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I wanted to ask you,what should I understand from this line?If I pull her, who is within me, out of me, I wonder if she will be brought back to life .VK memories,chapter 7 Could we have a chance to a HAE?

Hi Bella!

Ooh! Now this is a very interesting question you’ve asked. I’ve been meaning to write a post about this recently - as many in my yume family have done already - so what perfect timing! Considering the details that have been included in the recent chapter, this topic definitely deserves some conversation.

Personally, I’m not too sure if yume will get the conventional ‘‘happy ever after’ (HEA). Whilst the couple completely deserve a HEA after the pain they both have gone through, I just don’t think it will happen - to a certain extent - which I will expand upon in a moment.

So when Kaname says:

‘If I pull her, who is within me, out of me, I wonder if she will be brought back to life’

He is essentially referring to the extraordinary regenerative powers purebloods have. By ending his life, he wonders if Yuuki will be able to revive. Indeed, some of my lovely yumes have identified examples of what they believe to be the foreshadowing of Yuuki’s return. Reflecting on how Hino has often twisted the plot’s rules many times before, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hino did such a thing. However, whether a HEA will result from it is debatable. Firstly, should he pull out his heart - he would die. Secondly, should Yuuki be revived through that method or another, it would destroy the powerful message her sacrifice symbolises.

As I said above, whilst I don’t think they will get a HEA, I do think there is a possibility of some sort of ‘reunion’ taking place that will be the closest yume will get to a HEA. 

Reviewing Vampire Knight, there are numerous occasions where the deceased have returned in a ‘ghost’ like form. Examples include Ichiru appearing before Zero when he visits his grave, and the scenes where Rido and the Ancestress appear before Kaname.

In turning Kaname human, Yuuki wanted him to live a happy, carefree life. To free him from the burdensome chains that imprisoned him in simply being a pureblood. From the recent chapters, we’ve been shown that Yuuki’s wish has arguably only been achieved to a certain extent. In learning more about what Yuuki has done, Kaname has shown emotions such as sadness and anger.

As mentioned in VK Memories chapter 4:

“Is that so” - ‘Is all he said, then he went silent…That was a bit scary. After we told him ‘our mother exists inside of you’, he looked mad.’

In the most recent chapters, his desire to see Yuuki again has been repeated consistently, suggesting that this need is not only weakening as he gains memories but strengthening. This leads me to think that this ‘restlessness’ he feels in arguably not completely understanding why Yuuki sacrificed herself for him to the ‘debt’ he may feel he owes her in giving him such a wonderful gift will only intensify. To me, Kaname is still very much an infant in his present state. He is vulnerable like a child compared to Ai and Ren, and he knows little about himself as well as his surroundings (although this is quickly changing). As shown in chapter 7, Kaname is actively exploring and learning. He is actively listening and absorbing information. If you put yourself into his position, he must have thousands of questions burning in his mind! Why did this person sacrifice her life for me? What is it that I did to deserve such a gift? How can I repay her? Should I not remember such a person? What did she mean to me? How can I thank her? Such questions must fill his thoughts day and night! 

And who better to soothe these conflicting emotions and thoughts other than the owner of the heart herself? Yes, Ai and Ren may have some effect should they try to do so themselves, but there is just something special about hearing the words/answer you need from that special person.

Similar to Ichiru ‘visiting’ Zero, I believe it is possible that Yuuki may ‘visit’ Kaname. My reason for this hypothesis derives from the scene between Kaname and the Ancestress when she warns everyone that she is ‘cooling down’. 

Like Yuuki, the ancestress is a pureblood and her body has perished but her heart remains. Despite only the heart existing, she is able to morph herself in front of Kaname and engage in a conversation. Looking at the scene below, it seems like the Ancestress may have also been able to touch Kaname? If you scroll up this post, the scene where Kaname squashes Rido’s morphed form supports the idea of these ‘ghosty’ forms able to touch the living as well as vice versa.

Just think about it - if such a scene was able to happen when the ancestress’ heart was ‘cooling down’, what could happen when a heart like Yuuki’s is perfectly intact?

For me, such an event is exactly what Kaname needs to find peace. Whilst the scene would be very bittersweet and emotional, it would give Kaname the peace he needs and Yuuki the opportunity to wish him a final farewell which she was unable to do when she sacrificed herself. As a yume pointed out before, both were not able to look into the other’s eyes when they died. Both were unable to say a proper ‘goodbye’ to the other. During such a conversation, the two would be able to say the things they have always wanted to say to each other. From this perspective, this would be the closest yume would get to a HEA.

Regarding Ai’s quote:  ‘Our mother exists inside of you’

The verb ‘exists’ implies that Yuuki’s life has not ceased despite her body having perished. She continues to live inside of Kaname - possibly even be aware of what is happening around her - further suggesting that the idea of this ‘reunion’ may be possible. 

No matter what the end of VK Memories will entail, yume definitely had the best story and no one can replace the deep, intense love they had for one another. As Hino states, ‘in the future and in the past, a unique connection exists for all eternity…’ 

#Eternalyume  #Everlastingyume

And there you go! That’s what I think about yume getting a HEA. Apologies for turning this reply into a mini essay! The topic was just so interesting I couldn’t help myself ;w; I’d also like to apologise for any grammatical errors in this post - its quite late over here as I’m typing this reply!

Thank you for your question!


Side note: To those who have asked me a question and are still waiting for a reply - I will reply to your question soon! I swear I haven’t forgotten them! Thank you for being so patient with me!

Oh Dear...

“Who’s that girl over there?”
Chris Evans x reader
A/n: I hope you don’t mind me making reader Jeremy Renner’s bestie ^-^

Genre: humor, romance
Rated: Everyone
Warning: swearing
“Hey Jeremy? Who’s that girl over there?”
Said man turned towards the tall, dirty blonde man pointing to the other side of the bookstore. Jeremy Renner grinned and stated.
“That, Chris, is my best friend (y/n). She’s a really weird but awesome woman.”
Chris nodded and watched you as you drank your latte and read your book. Chris stated.
“She’s gorgeous.”
A voice asked quietly, making both men jump.
“Already chasing after girls, huh?”
“Sebastian, have you seen her?”
The Romanian chuckled and called out.
“(Y/n)! C'mere, dragoste.”
Your head shut up, hitting the sill above it and you yelped, rubbing your head. You got up and stated, hugging Sebastian and kissing both his cheeks.
“Hello, Sebby. Jeremy!”
You hugged Jeremy and blushed when you looked at Chris.
“Who’s this boy sitting with you dorkfaces?”
Sebastian smiled and stated when Chris didn’t reply.
“This lovestruck is Chris. Chris, shut your mouth. You’re gonna catch flies.”
Chris did as told and you chuckled.



Okay enough squabbling, time for the contest notes!

Since this is +1000, I want this to be special compared to my past contests! So I looked at the recent trend, recoloring, and I thought “I wanna do recolors!”
This may or may not be because Lovestruck is already a recolor and recolored recolors are funny.

Cue the rules

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Awesome! This contest ends… at an unspecified date. Since real life and school is getting real tough on me, I might let this contest drag on for a while. Anyhow, have fun, and spread the love, because I love you all <3


you guys are so amazing! I didn’t even think I’d get past 50!

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“Huh what oh that? Those are just some Daring Do figurines I have. The Daring Do I got from the official merchandise, but I lost her little jacket. She didn’t come with her hat, so that’s kinda sad. I got the Ahuizotl from an auction, so he’s somewhat more accurate…”
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I decided to plot out my “modes” for Lovestruck Replies.

  • There is, first off, the Normal Mode.
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Okay enough crayon, time for homework D:

Thank you, everyone, for the attention and love you have given to this blog and those around you! Lovestruck Replies is now one year old.

Tumblrpon has introduced me to so many new people and fandoms around the globe and internet, which has changed me for the better. I didn’t really expect to make any friends during my stay, nor did I think my work would be given any attention. Now, however, I have met people, like Wiggles, Alskylark, Quarium, Espeon, and Looneymoon, and been founding posts that have collected over two hundred notes as opposed to none at all. I’ve been pulled out of the rut that my peers have put me in to control me, to be rather emotionless and sometimes cruel. Now, I’ve been laughing more, remembering names and faces when I normally would choose not to, and so many new doors have opened before me.

In truth, I created this blog to help myself, not others. I had a hard time expressing myself. I realized that the clearest way I could was through my hands. I drew, gestured, and wrote how I felt and what I thought when my face couldn’t. Lovestruck, on the other hand, wears her heart on her shoulder. She’s athletic, optimistic, and tries to help her friends in anyway possible. She is what I would like to be like. In a way, as I guided her, she guided me as well.

I’m sorry for the absence. I discovered that I don’t really need her to guide me anymore. I’m happier, more relaxed, and expressing compared to before I started the blog. But she is like a child to me. Mine. So I will continue to guide her. But Spring is a terrible season to blog in. Exams, finals, and project dates are coming up, and real life needs all the time I can provide.
So I’m sorry. The blog is on a hiatus until mid-June. But I thank my followers, both old and new, for sticking around little Lovestruck this entire time. Thank you, again, and spread the love!