can we just talk about this? She blazed past her parents, and immediately went for her pirate. This hug, this look of pure adoration is something that can never be spoken. Yes, we know that Emma loves Killian, but this hug. This hug makes me want to weep, and some times it does. Emma Swan found her home, and a man that she loves with her whole heart. That has been what I wanted for her character this whole time, and this hug. The little skip, jump thing she does before reaching him. She basically bear hugs him, and she feels no remorse or any hesitation about it. The look of pure love shining across her cheeks. Not to mention Killian’s face, he just embraces her and accepts it. This is his Swan, and he would gladly die for. And he has, Killian Jones is a man that is the only one worthy of Emma Swan’s heart. I just. Emma Swan and Killian Jones, they hurt my heart because they have fought tooth and nail for this. This loving, compassionate relationship they both deserve. Don’t mind me, just got a branch, more like the whole damn tree, in my eye. 


tylers little face just lights up. #twentyonepilots #joshdun #tylerjoseph #top #clique #21p #lovethem


DRICKI WEEK/Day 2 <333

Favorite Moment(s) They’ve Shared

Everything from the moment Nicki walked out but 3:11-3:18!!

“Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you.”


I love this so much