to finish it
  • He also has his DS with him all the time and he plays whenever there’s awkward social confrontation he wants to avoid
  • I figure he probably dislikes shooting games
  • Like, he could probably do really well, but first person shooters are just… 
  • He can’t do it
  • Surprisingly, he’s actually really good at strategy and is the first tone to come up with a great plan for killing a dragon or sending his team in for a raid


  • He’s played literally every goddamn videogame known to man kind
  • Has a habit of starting a game and then never fucking finishing it
  • There’s 20 different games he’s never finished
  • Ever
  • It depends on what mood he’s in for mode though
  • If he just wants to sort of relax before bed, he’ll do a nice easy mode, but if he wants to get his frustrations out, it’s hell mode
  • Is one of those people that mocks the video game voice actors
  • (He’s also played Naruto Clash of Ninja all the way through three times. It’s one of the only games he’s ever finished.)
  • Taunts other players
  • And by taunts, I mean taunts
  • Whether it’s in person or over a headset, he’s talking shit constantly and cackling
  • Sometimes he’ll hack the system if there’s a skin he really, really likes but can’t be bothered to get the hard way
  • I feel like he also doesn’t care about what gender his character is, it’s just whatever he feels like playing at that time
  • Oftentimes he can be found sitting on the couch, boredly eating chips and gaming 
  • Those fingers are really deft on the keyboard so they’re also good on the controllers 
  • A game he really likes playing is Overwatch
  • Tracer is his favorite character and he loves imitating her at random times
  • CHEERS, LOVE. THE CAVALRY’S ‘ERE,” he shouts while bursting into a room and Yoosung drops his drink
  • He’s scarily accurate at shooting games like
  • There can just be an eerie cackle heard in the distance and then BOOM headshot RIP
  • He says that, too.
  • Everytime he kills someone he sing songs “RIP in peace~”


  • I’m cackling because I have a headcanon that sometimes Jaehee will play Sims to get her mind off of things
  • Like, she has a secret game that she made with herself where she’s rich and Jumin is working for her
  • But really, she would love the world making in Sims
  • She’d make houses from scratch and be enraptured in the entire process
  • Then Yoosung introduces her to RPG games and she realizes she can make her own armor and weapons
  • Of course, she has to go on a twenty minute hunt for iron and obsidian so she can make the perfect A+ armor
  • Another game she actually enjoys that Yoosung introduced her to is Fallout 4
  • Although she didn’t know she had to fight a Deathclaw and she wasn’t listening to the dialogue so she didn’t get the Power Armor and had to fight it with only a crow bar
  • Cue Jaehee Kang Screaming
  • She’s also the type of person who will weigh the pros and cons of her abilities and what she should add to and make her character really well rounded
  • Gets a lil smirk on her face whenever she beats a boss
  • Hates playing against other people on the internet though, she’s awful at it and she doesn’t like the things they say
  • Although she likes video games, she knows when to stop and get her rest and won’t play them for more than an hour or two because “I don’t want to actually need glasses”


  • This annoying guy
  • Spends HOURS in character customization
  • he downloads mods for prettier eyes and hair
  • And has to get all the extra outfits
  • Of course, the character has to look exactly like him
  • The first game he probably plays is Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • The character creator isn’t too in depth but he has to make it perfect
  • He choses an elf because they’re “prettier”
  • Gets genuinely pissed off when they don’t have a long ass ponytail for men
  • But he finally, FINALLY finishes and gets into the game
  • And he just has so many fucking questions
  • “What– what is that? Why is my hand glowing?”
  • “Are they mad at me??”
  • “Did I do something wrong?”
  • “HOW DO I DO SPELLS” (because he chose an Elven mage duh)
  • Totally the guy to yell as he fights like “AAHHHHH IT’S GONNA TOUCH ME AAAAHHH”
  • He loves the fact that you can romance people 
  • As soon as he sees Cullen he falls in love
  • Then he gets super pissed off when he realizes that he can’t romance him as a guy
  • “I NEED MORE MODS” he shouts and ends up making his game run super slow and glitch because he’s downloaded too many mods
  • He’s also the type of person to put on an armor that looks prettier but has lower stats 
  • “Zen, that lowers your defense by a significant amount!”
  • “yeah, but I look good”


  • So we know that he has gaming systems in his living room
  • But the real question is: Does he use them often?
  • I feel like he doesn’t, really
  • Like, they’re more there to make things homey/for whenever Yoosung or Seven come over
  • But he can be persuaded to join in a game or two
  • Always on easy mode though or else he just stares at the controller, frustrated
  • He’d ask Seven and Yoosung for suggestions and they both tell him Batman: Arkham City
  • Of course he plays it and loves it and they try not to laugh seeing him so serious as playing Batman
  • Once he finds out there’s video games for playing and taking care of cats though, he’s gone
  • He buys them all discreetly (Jumin honey we can all read and we know what the covers say) and stacks them in a cabinet next to the tv
  • Names every single cat Elizabeth 3rd
  • His all time favorite game, though, is Catlateral Damage
  • In the game, you play as a cat and get more points the more you fuck shit up
  • And he’d just have a little grin on his face the whole time he plays it 
  • Gets the all time high score in the world because cats
  • Seven is super salty about it and can figure out who the person with the username name Elizabeth3rdLuvr is
  • Also, of course, he has Neko Atsume on his phone. Duh.